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A Hunt Country Celebrations Wedding…

By Lynn Pirozzoli-Mauro, CEO and Owner of the Black Horse InnFav_Lynn_Jimmy_Wed_0048

Trevi Fountain has inspired millions of lovers since the 1954 Academy Award-winning film “Three Coins in a Fountain” featured Rome’s largest and loveliest fountain as a backdrop for three American women seeking love abroad. According to the film, a coin tossed over one’s shoulder was sure to bring the right man into each woman’s life. Trevi Fountain is a place for wishes and dreams, and was witness to a dream come true, when Lynn Pirozzoli, one of the original founders of Hunt Country Celebrations and proprietor of the Black Horse Inn in Warrenton, Virginia, celebrated her marriage to James Mauro, not once but three times: first an intimate wedding on the steps of the Black Horse Inn on May 31, 2006; a second marriage in Rome, Italy on June 30, 2006 and finally a third time  for all to see on September 9, 2006 with the cast of Hunt Country Celebrations hosting the wedding. Three coins for three weddings~ and the third one was a dream hunt country wedding on horseback at the Black Horse Inn, where wishes most always come true.

As one of the original founders of Hunt Country Celebrations, it was only natural that Lynn would use all of themembers, to fashion the best wedding ever in the history of the Black Horse Inn her own wedding of course! Olivera Music Entertainment provided a string quartet for the wedding ceremony and cocktail hour followed by a seven piece band that played everything from Sinatra to the traditional Italian “Tarantella.”  Better Events Catering Fav_Lynn_Jimmy_Wed_0096catered the event with a tantalizing buffet for 200. Guests dined on apeirtivo, prosecco, tartine, canap?s, cavatelli (home made flour and water pasta) served with a sauce of cherry tomatoes, diced eggplants and hard ricotta cheese, shavings, fillet of beef seared with balsamic vinegar and seasonal vegetables, a trio of sorbets served in a biscuit wafer molded cup, caf?, and wines selected by Better Events Catering especially for the event. Wanda’s Cakes featured a decadent wedding cake that was as beautiful as it was delicious. The festivities were photographed for eternity. Marriott Ranch created a warm and relaxed atmosphere for the rehearsal dinner, with a Western barbecue theme, held outdoors on the Garden Terrace.  Raggo Advertising furnished gilded invitations and announcements. 

Lynn and Jimmy couldn’t resist tossing their coins into the crystal, swirling waters flowing beneath the bridge leading to the grand ballroom of the Black Horse Inn, much as they did at Trevi Fountain with the famous sculptures of Neptune and his marvelous horses, and making a wish.  The other legend of Trevi Fountain, established long before the movie hit the silver screen, is that if you toss your coin just right, you will have the good fortune to relive the moments of your wedding day on each anniversary forever more. And for Lynn and Jimmy, with the help of our friends from Hunt Country Celebrations, it is a wish that will definitely come true.


An Addams Family Christmas

Produced By Olivera Music Entertainment


Breaking from tradition, this annual holiday party surprised guests with “AN ADDAMS FAMILY CHRISTMAS”, complete with Uncle Fester, Thing, Cousin Itt, Lurch, and John Astin, the orginial Gomez from the TV series. A hulking Lurch welcomed guests, greeted next by live harpsichord music.  Wacky Uncle Fester and hairy Cousin Itt worked the room.  Lurch played a gong before the hostess, Nancy, was introduced with a surprise guest, Gomez. A pale Thing popped out of its box, handing Gomez each award recipients? certificate.  After an elegant dinner, Gomez declared, ” feel like a tango”, sweeping Nancy to the dance floor.
This event garnered an International Special Events Society Capital Award for Entertainment Production for Olivera Music Entertainment.