Writing Your Wedding Vows

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Writing your wedding vows and speaking them during your ceremony is a way to go out of the norm with your wedding. It can be used to speak from the heart and reflect you and your spouse’s love journey. If you are trying to decide whether or not to write and speak your personal vows at your ceremony, this article can help.

Firstly, speak to your spouse about it. Sometimes, personal vows can turn into a sort of competition between the couple with guests trying to decide who won based on the length and content of their vows. Make sure you first agree with your spouse on whether you want to even personalize your vows or not. Also, make decisions on other things like the general content of the vow, whether or not to include personal experiences, etc.

Next, remember that time is quite important so keep your vows short. The best time for your vows is between 1 to 2 minutes. Plan way ahead of time, and you can also get a trusted friend to help you edit. It is usually best to keep the actual contents of your vow, away from your spouse before the wedding day.  That way, it is more heartfelt and is also a special gift from you to them on that day.

Then, make sure to include real promises in your wedding vows. Personalize your promises and try not to use cliché phrases. Do not promise perfect, because we all know, that that is impossible. It is okay to be specific because you will be saying your vows in front of family and friends who most likely already know your story. It is even okay if the story you include is a little weird.

Lastly, it is also okay to be a little cheesy. We implore that you try not to include too many details. Again, we’d like to remind you that 1 to 2 minutes tops is good. Don’t forget to read your speech out loud to help you correct grammatical errors and practice reading them over and over. When done, be sure to print your vows out on a presentable final format for your wedding and store them in a safe place.

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Much Ado about Wedding Favors

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Wedding favors are a great way to show appreciation to your guest for making time out to come to your event. You do not want to gift your guests with favors that will be put away and forgotten as soon as they get home, or even thrown out on the way home from your reception. So how do you decide on the best wedding favors for your ceremony? Here are a few tips that can help out.


Yes, we know that you want your guest happy, but best believe that they would not be glad to find out that the wedding favors they received, are part of the reason why you are in huge debts after your wedding. Keep it affordable. If your wedding budget is limitless, then, by all means, go ahead and splurge. You can usually get away with small spending on each wedding guest when it comes to favors though.

Go for Useful Items

Go for wedding favors that will have use in the daily activities of your wedding guests such as key holders, bottle openers, candles, etc. The more useful it is after the wedding, the better appreciated you will be.

Avoid Monogramming

As much as your wedding guests really love you, they are not going to want to serve tea in a mug that still has your face on it 3 years after your event. You can personalize the packages and covers, but it is a great idea to leave the items themselves, free of any permanent personal touches.

DIY Favors

DIY wedding favors are usually cost-friendly and greatly treasured because your guests will value the time and preparation that went into each gift. Just to be certain, make sure that you first try out a few and know that you can handle it in the stipulated time period. You do not want to order items in bulk and discover after assembling the first 5 that you are not up to the task or completely dislike how they turn out.

Go With Your Wedding Theme

You can never go wrong with incorporating the elements of your wedding ceremony theme into your wedding favors. The colors of your favors do not necessarily have to be the same as your wedding colors, but they should complement it. A display of your wedding favors at the event should add beauty to your ceremony and not be a huge contrast.

Sweets and the Likes

If your wedding favors are edible, they are sure to find favor with your guests, especially if they are cookies, chocolates or candy. However, endeavor to remember that due to health choices, some people may not be able to participate in the activities. So, have a little something on the side for them, yeah?

Now, no matter what you finally decide on as your wedding favor, a piece of great advice is to always have extras for contingency sake. You do not want any of your guests to go home feeling unsatisfied or left out.

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3 Fantastic Bridesmaids Gifts

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Your wedding, no matter how small it is, will always require a lot of careful planning. Dozens, maybe even more than a hundred people, will be attending, so the flowers, the venue, the guest list, the food, the reception and the ceremony itself are all things that need to be included in the list of things you have to tend to.

Don’t allow yourself to get distracted by all the preparation because you still have to get gifts for your bridesmaids. They play a very important role in the wedding, don’t they? And beyond the celebration, they are some of the closest people to you too, aren’t they? So have a read below and decide which of these gifts will mean the most to your bridesmaids.

  • Charming Pearl Bracelet

The word ‘pearl’ evokes so many thoughts, doesn’t it? Rarity, exquisiteness, elegance and a host of other like words all pop into your head when you hear it. That’s why regardless of the kind of jewel a pearl dangles from, be it earrings, necklaces or even anklets, the jewel will always look so charming.

A pearl bracelet will do the same for your bridesmaids. Other than the design with pearls, this bracelet also has a round charm, and that’s where you can engrave the initials of the bridesmaids. Customized gifts are always the best, and when given to special people in your life, their value shoots through the roof. You’ll love how beautiful the bracelets make your bridesmaids on that grand day.

  • Customized Bridesmaid Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs are what we like to call, ‘all-round gifts’. They are great gifts for any kind of occasion or event, and weddings are no exception. The mugs are made of durable, high-quality ceramic, and they’re microwave oven and dishwater-safe.

But all those aren’t really the most important bits. What’s significant here is this: Each time your bridesmaids pick up these personalized coffee mugs, they’ll instantly remember you and your wedding day. The sentimental value the mugs hold is more significant than anything else.

  • Bridesmaids Gift Box

Why not just go all out and surprise your bridesmaids with gift boxes? Imagine how excited they’ll be when you give each of them a cute box wrapped in ribbons. They have no idea what will be inside it so that alone will add a bit more excitement to the exchange.

Great things you can put in the wooden gift box are a soy candle, personalized champagne flute and a bracelet with the engraving of the bridesmaid’s initials on it. The whole point is for you to give them things that they’ll remember you by. Gifts that will make them remember all the fun that was had and the memories that were made.

We can help with that last part. Call Hunt Country Celebrations and we’ll make your wedding so grand you’ll leave it with fond memories that will remain with you for as long as you live. We offer services that will tend to whatever you need to make your wedding beautiful. Reach out to us and we’ll handle everything.

Questions to Ask Your Prospective Wedding DJ

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Hiring a DJ is a quintessentially important element of the Big Day – and you should definitely do it carefully, since the DJ you hire can make or break the success of your entire wedding. 

What are some of the questions you should definitely ask your DJ before you hire them? 

The right DJ can bring your guests to the dance floor – Zandi Entertainment 

We have some tips for you – keep reading and find out more. 

·        Do they take requests? Some DJs do, others prefer not to, as they would like to go uninterrupted about their tasks. It is important to know if your DJ will take requests during the actual dance party, so that you can inform your guests accordingly. Otherwise, some people might be disappointed when they ask the DJ to play a song and they are turned down. 

·        Will they work with your list? Normally, your wedding DJ should be able to work with your list of do and do not play songs. This is quite important, especially since you might have songs you really love and want to listen to during the wedding, as well as songs you simply do not want to hear (for a variety of reasons). 

·        How many hours will the mix music? This should be clearly stipulated in the contract. After all, you have to know what you are paying for, right? Ask your DJ if they can do some extra time and how much it will cost, especially if you want the party to go on until the wee hours of the morning.

 ·        Do they have recordings of previous weddings? This will give you a better idea of who your DJ is, what their style is, and, ultimately, how compatible they are with you. Since the DJ will act as MC in many cases too, it is quite important to make sure you and your DJ are on the same page. 

·        Are they available? This might sound silly, but you have no idea how many people simply forget to ask this! Make sure you start your discussion with your wedding date, as this might make all the difference in the world (obviously!). 

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How To Make Your Wedding Cake Match Your Personality

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Everyone loves dessert – especially when it comes to celebrations.  And nothing’s worth celebrating more than your Big Day. Weddings are all about the love of two people coming together as one in matrimony and making a commitment to each other.  Of course, as the bride and groom, you want to make sure that the dessert served at your wedding is delicious. And you also want to make sure that your dessert looks good and shows off your personality too!

Zoom image.png
Wood-grained cake by Cakes by Wanda

How can you do that?  By working with a great baker and wedding cake artist, of course!  The right cake specialist can go beyond the traditional white sheet cake and highlight your personality in your cake.  Still unsure?  Well, read on to see some great ideas to help get you started in making your wedding cake a truly personalized work of art.

Start with the flavor. Contrary to the popular belief, you are not limited to a white wedding cake with fruity bits in it.  In fact, you can (and you should!) serve a cake flavor that you really enjoy. It can be chocolate, it can be a velvet cake, it can be a carrot cake, it can be a cake with hazelnut filling, it can be pretty much anything you may imagine. The more unique it is, the better for you!

·        Color. Most wedding cakes are white, but don’t feel that you have to follow that tradition if you don’t want to. Why not go beyond this and pick your favorite color or wedding theme color to make your cake truly stand out and match your personality ?

Zoom image.png
Blue monogram cake by Cakes by Wanda

·        Design. Clearly, your wedding cake’s design is what will strike guests first and foremost. There are an unlimited number of ways to decorate a cake. But, at the end of the day, you should create a design that suits two main things: your personality and your wedding style. Don’t be afraid to create a design that has not been created before. Don’t be afraid to bring in touches of your own personality. Don’t be afraid to think out of the (cake) box!  For example, love wine or getting married at a vineyard? What about a beautiful wine-themed cake like the one below?

Zoom image.png
Wine-themed cake by Cakes by Wanda 

 ·        Topper. There are a million and one cake topper designs you can choose from. You can opt for something quirky and cute, like animals or cartoon-based “he” and “she” cake toppers. 

Zoom image.png
Cake with penguin cake toppers by Cakes by Linda

Or you can opt for something ultra elegant, such as your wedding monogram in golden glitter, or perhaps one that highlights a common hobby or interest that brought you together. It’s up to you! 

Zoom image.png
Motorcycle Bride and Groom cake topper by Tiers in Heaven

Looking for the perfect wedding cake? Contact the cake specialists of Hunt Country Celebrations!  They have years of experience and will ensure that your cake is a true expression of your love for each other and your personalities.

What’s all this we’re hearing about Virtual Décor for Weddings?

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If you’ve seen any recent posts on Instagram featuring images of amazing looking wedding receptions, you’ve probably noticed how great the décor looks.  Well, one of the big differentiators in those images is the lighting.  But that colorful light scape against the wall, and those bright pin spots highlighting the centerpieces are NOT normally something that comes as part of the venue rental.  They’re actually a whole new class of décor called “Virtual Décor”.

So why should you consider allocating some of your wedding budget on lighting?  Simple – it can completely transform not only your venue, but the whole feel of your event.  You can go from something ordinary to something extraordinary with the proper wedding lighting.

So how do you get that amazing look for your wedding?  Well, the easiest way is to work with a lighting professional at one of your wedding vendors.  In some cases, it can be the company that rents you your tent, or tables and chairs.  In other cases, it might be your DJ, if they are a large outfit and also offer specialty lighting.  A few events might also have some premium lighting packages that they can offer you – so be sure to inquire with your booking contact at the venue.  If you’re unsure and fortunately enough to working with a wedding planner, you can ask them to recommend lighting vendors.  Wedding planners are there to help you finding the right vendor for your Big Day.

Still on the fence, well here are some examples of amazing lighting that you can rent for your reception:

  • Virtual Stained Glass Catherdal Windows;
Zoom image.png
Image courtesy Artistic Concepts Group.
  • Colorful up lighting for indoor or outdoor walls or columns
Zoom image.png
Image courtesy Artistic Concepts Group.

Pin spots for up lighting centerpieces;

Strings of hanging lights (indoor or outdoor)– these are great for country chic weddings;

Zoom image.png
Image courtesy Artistic Concepts Group.

And don’t think that lighting is for evening or nighttime events only.  String lights add a touch of class day or night.

Another popular trend is to feature the bride and groom’s names in lights at the reception.  In some cases they can match the wedding’s theme color and even the invitation’s font.

Zoom image.png
Image courtesy Artistic Concepts Group.

 And of course, you absolutely must have amazing dance floor lighting!

Zoom image.png
Image courtesy Artistic Concepts Group.

As shown above, one of the  nicest features of virtual décor is that many of these lights can be customized in design to match your unique theme and personality. Many can be set to a particular color or set of colors, which allows you to highlight your wedding theme regardless of the actual wall or floor colors at your venue.  On top of that, they’re eco-friendly since they are designed to be reused event after event. What more could a bride want?

Looking for truly special lighting or other specialty rentals for your Virginia wedding? Contact Hunt Country Celebrations and come check out our event rental vendors and other members – they will not disappoint you!