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Plan a Timeless Wedding Using These Ideas

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Wedding trends are ephemeral – what will remain after the wedding day is you and your loved one, facing the world together as a married couple who fondly remembers their Big Day of shine, beauty, and grace.

Of course, wedding trends can be extremely inspiring – but for those of you who prefer timelessness over fads, there’s nothing more important than the kind of elegance that will look stunning on your wedding day and thirty years from now as well.

What are some of the most beautifully timeless wedding ideas you could incorporate in your Big Day? We have some tips for you – so read on to find out more.

  • The simple white dress. You don’t need an ultra-intricate wedding gown to exuberate elegance and beauty. A simple dress made from a quality fabric and sewn in a way that embraces your body with grace will look amazing today, tomorrow, and always. In fact, simple dresses are actually back in fashion and they are bound to be a pretty huge trend in 2019 – so if you’re getting married this year, you can actually double-score with a simple dress!
  • The white ceremony chairs. We’re not saying wedding chairs covered in bright-colored blooms don’t look beautiful – they do! But are you sure twenty years from now your daughter won’t look at your wedding chairs the same way you look at overly bouffant sleeves in your mother’s wedding photos? White chairs can never go out of fashion for a wedding – so why not settle for them?
  • Tall flower centerpieces and arrangements. We’ve seen a lot of exciting trends in the wedding flower niche – and they look absolutely fantastic. But if you want to pick timelessness over temporary trends, tall arrangements are what you are looking for. If you want to add a dash of contemporaneity to the mix, you can create these arrangements in tall, fully transparent or metallic-colored hexagonal vases.
  • Lounge areas. This might feel like a new trend and something that will easily fall out of popular attention. However, lounge areas can never get old – they’re the perfect solution for guests who don’t want to dance or simply want to socialize without having to scream at each other.

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Wedding Ideas That Are In and Out

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Wedding trends come and go – and while you will always be free to create the wedding you like, the truth is that knowing which trends are in and which are out can definitely help you plan a picture-perfect wedding that feels exciting, unique and absolutely amazing for everyone invited.

What are the wedding ideas that are in and out? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • In terms of lighting, it is suggested that you leave aside primary colors-based up lighting. In reality, almost nobody can look good in blue or red lighting! Instead, focusing on a pale pink or amber up lighting can really create a relaxing, beautiful atmosphere at your wedding.
  • Gold will always be a top-favorite color when it comes to weddings. However, this year’s trends are saying gold and black is not a good combination anymore – it can make your wedding look severely outdated and it strikes too much of a contrast to be the suave and delicate wedding color scheme you want so much. On the other hand, combining gold with pale nuances of coral or dark taupe can make the entire Big Day feel absolutely stylish.
  • Overly flowery décor is also out – and this is actually great news for those of you trying to save a dollar or two. Instead, focusing on wilderness-inspired, natural designs can have a stunning effect on how your wedding “vibes” are sent out. Plus, there’s plenty of room for creativity in this trend, especially as it allows you to bring in fruit and other elements that will add uniqueness to the entire décor.

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5 Ways to Make Your Wedding More Interactive

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Your wedding is one of the happiest events in your entire life – so it’s only natural to want your guests to feel just as joyful as you do. Sure, offering them great music, delicious foods and unique drinks will definitely help making them feel great at your wedding. But if you want to go beyond that, here are 5 ways to make your wedding more interactive:


  • Oversized board games. Everyone loves board games – so why not bring oversized versions of your favorite ones at your wedding? People will enjoy playing some Jenga, some Chess or any other game you may rent for them – so this will definitely be a true success.
  • Organize contests. Want to make people feel entertained and to include them in your Big Day? Organize some small contests with prizes throughout the wedding reception. For instance, you could give away prizes for the couple who’s been together the longest, for the person celebrating their birthday next, or for the group who pulls off the funniest photo booth picture.
  • Create a wedding hashtag. Speaking of photos, if you want your guests to share social media pictures of your wedding, provide them with a unique hashtag that will bring everything together, under one “umbrella”. This will be fun for everyone – and it will also help you collect all the wedding photos after the Big Day.
  • Plan some interactive dances. Want to make sure guests spend time on the dance floor at least for one or two dances? Plan some interactive dances that include everyone – guests will simply not be able to say “no” to this.
  • Organize a scavenger hunt. If you are looking for something more active for your wedding entertainment, organize a scavenger hunt (keep it wedding-themed to add to the uniqueness of your Big Day). Guests will love engaging in this!

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4 Gorgeous Wedding Ideas for 2016

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As a bride-to-be, you surely want your wedding day to be fabulous from all points of view: the flowers, the cake, the food and even the cocktails should all match your wedding vision, your dreams, your hopes and, ultimately, your very love story itself.

What are some of the most gorgeous wedding ideas for 2016? We have gathered 4 of them right below – so read on if you are searching for inspiration.


  • Hanging umbrellas. Want to add a chic, Victorian appeal to your wedding décor? If you are planning to have an outdoor or tent wedding, enhance the natural beauty of your space with hanging umbrellas. From lace umbrellas to fun-colored parasols, anything works – and doing this will definitely make everything look spectacular.
  • Rose gold. Lovely and warm, rose gold is a very nice touch to bring into your wedding – and not only in your wedding jewelry. Create a beautiful rose gold-based wedding décor and we guarantee your guests will be wowed by your elegant ideas!
  • We all love being surrounded by greenery – and this year’s wedding trends have been more than generous in this respect. Brides from all over the world are adding extra-greenery to their wedding florals, making everything more whimsical, more eco-friendly and more budget-oriented as well. You should definitely check out this trend!
  • Single-tiered cakes. Weddings are becoming more and more casual – and, following in this direction, single-tiered cakes have grown a lot in popularity this year. They look amazing, they are more than suitable for an intimate wedding and they allow for a lot of creativity too – which makes them perfect for a modern-day bride!

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Wedding Send-off Ideas You’re Going to Love

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Every moment of your Big Day deserves your attention and dedication. After all, you want this day to be truly special and memorable – and being careful about the details can really pay off when it comes to this.

Of course, you want your ceremony and reception to be absolutely stunning. But have you thought of some wedding send-off ideas? If not, read on and find out more because we have gathered the most creative and inspiring ones:


  • Sure, these are probably too popular these days – but, in truth, they can be absolutely amazing. Provide your guests with sparklers to light up as they “send you off” and it will make for a magical experience. Plus, it looks gorgeous in the pictures too!
  • Fairytale wands. If you are the kind of couple who has always wanted a wedding worthy of a fairytale, you will love the idea of being sent off in waves of fairytale wands. A playful and romantic idea everyone will enjoy!
  • Lavender leaves. Want a beautifully fragranced send-off? Think of the option of having people toss lavender leaves at you! This works really amazingly with summer outdoor/rustic-chic weddings and it can really add a lot to your entire wedding day.
  • Paper planes. For a cute and childish send-off, ask people to write their messages on paper airplanes and to toss them as you are being sent-off. It will make for a heart-warming moment everyone will love!

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