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Trending Wedding Theme Ideas for 2015

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Wedding theme ideas and trends may come and go – and while most of you will not necessarily want to “abide” to the rules of wedding fashion entirely, the truth is that trends can be an amazing source of inspiration. What are the trending wedding theme ideas for this year? Read on, find out more and inspire yourself:


  • You don’t have to go “fully” vintage if you don’t want to – but incorporating vintage theme ideas into your wedding is definitely a great choice. The best thing about vintage weddings is related to the fact that they can be both very formal (think of a 1920s-inspired wedding theme) and informal (think of the “shabby-chic” vintage ideas that have been around for a couple of years now).
  • 2015 is more than generous when it comes to the wedding color palettes. From classic blues to fabulous turquoise shades and from stylish Marsala to vibrant tangerine yellow shades, there’s something for every type of wedding – so you definitely have a lot of options to choose from. If you want to set your wedding theme solely around particular wedding colors, 2015 is a great year to do it!
  • Rustic weddings are still “en vogue” in 2015 as well (and with colors such as roasted almond and Lucite green, you can definitely pull off amazing wedding décor!). Since spring is right around the corner, we are all expecting to see more of the rustic wedding styles as the weather gets warmer – and we couldn’t be happier about it!

Planning your wedding in Northern Virginia? Come check out with Hunt Country Celebrations’ members! They will help you create a wedding that suits perfectly into your chosen theme – so that everything turns out absolutely perfectly! From venues to florists, we have every type of vendor you need so do not hesitate to contact them if you want your wedding to be unforgettable!

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Hors d’oeuvres or dinner for your wedding?

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While food is not the main point of a wedding, it surely plays an important role regardless of the type of wedding you plan on having. Of course, there are a lot of things you should consider when it comes to the food served at your wedding. However, one of the first (and most important) ones is related to whether you will want to serve hors d’oeuvres or dinner for your wedding. Here are some of the main things to consider when deciding on this:


  • The budget. If you are running on a tighter budget, having hors d’oeuvres served instead of an actual dinner will most likely be a less expensive option. Yet, keep in mind the fact that this is highly related to what exactly you are serving. Caviar and smoked salmon hors d’oeuvres would probably get more expensive, for example.
  • How formal your wedding is. If you plan to have a very traditional, formal wedding, serving a full-course dinner will be the best option. Also, keep in mind the fact that a sit-down dinner will be more elegant than a buffet one. However, if you want to have an informal wedding, hors d’oeuvres would be a great option too.
  • How much time you have. If you plan on having a longer reception (more than 4 hours, for example), serving a full-course dinner will be more than suitable. However, if you have booked your venue for less than that, offering your guests some quick, delicious hors d’oeuvres will leave them with enough time to dance and have fun too.
  • The time of the day. Some couples choose to have a morning/day wedding instead of an evening one. If that is the case for you too, you should consider offering hors d’oeuvres or a lunch menu, rather than a full-course meal.

No matter what you decide, rest assured that the catering professionals Hunt Country Celebrations has gathered in its list will be able to provide you with the tastiest food there is. Come visit us and learn more about the fantastic options our vendors offer!

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10 Different Wedding Cake Ideas

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If you are like most people out there, you will want the cake for your wedding to be spectacularly beautiful and tasty at the same time. Because we know that the wedding cake is an important decision for every couple, we have picked up 10 of the best wedding cake ideas to inspire you. Read on and find out more.


  1. A blush pink ruffled cake. If you want your wedding cake to be really romantic, talk to your confectioner about the option of having “ruffles” on your cake. Choose a delicate color such as blush pink, especially if your wedding colors are in the same chromatic area.
  2. Tiered cheesecake. If you are having a rustic wedding, cheesecake is a great idea. Have a tiered cheesecake and decorate it with rustic motifs so that it fits into the theme without losing that dash of uniqueness and beauty every wedding cake has.
  3. Pies and vintage cake toppers. Another great option for a rustic wedding is having an assortment of pies as “wedding cake”. If you want to, you can even add vintage cake toppers to one of the pies and it will look absolutely adorable!
  4. A painted cake. Having your wedding cake painted with the colors and motifs of your wedding theme is a great idea if you want something truly spectacular. There’s no limit as to what can be painted on the cake so don’t be afraid to use your creativity!
  5. A tiered chocolate cake decorated with poppies. Chocolate-frosted cakes are not the most common wedding choice, but the truth is that they can look elegant and beautiful too. Have a tiered chocolate cake for your wedding and decorate it with marzipan poppies for a dash of color and romance.
  6. A striped cake wearing a bow-tie. If you want your cake to really feel that it belongs both to the bride and to the groom, go for a really elegant horizontal-stripped design and have your cake decorated with a fancy bow-tie right on the middle tier.
  7. A “naked” cake – Who needs frosting when there are a million other ways to decorate your cake? Go for a vanilla-lemon combination and “forget” about the frosting for a “naked” cake. Decorate it with flowers and with a really beautiful cake topper and your guests will be pleasantly surprised.
  8. Tiered cake pops. If you want a “real” cake but if you are tired of the all-traditional tiered cake, have your confectioner create cake pops and arrange them on tiered, just as if they were an actual cake. With a good color combination, your cake pops will look fantastic!
  9. A black wedding cake. Black is the most elegant color there is and the truth is that nobody can tell you that you can’t have a black cake for your wedding. Choose a black tiered cake decorated with really beautiful cake toppers and you’ll really stand out in the crowd!
  10. A cake with your wedding date painted on it. Talk to your confectioner about painting your wedding date on the lateral side of the tiers. This works especially well if you want a 3-tiered cake because you can have the month, the day and the year each painted on a different tier.

Here at Hunt Country Celebrations we have gathered the best wedding vendors in Northern Virginia! No matter what unique idea you might have for your wedding (be it related to the cake or to anything else), our members will make sure to make it come true in BIG style!

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Metallic Rose Gold Wedding Ideas

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A metallic rose gold wedding?  Every little decision you make for your wedding day will contribute to making this important event in your life as special as possible. From the food you will serve your guests with to the shoes your bridesmaids will wear, everything can make the difference between something elegant, classy and beautiful and something that simply “lacks”.


Choosing a color theme for your big day is one of the first decisions you have to make, since this will be something that will influence most of the other choices you have to make as well. Metallic rose gold is an elegant and beautiful color that works perfectly both with the romance and grace of a wedding and with its elegance as well. However, if you have settled for this particular color, how can you incorporate it in your wedding? Hunt Country Celebrations has gathered the best ideas out there and we have put them in the following list:

  • Your bouquet. You don’t necessarily have to go for a bouquet made exclusively out of rose gold flowers, but you can definitely incorporate the color in the wrapping of the bouquet and in some of its floral elements as well.
  • Your shoes. Metallic gold rose shoes and white dresses work excellently together, so why not go for it? You will have the chance to add a bit of sparkle and a bit of color to your wedding look, which is amazing!
  • The center pieces. Same as with your bouquet, the center pieces can be inspried by this color too. If you don’t want to go for flowers painted in this color, you can always choose rose gold vases, as they will look amazing.
  • The jewelry. Aside from the wedding rings, you may wanto go for other metallic rose gold pieces of jewelry as well: the earrings, the necklace, the bracelet and so on. They will look very good with your white dress!

Of course, these are just some of the ways in which you can incorporate metallic rose gold into your wedding, but in the end, your creativity is the only limit you have. Here at Hunt Country Celebrations, we have gathered the very best wedding vendors out there – so that you can bring your ideas to life in the best way possible! Contact us and find out more about how our members can help you create your ideal metallic rose gold wedding!

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A Dessert Station at your Wedding Reception

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Love is the sweetest and most overwhelming feeling a human being is able to experience. Hence, you will surely want your wedding day to be as sweet as possible too – both literally and figuratively. If you don’t want to serve a traditional wedding cake on your big day or if you simply want other sweets to be served aside from that, a dessert station at your wedding reception can be a great idea. This way, your guests will eat whatever they like from the array of treats you will provide them with.


Over the course of the years, we have seen many magical weddings and lately we have noticed that more and more of our clients choose the option of a dessert station. Here are the best ones we have seen so far:


  • Cupcake dessert station. The best thing about cupcakes is that everybody loves them and that you can serve them in a wide variety so that everyone can find something they like. Even more, they can be decorated with your wedding’s motifs, with bride and groom figurines and with almost anything else you can imagine so that they really fit into your wedding theme.
  • All-time classics. You don’t necessarily have to serve baked sweets if you don’t want to. We have seen successful weddings where the bride chose to serve candy bars, gummy bears and other types of sweets that are generally appreciated by just about everyone out there.
  • Fruit salad. If you are health-conscious and if you want to serve your guests something that is sweet and healthy at the same time, fruit salads can be an excellent option. For some extra uniqueness, you can choose really exotic fruits and you can choose fancy glassware to serve your salads as well.

Don’t worry about the wedding planning details. The specialists we have gathered at Hunt Country Celebrations have a lot of experience in catering for weddings, planning and to take care of any other wedding-related issue you may have as well. Contact us and you’ll have the magical wedding you deserve!

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Party favors that guests will love

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The little extra touches are what really elevate a wedding party to legendary status. Once upon a time, party favors used to consist of a slice of wedding cake or a pouch of sugared almonds. Now, they can mean anything from luxury beauty products, to personalised gifts, to homemade jams and jellies.

So how do you decide what favors to hand out to your guests? Well, generally party favors fall under a few different categories.



Everyone loves a wedding cake, but by the time it has been cut, guests are usually too full from the meal to sit down and enjoy it. Get catering staff to cut your cake into pieces, and pop them into individual boxes which can be handed to guests as they leave.


If your wedding has a theme, carry it on into your party favors so that your guests will leave with a memento which will always remind them of your big day. For instance, if you are having a beach wedding, give each guest a seashell painted with their name or the wedding date.


Country weddings are very much in fashion at the moment, with the faux-rustic look proving popular with brides all over the country. Continue the down home vibe with a local gift wrapped in twine – perhaps a jar of locally produced honey, a pressed flower or a little box of handmade chocolates.


Give your guest something they will actually use. Decorate a champagne glass with the date of your nuptials, and finish your wedding toast by telling guests that the glasses are theirs to keep. For outdoors weddings, gift each guest with a personalized water bottle as they arrive, so they have something that they can use and reuse at their leisure.

Flourtown Country Club are wedding veterans, and know the value of a well-chosen party favour. Choose a personalised golf ball to remind guests of your stunning wedding location.