Leaves Are So Perfect for Weddings!

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Finding a wedding theme that suits you and your personality is important – but so is finding a motif that works with your theme, your color scheme, and, of course, with who you are as a couple.

For instance, country chic weddings, garden weddings, boho-chic weddings and many other wedding themes work very well with leafy motifs.

How to include leaves in your wedding décor? There are so many ways – and we’ve gathered a few of the most amazing ones right below, so read on if you want to find your inspiration.

  • Table runner. Even the simplest long, rectangular, wooden table can be turned into something genuinely stylish and chic. You could pull this off in two ways: either by creating fresh greenery table runners (which go perfect with bare wooden tables), or by using a leaf-patterned table runner (perfect if you want to make it all feel a bit more playful).
  • Golden leaves. No, not just fall leaves, but actually golden leaves. Use them to create unique, modern pieces of décor that bring elegance and luxury to every wedding space. Don’t be afraid to get creative here – there are so many gorgeous ways to incorporate these into your wedding day!
  • Wedding ceremony backdrop. Want to say “YES” surrounded by pure magic and beauty? Why not create greenery garlands and hang them from your wedding ceremony chuppah? Doing this can transform even the simplest space into an elegant environment for your wedding ceremony, so that you remember this moment forever.
  • Lounge area. Including a lounge area in your wedding reception space is an excellent idea because it will give your guests a place to hang out, relax, and simply socialize with each other. You can pull this off really easy, with simple wooden furniture covered in white tapestry, and decorated with cushions in leaf patterns. It will look so fun and stylish!
  • From your wedding invitations to your place cards, everything can include leaf patterns. For a touch of exoticism, choose banana leaves or palm tree leaves. For something closer to home and down to earth, choose fern leaves. Either way, your stationery will look amazing!


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The Best Alternatives to the Classic Bridesmaid’s Dress

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Your Virginia wedding dress can be whatever you want it to be these days. Not bound by the rules of tradition, you can wear anything ranging from a blue wedding gown to a black pantsuit – and that’s OK, because the freedom you have will allow your personality to shine through.

If you, as the bride, can wear whatever you want, why would the bridesmaids be confined to the norms of traditional weddings? Why not choose an alternative to the more or less classic bridesmaids’ dress and have them wear something fun, unique, and stylish?

We have some ideas for you in this direction – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • Somewhere in between a dress and a pantsuit, jumpsuits are a fun, simple option that will allow your bridesmaids not only to move around quite comfortably, but also shine with style. There’s a world of opportunities when it comes to the colors, designs, and patterns a jumpsuit can get – so you will definitely find something that really suits your wedding style and your bridesmaids.
  • Two-pieces. If dresses are OK to you, but if you just want a more unique version, two-pieces made from skirt and blouses are an excellent idea. For instance, you could ask your bridesmaids to wear a very summery-y long skirt with a lace crop top. The combination looks really pretty and feminine, so all of your bridesmaids will absolutely love it. If you want to, you can also ask your bridesmaids to wear two-pieces consisted of pants (high waist, for example) and a crop top (made from the same fabric and in the same color, for example). This will look amazing as well!
  • Tuxedoes and pantsuits. Who said only groomsmen are allowed to wear tuxedoes and pantsuits? On the contrary, you can totally ask your bridesmaids to wear something similar too. A stylish pantsuit will definitely flatter any body type, and a classic black and white tuxedo will surely make any woman feel empowered, strong, confident, and, yes, attractive as well. Your bridesmaids will love the idea!


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Did You Know about These Super-Foods for Excellent Wedding Day Skin?

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Regardless of what type of wedding you’re planning in Virginia, one thing is for certain: you want to look absolutely flawless as you walk down the aisle, dance your First Dance, and cut your wedding cake. You want to be radiant, you want to feel pretty, you want to be the most amazing lady in the room – and on a three-state radius at the very least.

Of course, the dress you wear, the hairdo, the makeup, the shoes, the accessories, and everything else will all contribute to helping you feel fabulous on your Big Day. But you shouldn’t forget about your skin too!

In fact, that is one of the most crucial elements of your wedding day look – and eating the right foods can definitely help you achieve that stunning glow all brides appreciate.

What are the best foods to eat for your skin? We have some tips for you – continue reading to find out more.

  • You may think fats are bad for you, but in reality, fats are actually healthy – as long as they’re the good kind of fats, of course (such as salmon, avocado, or olive oil, for example). Use these within measure and you will reap a wide range of benefits: for your brain, for your heart, and, yes, for your skin too.
  • This is not really a food in the proper sense of the word, but it is truly one of the most crucial elements not just for your skin but for your overall health. Drink about eight glasses of water every day to make sure your skin gets the hydration it needs to stay elastic and pretty.
  • Green…everything. Specifically, green leaves, such as spinach or kale can really boost your body’s stock of antioxidants. Consequently, this will help your skin look fresher, younger, and more elastic. Our advice is to pack up a lot of these greens in your morning smoothie – and top everything off with chia seeds, another super-food excellent for the health and beauty of your skin.


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4 Pinterest Tips All Brides Should Know

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As a bride, you want to create the most amazing wedding Virginia has ever seen – and with the right vendors on your side and the best ideas to inspire you, you really stand a very good chance at achieving this.

Of course, Pinterest will be part of your wedding planning process – but how do you really make this social network your ally, and not just another component in the confusion and noise you will feel when planning the Big Day?

We have gathered 4 Pinterest tips all brides should know – so read on and find out more.

  • It is important to know who to follow. Run a bit of research and see which of the Pinterest boards are very up-to-date and popular, and follow those. You will soon discover more and more pinteresters as well – but for now, focus on following those pages that pin a lot of new content and ideas.
  • Don’t expect to have your wedding vision ready as soon as you create the Pinterest board. At the beginning of your wedding planning process, it’s normal (and even recommended) to pin whatever comes your way and you like. You will have plenty of time to make a selection later on.
  • DO install the Pinterest button. You want all of your favorite ideas to go on your Pinterest board regardless of whether or not you have discovered them on this social network. The Pinterest button will allow you to pin virtually anything you find online – and yes, this includes your favorite vendors’ websites as well.
  • Once you have pinned enough ideas and once you have a clearer idea of how you want your wedding to look, start making a selection. Leave behind anything that doesn’t suit your vision 100% and only bring together the ideas that suit your particular style.
  • Keep in mind: it’s generally best if you keep all your wedding pins in one place. Some people like creating boards for every major wedding element (e.g. for the colors, for the flowers, for the hair, and so on). However, having all of your favorite ideas in one place will help you see the bigger picture.


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Remember to Pack These Items When Leaving on Your Honeymoon

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Your honeymoon is supposed to be an oasis of relaxation and beautiful memories. It should be one of the very best vacations of your lives – because, let’s admit it: after all that wedding planning anxiety, you and your loved one DO deserve to go away and simply enjoy yourselves.

Before you do that, though, it is of the utmost importance that you pack your bags carefully. Forgetting something essential at home can very quickly ruin your honeymoon – and that is truly the last thing you want.

What are the items that should not miss from your luggage? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Your documents. These are the first things you should pack when leaving for your honeymoon. Your passport, health-related documents, travel insurance, ID, and all the other necessary documents you need to properly travel from one country to another should all be in your handbag. Even more, our advice is to make copies of these and pack them separately, so that you can easily find them in case you lose the other ones.
  • Your sunscreen. Most couples choose pretty exotic locations for their honeymoons – and while there may be plenty of stores where you can buy sunscreen upon your arrival at your destination, it is still important to pack yours from home. Wearing sunscreen is not just a matter of self-care and beauty – it is a matter of pure health, and that’s something you don’t want to play around with.
  • Your meds. You should definitely pack a mini first aid kit when going on honeymoon. Medicine for different common afflictions (headaches, stomach aches, and so on), Band-Aids, disinfectant – these are things that shouldn’t miss from your luggage. Sure, it is very likely that you will find these for sale at your destination too – but again, if you are used to specific medicine, it’s always best to pack those you’d normally use back home. Also, if you follow any kind of treatment, don’t forget to pack that medicine, as well as a doctor’s letter acknowledging you need to use those meds.


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Are You Familiar with These Engagement Party Etiquette Rules?

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Wedding etiquette rules have changed a lot in the past few years – and that’s OK, etiquette is not there to give Virginia brides and grooms nightmares, but to make sure none of the guests is offended by anything. That is precisely why some of the etiquette rules still make sense today, decades (or maybe even centuries) after they’ve been born.

Of course, you may know your fairy share of wedding etiquette – but you familiar with these engagement party etiquette rules? If not, you should definitely take them into consideration!

  • Whom to invite. You can invite anyone you want at your engagement party – and the list can be as short or as long as you want it to be. Most of the engagement parties are very intimate and they are always smaller than the weddings themselves – but this is up to you. What you absolutely MUST keep in mind is that whoever is invited to the engagement party will HAVE TO be invited to the wedding as well.
  • You shouldn’t expect gifts at your engagement party because they are not a must-have. However, keep in mind that some of your guests might want to offer you something nice. And that is precisely why it’s advised for you to have your wedding registry ready before the party.
  • Same as gifts, toasts aren’t really expected – but they frequently happen. What is important to keep in mind here is that these toasts should be tasteful (remember, your parents and even your grandparents will be there too!). If you have friends or relatives who might get a bit too cheeky with the jokes after a couple of glasses of wine, be sure to tell them from the very beginning that they should play nice.
  • Generally, engagement parties take place about six to eight weeks after the proposal. Why so late? Because you need time to announce everyone close to you (via phone or face to face) and because you need time to plan the actual event as well. This timeline will give you plenty of time to deal with it all!


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