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Top Your Cake With Any of These and Everyone Will Love It!

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Your wedding cake is such a beautiful symbol of your love! Yes, everyone will be looking forward to dessert and yes, your wedding cake should definitely fit your wedding color scheme and style.

Beyond all that, though, your cake sends out a powerful message: you are committed to building a sweet life together.

Why not bring that into your wedding cake topper too? We have gathered some of the best wedding cake topper ideas of the moment – so read on if you want to find out more and steal some inspiration.

  • Wooden touches. Planning a rustic chic or garden wedding? Nothing goes better with these events than wooden décor items – and yes, you can definitely get a cake topper made out of wood too. It can be something simple, like your names, or it can be something that incorporates two wooden figures of you (embraced by a greenery wreath, for example). This is such a natural and beautiful option!
  • Love is everywhere. One of the simplest and trendiest wedding cake topper ideas of the moment is really amazing in its elegance and meaningfulness: the word LOVE. Have it covered in gold for a fantastic elegant touch, or have it made from a multitude of colors if you want your cake to be playful and cute. Either way, your guests will absolutely love it!
  • Heart, arrow, initials. No, you shouldn’t inscribe this on the next tree you see – but what about making it your wedding cake topper? A simple heart with an arrow going through it and connecting your initials is a really romantic way of decorating the most amazing dessert of your life – you will definitely love the looks of this!
  • Ceramic cake topper. Looking for a cake topper that feels elegant and sophisticated? Get a ceramic one, then! It can be personalized with anything you may want: your names, your initials, a monogram, and so on. This is the perfect option for Virginia brides who want their weddings to be timeless, elegant, and truly contemporary at the same time.


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Choose a Superb White Wedding Cake

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Your wedding cake is such an important piece of the Big Day! And although we’re sure you want this to be a really unique element, this doesn’t mean you have to rule out the option of a white wedding cake.

On the contrary! White cakes can look absolutely unique and beautiful when they are decorated with originality! Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Flowery lace. A white wedding cake will look absolutely stunning if you have it decorated with a lacey pattern (or, if you want to keep things even more feminine and pretty, a floral lacey pattern will be even more suitable). The white icing pattern will look so fantastic on the white cake – your guests will just LOVE it!
  • Almost naked. Looking for a wedding cake that’s suitable for a rustic chic or shabby chic wedding? Naked cakes have been hugely popular this year – so why not have one that has a little more frosting, but still not enough to completely cover the cake itself? This type of white cake will look really beautiful with fresh flowers and greenery on it!
  • Disk shaped. Considering a wedding cake that’s shaped a bit differently than most of them are? Opt for a disk shaped (rather than cylindrical) cake. It’s still very traditional and timeless, but the short height and the shape add a touch of refinement and uniqueness to the entire dessert look. Perfect for a modern wedding!


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