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About us

A beautiful scenic venue with a special event tent or a beautiful farm with a rustic barn is what many brides dream of for their wedding day.  Tents and barns can be transformed into a magical environment!  These spaces are blank canvases just waiting to be created. You select a theme to guide the overall creative genius and coordinating menu that will enchant your guests and make your event memorable.

Don’t leave the comfort inside the tent or barn to chance. What happens if you have a scorcher of a day? Or one of those wickedly hot and humid mid-summer heat fests? Or a two-season day when there’s a chill in the air in the morning but by mid-afternoon you’re turning on the air conditioning.  What then? Just because a tent or barn can protect you and your guests from the rain and sun, doesn’t mean your environmental concerns are over.

Special event tent air conditioning and heating will guarantee the comfort of your guests, ensure food safety and preserve floral and display decorations throughout the event.

Just as there are many different tents and venues, there are many different ways to air condition and heat tents and barns. At AirPac, we’re more than a rental equipment company and we know how to work with brides, venue managers, event planners and catering staff to deliver a climate control solution that will delight clients and guests.

What makes us unique
  • Turn key service - one price with no extra add-ons
  • Cooling/heating solutions to fit weather forecasts
  • Same day load-in and load-out for busy venues
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What our customers are saying
The Kress Wedding went extremely well. The weekend was a scorcher with temps in the high 90’s, but the tent was super cool thanks to AirPac, who provided and installed 40 tons of portable air conditioning. My team worked well with the AirPac installers and I would not hesitate to use AirPac again!
- D. Duffy, Event Planner
Thanks for the great AC units for our wedding in WV. The units functioned flawlessly. Our guests were so amazed at how quiet the air conditioning was and how cool and comfortable the inside of the reception tent was. Thanks so much for a wonderful experience!
- S. Allrel, Bride
AirPac is both expert and easy to work with during any occasion.
- C. Boyd, Cloverdale Barn
Thank you for the part you played in making the wedding so special! We all appreciated staying "cool" while dancing!
- D. Kent, Groom's Mother
Their product is hands down the best I have ever had on one of my Events. Units are very nice looking, very quiet & extremely easy to use. Their customer service is amazing. They find out what you need and then take it from there. Delivery is always easy and swift and the technician takes care of it all!
- K. James, Six Star Events