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Amazing Flower Ideas for Your Wedding

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 As one of the many tasks that are part of planning your wedding, picking flowers might be particularly intimidating if you’re a “flower person”.  If you have trouble telling a rose from a carnation, you might be looking for some tips flower options for your wedding. 

What are some of the best wedding flower ideas and trends for 2019 weddings? 

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more. 

·         Pantone’s Color of the Year, Living Coral. Although people haven’t talked much about this, Living Coral is going to be all the rage this year. In fact, this color is so pretty and versatile that we expect it to be just as popular as Marsala was back when Pantone declared it the color of the year. Living Coral blooms are abundant, they bring liveliness and sweetness into a wedding, and they work well with a variety of color and flower combinations – so you are definitely in for a pastel orange treat this year! 

·         Elderflowers. If you are searching for a bloom that will fill the air with amazing fragrance and make your guests think of childhood summers, elderflowers are what you are looking for. Not only do they smell amazing, but they can be incorporated into a variety of gorgeous flower arrangements – from those that feature just greenery and elderflowers to those that feature lovely roses, peonies, and other popular wedding flowers too. 


·         Poppies. The ultimate summer flower, poppies might feel too simplistic for some of you – but when brought together in a creative way by an expert florist and when they are combined with other blooms, poppies can convey style, grace, and elegance! They are sweet, playful, and romantic at the same time – and they are more than suitable for a warm season wedding! 


·         Succulents. Although not a new trend, succulents will continue to rise in popularity in 2019 too. You can create pretty flower arrangements with them as table decor, and you can offer them as wedding favors too – and one of their best qualities is that they can withstand the hottest days of summer without wilting away! 


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Beautiful Summer Wedding Centerpiece Ideas Everyone Will LOVE

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There are a million reasons to convince you to settle on a summer wedding in Virginia – and the abundance of flowers is definitely one of them. How do you bring all that beautiful nature into your wedding day though?

We’ve gathered some of the most amazing summer wedding centerpiece ideas right below – so read on if you’re looking for some inspiration.

  • Antique-looking vases. The simplest way to add style and grace to any kind of summer wedding centerpiece is by including an antique-looking vase in the mix. Regardless of whether it’s a stone-looking vase with moss stains or a bronze/copper faux-antique vase, it will automatically change the look of your floral arrangements. Even the most basic peonies and greenery will look absolutely stylish in this kind of recipient!
  • Summer colors. Some of you may be tempted to think only very bright colors and pastel colors work with summer wedding florals. However, that’s not entirely true. You can add depth and uniqueness to your wedding centerpieces by focusing on different colors. For example, sunset shades will look really beautiful (especially when the sun actually sets), and they definitely will add a dash of romanticism and beauty to your wedding tables.
  • Short and/or tall. You can easily make your summer wedding centerpieces feel more unique by using vases that are either very short or very tall. For example, box-shaped vases filled with white roses and plenty of greenery will look like a floral garland on a long, rectangular table. At the same time, very tall wedding centerpieces will give guests more room to talk and know each other (even when they’re sitting on opposite sides of the table).
  • Hanging beauties. You don’t have to put your wedding centerpieces in vases on the actual table. In fact, one of the biggest trends right now is to hang wedding flowers. This is a stunning option and it will add so much originality to your entire wedding décor! Even more, this type of arrangement can really help you create a more intimate space your guests will feel comfortable in (especially if the wedding venue is very tall, or if you’re having an outdoor wedding).


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Want Perfect Wedding Flowers? Here Are the Basic Tips to Know

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Let’s face it: there’s nothing more beautiful than lush, elegant flower arrangements at a wedding. All the mason jars and all the balloons in the world cannot replace the beauty of flowers and/or greenery – and that is precisely why we cannot even imagine a Virginia wedding without these stunning additions.

What are some of the most beautiful wedding flowers for brides on a lower budget? We have some tips and ideas for you – read on and find out more.

  • If you are looking for a wedding flower that will definitely make a huge statement, but not empty your pockets too, this is the one. It looks absolutely stunning in single stems in pretty vases, so it will make for a wonderful choice for brides and grooms who want a slightly minimalist wedding that doesn’t miss out on style and elegance.
  • Simple, yet absolutely stunning in their own way, dahlias are the friendly flowers everyone’s familiar with. They are just perfect for a family-style wedding (perhaps even a very intimate one), and they are more than perfect for brides on a lower budget as well. Moreover, dahlias are widely available from late summer to early fall – so if you’re still planning out your wedding, there’s a very good chance you’ll be able to lay hands on a few of these beauties.
  • Looking for a wedding flower that will fill the air with its perfume? Freesias do that. They are the quintessential spring flower, but they are available all year round – and not at a hefty price. On the contrary, these pretty, fragranced blooms are considered to be quite low-priced. Even more, they are available in a wide range of colors (except for blue), making them the ideal wedding flower for pretty much anyone.
  • French tulips. Always wanted tulips at your wedding, but you’re planning a fall, winter, or early spring event? Well, while Dutch tulips may be more famous, their French counterparts are definitely more widely available throughout the year – and thus, they are less expensive as well. In terms of looks, these elegant long stems are very sophisticated, so there’s really no reason not to love them.


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How to Replace Peonies if You’re Having a Cold Season Wedding

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Everyone loves peonies. They are romantic, they come in a lot of colors, and they work with an impressive array of wedding styles. What they don’t do, however, is bloom during the winter season – or not naturally, at least. This makes them quite scarce between September and March – and consequently, it makes them quite pricy as well.

How to replace peonies if you’re having a cold season wedding? We have some tips for you – continue reading if you want to inspire yourself.

  • English/ David Austen roses. Very similar to their “cousins”, English roses pose a lot of advantages. For starters, they bloom from October to May, meaning that they will be widely available during the entire cold season. More than that, they are just as ruffled and lovely as peonies, and they come in pretty much the same range of colors – making them a true competitor to the already-classic wedding blooms.
  • Double flowering tulips. Lovely, elegant, and sophisticated, tulips are also a very popular wedding flower. What if we told you there’s a bloom that has the same opulence as peonies and the simple elegance of tulips? Double flowering tulips can be found quite easily between June and November – and wow, what an amazing choice they are!
  • Now, here’s a fall wedding flower by definition! Sweet, a bit melancholic, poetic, and beautiful, these flowers are a great replacement or complement to peonies. They are extremely affordable between August and October and they are a great way to add more texture and richness to a cheaper peony bouquet (not to mention they look stunning as stand-alone blooms too!).


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5 Ways to Wear Florals That Don’t Involve a Crown

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Flowers are an indispensable part of a wedding – and we all know just how popular flower crowns were until not very long ago. What happens if you don’t want to wear one, but still want to adorn your beautiful look with the grace and delicacy of your favorite blooms?

We have some tips for you – so read on to find out about the best ways to wear florals that don’t involve a crown.

  • In your wedding veil. Planning to wear a wedding veil for the Big Day? Adorn it with gorgeous fresh blooms – it will make you feel like a real-life princess who has just walked out of a Disney movie.
  • If you thought anklets are all about the 90s, we have some great news for you: they are back in style. Create a beautiful floral anklet to wear with a carefree wedding dress – this idea will be more than amazing for an outdoor or backyard wedding!
  • In your hair. Just because you’re not wearing an actual flower crown, it doesn’t mean you cannot wear flowers in your hair. For a boho-chic, hippy, feminine touch, adorn your hairstyle with fresh blooms – it will make you look stunning!
  • Bridal sash. Accentuate your beautiful waistline with a breathtaking arrangement of flowers – this idea will conquer everyone’s hearts in an instant!
  • Statement necklace. Wearing a dress with a generous cleavage? Why not accessorize it with a statement necklace inspired by the energizing beauty of spring? A necklace made out of your favorite flowers will surely make you stand out from the crowd!


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Wedding Flowers and Their Meanings

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Undoubtedly, flowers play a huge role in a wedding – and while you surely want your wedding florals to look beautiful and elegant, you also want your wedding blooms to speak about your love story. Yes, every type of flower has its own special meaning – and it can be really nice to select the flowers for your Big Day according to the symbolism behind them.

How to do that? What are some of the most popular wedding flowers and their meanings? Read on, find out more, and “steal” some inspiration from us:


  • As the all-time wedding flower favorite, roses have different meanings, according to the color they come in. Red roses are all about true love, pink roses are about passionate and youthful love, while the white rose means reverence, innocence and purity. And if you are looking for a more passionate rose color, settle for orange – it is said to symbolize desire and passion at the same time.
  • Also a very popular wedding flower, tulips come with a powerful love message. In fact, they are believed to be the flowers of the undying love (especially in the purple variation). However, you might want to stay away from white roses, which symbolize one-sided love.
  • Elegant and beautiful, carnations are also extremely common among brides – and not without reason! They too come with a very strong meaning! It is believed carnations are all about distinction and love, and each color adds its own symbolism to the bouquet. In this sense, the red carnations mean passionate love, the pink carnations mean “motherly love” or “the love of a woman”, while white carnations are all about purity and beauty.

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