Guest List Tips You Want to Know When Planning Your Wedding

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Planning your wedding should always start with a dream. Beyond that though, the technicalities (and probably less entertaining parts) of a wedding plan are also very important.

Take your guest list, for example. As one of the first steps in the wedding planning process, your guest list will influence a lot of other decisions you make along the way (your wedding venue in Virginia, for example).

What are some of the guest list tips you want to know when planning your wedding? We’ve gathered the essentials right below – so read on and find out more.

  • You can set your own rules. This is your wedding and even if your parents are contributing to covering the costs, this is still your wedding. So, if they want to invite their friends, make sure you discuss things with them from the very beginning and tell them how many people they can bring. This will help you avoid any contradictory discussions later on and it will also help you keep things organized.
  • Same thing applies for plus ones too. It’s perfectly fine to not allow plus ones (unless they’re married or in long-term relationships, of course). To do this, though, please make sure to word your RSVPs in a way that makes it crystal clear who is invited and who isn’t.
  • Speaking of RSVPs, if you’re not getting them back, ask someone close to you to help out and call the guests in question to ask them if they can confirm their choice. You can do this yourself too, but in general it is best that the Maid of Honor or the mother of the bride handle this.
  • Last, but not least, keep in mind this tip: if you are wondering on whether or not you should invite someone to your wedding, think of how you’d feel if they couldn’t come. Would you feel very sad? Then you probably need to include them in the wedding guest list. Would you not feel that sad? You can probably skip them, then.


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Mother of the Bride? Here Are the Things You Should Know

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Being a bride can be stressful – but sometimes, in the midst of all the Virginia wedding planning, people forget just how emotional this moment is for the Mother of the Bride too.

What are the things you should know if you are the Mother of the Bride? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Many traditions have simply vanished off the face of the Earth, but one of them seems to stick with us: the fact that the bride’s family pays for (the largest part of) the wedding. Don’t be fooled, though: you may be spending a lot of money on the Big Day, but most of the wedding planning choices pertain to the bride. She appreciates your input and advice, but she will most likely want to do things her way.
  • She respects you. Just because she doesn’t want the food you want, or the colors you want, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t respect you. It’s just that she has a different style than you, and that’s OK. After all, you raised your daughter to be her unique self – not a younger imitation of you.
  • You will like one dress – she will probably like a completely different one. Even with all the differences, you will absolutely enjoy going dress shopping with your daughter, precisely because it will remind you of the dress you wore on your Big Day.
  • You will most likely spend the morning of her wedding day with her and the bridesmaids. This entire getting ready session will start very early in the day, and it’s a party in the fullest sense of the word. From bubbly to professional hairstylists, brides like to pamper themselves before the wedding starts. Soak into the beauty of these moments, because they are completely unique.
  • You will definitely experience a revelation: your daughter is getting married, so everything has come full circle. A few decades ago, you were the one stepping down the aisle. Now, your beautiful baby girl is wearing her own wedding dress, saying her own wedding vows. Prepare the napkins, because you are bound to cry at least a bit!


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The Backyard Wedding Tips You Absolutely MUST Know

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Summer is almost here – and that means all the splendid outdoor weddings of Virginia are on their way as well! Here at Hunt Country Celebrations, we couldn’t be more excited about the amazing wedding season ahead of us!

If you want to have a summer wedding, and if you want your event to be sweet and intimate, you might be considering the idea of a backyard wedding. That’s really amazing, and it can be a real success!

To help you out with this, we have gathered some of the essential tips you should know when planning your dream backyard wedding – read on and find out more.

  • The location of your backyard does not necessarily have to influence the style. So if you own a house in Virginia and you want a backyard wedding inspired by Hawaii, you can totally pull it off. This makes a lot of sense if that’s what you dream of doing – and it’s even more fitted if you actually have ties to Hawaii (e.g. you spent your childhood there). The key here is to make sure you create a good balance between the local elements and the elements of your dream location/ sentimental location.
  • Likewise, not all backyard weddings have to look the same. From nautical themed backyard weddings to Birds and Butterflies weddings, everything can be done in a backyard as well. It’s just that you usually do it on a smaller scale than you would at a wedding venue. As long as you combine pieces that remind people of your chosen wedding style, your event is bound to be a success!
  • Last, but not least, backyard weddings don’t always happen in actual backyards. If your backyard is way too small even for a small wedding, or if you live in an apartment, it makes a lot of sense to rent a small wedding venue that will help you create the same cozy and comfy vibes of a backyard wedding. Remember though: you really want to stick with a small venue if you don’t have a large guest count – the larger the venue is, the more estranged and “cold” the event will feel if there aren’t enough guests to fill in the spaces.


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Salon Montage – Because Brides Deserve the Very Best

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wedding is a ceremony where two people are united in marriage. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classes. There are different events where the Bride would want to look her bestMost wedding ceremonies involve an exchange of marriage vows by the couple, presentation of a gift (offering, ring(s), symbolic item, flowers, money), and a public proclamation of marriage by an authority figure or celebrant. Special wedding garments are often worn, and the ceremony is sometimes followed by a wedding reception.

We are very glad that we can be a part of the event that is so anticipated in a brides or grooms life. Our team takes special care and efforts to make the wedding day special for them. Salon Montage specializes in Bridal hair and makeup services. We do in house (In salon and travel to the site) for the wedding; it really depends on the bride’s preferences. Special attention is given to all the details. We also perform Updo’s & Makeup for the family members and the Bridal Party, Hair color, Hair-extensions (Natural hair), Facial including Mehendi-Heena tattoos etc. for south Asian weddings.

“We at Salon Montage believe that on your wedding day you should look like yourself at your most beautiful”. 

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Call us for now an appointment. – 571-918-0640.

Address: 1604 Village Market Blvd, SE, Suite 130 Lessburg,VA 20175
Facebook and Instagram: salonmontageVA


These Elements Are Crucial for Your Wedding Website

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Let’s face it: technology has made it so much easier for us, from every single point of view – and your wedding planning makes no exception. Of course, you are using the Internet to find the best wedding vendors in Virginia and to find the ideas that suit your style – but how about creating your own wedding website?

That would be a wonderful idea – it’s inexpensive (or even free!), and it can be genuinely useful both for you and for your wedding guests. Some of the pages you could include on your wedding website are the following:

  • About you. Although most of your wedding guests are probably familiar with your love story, it would be nice to tell it to them again, from the very beginning. Tell people all the cute and romantic details that make you a unique couple (if you’re comfortable sharing this, of course). Tell them about the first time you met, the first date, the proposal story. Tell them about the wedding too – why not share some pictures of the wedding planning process, just enough to make people feel curious and excited about the upcoming Big Day?
  • Wedding registry. It is completely OK to show wedding registry information on your website. Even more, you can even add links to online websites you have registered to – this way, all guests will have to do is to click and send the order to your preferred address.
  • Venue information. Help guests find your wedding venue as easily as possible. Share with them a list of comprehensive instructions on how to reach the venue, as well as downloadable/ printable maps and GPS coordinates. This will make it so much easier for them to find your venue without having to constantly call and ask for instructions!
  • RSVP section. Why ask people for paper RSVP when they can just do it on your wedding website? This is extremely easy for everyone, it’s far less expensive for you, and it makes it actually facile to coordinate the RSVPs, centralize them, and count them.


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Top Things You Can Do with the Bouquet After the Wedding

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Your wedding is bound to be one of the most amazing days of your entire life – right? So, it’s completely natural if you want to keep every single keepsake and memory alive – especially your bridal bouquet, such a delicate and beautiful part of the entire Big Day.

What are some of the things you can do with your wedding bouquet after the wedding? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Hang it to dry. Drying your bouquet upside down will help you keep it alive for much longer – it can last for years, or even decades. Once dried out, you also have the option of placing the bouquet in an air-tight container (a preservationist can probably do this for you the best way possible, making sure the shape and the beauty of the bouquet are not affected in this process).
  • Dip it in melted wax. Another method you can use to preserve your Virginia bridal bouquet is by dipping it for a very brief moment in melted paraffin. Our advice is to only use this method if you feel you have practiced a lot with other, much less sentimental blooms – it’s really important not to ruin your actual bridal bouquet doing this!
  • Have it pressed. Pressing flowers is an easy way of preserving your bridal bouquet. Once pressed, you can turn them into a beautiful piece of décor by having them framed (with a glass on top). Imagine how pretty this sentimental item would look in your living room or bedroom!
  • Have it professionally preserved. Thanks to modern technology, your bouquet can now be perfectly preserved in a piece that will always remind you of the amazingness of your wedding day. For instance, many brides choose to have their bouquets transformed in gorgeous glass globes, which they can then display anywhere in their homes.


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