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You Should Definitely Pack These Things for Your Wedding

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Your wedding day is going to be very special – and, as the bride, you want to make sure every single element of it is perfect. Of course, you will put a lot of attention to detail into everything connected to the Big Day – but even with the best planners on your side, you should still be prepared for unforeseen accidents (such as wine spilled on your wedding gown, for example).

What are some of the things you should definitely bring with you at your wedding to fix this kind of situations? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

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  • Baby powder. You have no idea what a miracle maker this can be. While it may not be able to magically erase greasy stains off your dress, it can definitely make them less visible by absorbing the oils in them. Furthermore, if you use a stain removal wipe to “erase” a wine stain from your dress, you can also add a bit of baby powder on top – it will stick to the stain and cover it so that it’s not too noticeable.
  • Clear nail polish. You probably know that nail polish can be used to stop stockings from running – but this is just one of the reasons you should pack some with you on your wedding day. Another way you can use it in case of an unforeseen circumstance is to glue rhinestones on your dress, purse, or shoes (it will act just like a clear glue and stick the rhinestones back to their place).
  • Lip balm. Not only is this essential to apply before makeup (to make sure your lipstick is applied smoothly), but it can also come in handy in times of…zipper trouble. Just use a little bit of lip balm on a zipper that’s stuck and it will help you in a matter of seconds!
  • Dryer sheet. Sure, this might sound weird – but a damp, used dryer sheet can prevent your dress from sticking to your stockings. You just need to rub the dryer sheet on the area to make the “magic” happen.

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Everyone Did These Wedding Trends in 2018 – So You Might Want to Avoid Them!

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Wedding trends come and go – what stays are your dreams, your hopes, the way you felt on the Big Day with all its ups and downs and with all its tears of joy and dances.

In 2018, we have seen some pretty amazing wedding trends rise – and, as the year is heading to an end, we’re also starting to see some of them fall.

What were some of the most overused wedding ideas in 2018 – the ones you should definitely avoid? We have some tips for you – continue reading if you want to find out more about this.

  • Walls made from anything. OK, you need walls for a wedding venue, but not decorative Flower walls, greenery walls, doughnut walls – it seems that everything in 2018 was walled up. While this looked amazing for a while, the truth is that a lot of people have used this trend and incorporating it into your wedding into the future might look a little bit passé.
  • Letters that are lit up. Words are still quite popular as wedding cake toppers – but they might not be a very unique décor idea at this point. Sure, if you want to, you can totally pull this trend off, but there are so many other wonderful ideas to include messages and meaningful words in your wedding décor!
  • A lot of bridesmaids. This is a bit tricky because wedding etiquette dictates that the number of bridesmaids should be tightly connected to the number of guests. However, too many bridesmaids might feel a bit overwhelming and even odd for some of your guests – so this is why this trend should probably be left behind as we head into the New Year.
  • Ultra-decorated wedding cakes. Don’t get us wrong, we’re all about beautiful wedding cakes – but you don’t need something that is very over the top to create a cake that looks appealing and elegant at the same time. It’s been done so many times that people will feel like they’re having a deja-vu. Again, this is your choice entirely, though – so if you want the most intricate wedding cake, go for it. Your wedding, your rules!


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Is Making Your Mom Your Maid-of- Honor A Good Idea?

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Choosing a Maid-of-Honor is a truly important moment in the entire wedding planning process. After all, this is your right hand in everything wedding-related, so you will want to choose someone who is reliable, trustworthy and truly helpful as well.

Is making your mom your maid-of-honor a good idea, though? We have some pros and cons related to this – so read on and find out more.



  • She’s been here before. She has planned her own wedding and she has most likely attended her fair share of weddings too. So, from many respects, she knows what to do.
  • She knows you best. If your mom is your best friend in the world, there’s truly no other human being closer to you than her. She knows what you like, she knows what your dreams are and she knows how to handle you when you are stressed out as well.
  • There’s no risk she will get tipsy at your wedding. Of course, we’re not saying your best friend would, but it is highly unlikely that the mother of the bride will have more than a couple of drinks during her daughter’s Big Day.


  • She’s already a VIP and her task as the mother of the bride is to entertain your family’s side of the wedding guests. Therefore, it may be difficult for her to run all these tasks together.
  • Your best friend may get upset. However, it is more than likely that she will understand your decision if you talk to her before you make things public and if you include her in your wedding (such as by asking her to give a speech at the reception or a reading during the ceremony).
  • She will not be able to throw the bridal shower – or at least not according to wedding etiquette. Therefore, you will probably have to task someone else with this.

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6 Wedding Disasters That Actually Happened

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Whether we like it or not, sometimes accidents do happen – even when it comes to hugely important events in our lives, such as our wedding day. What are some terrible wedding disasters that actually happened to other brides and grooms – and what is there to learn from them? Read on and find out more.


  1. The bride’s hair went completely green. This can very easily happen if you die your hair blonde and it comes in contact with water that has a lot of chlorine in it – such as the water in a pool, for example. To avoid this disaster, make sure you don’t die your hair right before your wedding day – and even more importantly, keep heavy-chlorine water far from your hair.
  2. The groom disappeared. Not because he actually left the bride at the altar, but because he wanted to take a walk and forgot his phone in the hotel room. To avoid this disaster, always let people know where you are and take your phone with you!
  3. The rings got lost. Wedding rings are very small (and precious!) items, so they shouldn’t be simply given to a very young ring bearer if he is not supervised by an adult. Some brides actually had to go through the turmoil of thinking the rings got completely lost, only to discover that they had slipped the ring bearer.
  4. The fire alarm in the venue was triggered. Yes, that can actually happen even if there’s no smoke at your party. To avoid this disaster, be sure you talk to the venue manager about all the automated systems installed in the venue, so that you know what to expect.
  5. The photographer cancelled. Regardless of what his reason may be, having a photographer that cancels at the very last minute is definitely a nightmare-come-true for every bride-to-be. To avoid disasters like this, be sure to discuss a “Plan B” with your photographer before you sign your contract with them.
  6. Someone wore white. Although it is more than popularly known that nobody should wear white (aside from the bride, of course), there may still be some people who simply choose to go over this common sense rule. The only way to avoid this from happening is by making a small note on your wedding website (which may be perceived as rude by some people, though).

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