Vendor in The Spotlight – Diamond Events

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Wedding planning is a huge part of your wedding and getting the right planner for your wedding can save you a lot of stress. That’s why we’re bringing Diamond Events to your attention today. It’s a great wedding planning company here in Northern Virginia.

Stephanie Dasch is the coordinator, designer, and owner of Diamond Events. Hunt Country Celebrations spent a few minutes talking to her and here’s what she had to say about her enterprise and why it’s so great.

  • How Long Have You Been in The Events Industry?

Exactly 10 years. I love what I do! There is just something about getting to know and staying friends with the amazing couples that I’ve often worked with. I love bringing the vision that the couples have to reality. Helping them realize their dream wedding is priceless.

  • How Do You Help the Couples Make Wedding Plans and Manage Their Time?

Well, with my experience in the industry, I have so much the couple can find use for. I make sure everything stays organized and is on schedule. At Diamond Events, we have the Dream, Princess and Clarity packages which make things even easier.

With the Dream package, you get the full coordination and will be guided through every aspect of your wedding planning-from start to finish. With the Princess package, you’ll receive a nudge in the right direction and a professional to guide you throughout the wedding planning process. The Clarity package is a day of coordination package, but all these packages help to ease the stress and move things along smoothly.

  • What Are Your Favorite Wedding Trends Right Now?

Classic and romantic weddings will always be favorites. Intimate and cozy weddings are also very beautiful and fun to create. Rustic weddings have also become quite popular as more couples are requesting for them. I love working on creating these weddings and the other beautiful themes that there are out there.

Well, you’ve heard it all from Stephanie Dasch of Diamond Events. They offer services to couples in Virginia, DC, Maryland and other destinations worldwide. Reach out to them to help plan your wedding. You’ll be glad you did. You can contact them on the number 703-679-8143.

Vendor in The Spotlight: Bella Villa Antiques and Vintage Rentals

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For your Northern Virginia wedding to be a success, you have to create a great experience for your guests. Creating a great experience means getting every little detail right. For this to happen, you must first choose the right location. Here at Hunt Country Celebrations, we have a wide range of wedding venues in Northern Virginia for you to select from.

Next, and just as important, is the wedding decor. That’s where the vendor we’ll be talking to today comes in. Bella Villa offers vintage furniture and decor rentals for weddings in Northern Virginia. We sat down with Rosanna Smith, the founder, and here’s what she had to say about her business.

  • Tell Us About Bella Villa Antiques and Vintage Rentals

Bella Villa Antiques and Vintage Rentals is located just off Main Street in Marshall, Virginia. We have a vast collection of vintage sofas and chairs, tables, crates, barrels, bars, chalkboards, mirrors, doors, and much more available for your wedding needs. If you are looking for the vintage decor and Italian chandelier collection of La Bella Luce, then we’re the company for you. We also do venue styling and offer consultancy services.

  • How Did Bella Villa Antiques and Vintage Rentals Start?

Funny enough, it started with my personal love story. Between my experiences of growing up in Italy and falling in love with my husband who was raised on the Villa Smith Farmette, I developed a love for keeping away antique and vintage treasures. You know, so they can keep telling their stories for years to come. I wanted them to be timeless, so to speak.

  • Great. How Can Your Clients Reach You?

We’re located at 8371 W. Main Street, Marshall, VA 20115. Our parking and entrance are however on Frost Street. We’re open by appointment so all our customers have to do is either call or send us an email to come see our warehouse and make their selections.

Well, you’ve heard it all from Rosanna. To our readers, you can reach them on this number: 571.921.0356. Call or send a text. They’re always ready to tend to you. Or, send them an email here, if you wish: [email protected]. Either way, Bella Villa Antiques and Vintage Rentals is exactly what you need for a wedding to be as unique as they come.

Vendor in The Spotlight- Krysta Norman Photography

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At Hunt Country Celebrations, we understand how important pictures are to your wedding. They capture the happy moments and remain with you long after your big day. That’s why we sat down with one of our favorite wedding vendors.

Say hi to the very talented Krysta Norman of Krysta Norman Photography, an excellent wedding photographer. Krysta specializes in classic Virginia countryside weddings and can be found nestled in Hunt Country in Middleburg, Virginia.

  • We’ve Heard You Really Love the Countryside. Is this True?

What’s there not to love? I also love travel, Italian, vintage dresses, natural light, potted plants.  Haribo Gummies and a host of other things that people love too. To be frank, I’m a wanderer at heart. I tend to pass my time daydreaming about traveling to small, foreign towns and collecting used books and souvenirs along the way.

  • That Sounds Interesting. Speaking of Interest, What Spiked Your Interest in Photography?

I would say storytelling. As a child, I often penned short stories in the margins of my coloring book and as I got older, the need to illustrate grew more and more. This eventually opened up a new space for me to narrate my view of the world. Now, I am a visual narrator who is moved by timeless old-world romance, villages with cobblestones, distant mountains, love languages, open countryside and more.

  • Tell Us About the Wedding Services You Offer

For weddings, I have collections which include an engagement session, wedding day timeline, second shooter, online gallery and print release. If you love vintage, classic and romantic pictures, then I am just the vendor for you. I also love and do photography for destination weddings, so if you’re having one, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at all.

Thank you so much for your time, Krysta Norman Photography a. And to our dear readers, you’ve heard from them and the great services they offer. Why not let them handle your wedding photography? We promise you won’t be disappointed. You can call her on (571) 317 – 0811.

Vendor in The Spotlight – Kelly Ewell Photography

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You’ll agree with us here at Hunt Country Celebrations that wedding photography is a very vital part of modern weddings. This is why we’ve invited one of the best wedding photographers here in Virginia for a quick chat. Are you ready to go along with us? Well then, read on.

  • Tell Us A Little About Yourself

I am Kelly Ewell, a Northern Virginia wedding photographer. I specialize in engagement, wedding and anniversary photography. If I am not doing photography, you will find me at some of the local wineries or hard at work renovating my farm in Leesburg VA. Well, I should say our farm, because it is co-owned by me and my husband. We named it 48 fields.

  • You Come Highly Recommended from The Couples That You Worked with. Tell Us Why That Is

I suppose it is because I love and I’m good at what I do. When I work with couples, I try to be more than just another photographer. I do my best to stand out. I work towards making photographs that not only stand the test of time but evoke feelings of nostalgia every time a couple looks at them. As a wedding photographer, to get photos like that, you often have to work the line between photos that the couple expects and impromptu photos that capture the moment. The goal is to showcase the couple and their love on this day.

  • What Do You Think About the ‘Film Vs Digital Photography’ Trend Right Now?

Well, the truth is that as with everything else, trends in photography also come and go. I believe that both are simply different and that as long as your result is beautiful pictures that your clients appreciate, then you are right on track. I looked into it and discovered that remaining digital was more advantageous for me and my clients as delivering results quickly and efficiently is a vital part of my work.

Alright then, thank you so much, Kelly Ewell, for taking a bit of time off your busy schedule to hold this very informative chat with us. We’re sure our readers appreciate it and are grateful too. To those readers who are interested in contacting Kelly Ewell, you can reach her using the following email: [email protected]  

Vendor in The Spotlight – ARJ Productions

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The success of your wedding mostly depends on 2 things: Your venue and your vendors. We here at Hunt Country Celebrations can tend to the former but you still need someone to cater to the latter. Might we suggest ARJ Productions? If you’ve never heard of them, you’re in for a treat! We asked ARJ Productions to tell us a few things about what they do and why they’re a great addition to any wedding.

  • What wedding services do you offer?

ARJ Productions helps you with the planning of your wedding from start to finish. We are professional event planners and have a great relationship with local vendors and other wedding services that will help showcase the unique style of your wedding and keep the planning stress-free for you. 

  • What was responsible for your success as an event planning company?

We would say our responsiveness, customer service, and experience. We also value honesty and open communication, integrity, tireless hard work, persistence, enthusiasm and a positive attitude which you will find evident in our company’s leadership and in all of our support staff. When we plan your wedding, our goal is for you to feel involved and heard while eliminating your stress and worry because you’ll know your wedding is in good hands. We pay attention to even the smallest of details and the result is the success of the weddings that we handle and the glowing reviews that our clients leave after working with us.

  • Any Last Words?

We’d just like to let our potential customers know that here at ARJ Productions when you hire us, we’ll meet with you to learn your unique interests and desires, meet your expectations, and make a checklist and timeline tailored specifically for you and your wedding. We’ll also be available when you need us; we’ll take every detail of your wedding planning as if it was our own.

Thank you for your time, ARJ Productions. To our readers, ARJ Productions are obviously great at what they do. Contact them for your wedding planning at 3507 Broadrun Drive, Fairfax, VA 22033. You can call them on 703-851-5524. You can also send them an email to [email protected]

Vendor in The Spotlight – Always Creating Studio Weddings & Events

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Your wedding in Northern Virginia can be as successful as you want it to be, if only you know the right things to do. We here at Hunt Country Celebrations believe this. Ask around and you’ll hear nothing but good things about us. It’s not farfetched to say we have the best locations and vendors Northern Virginia has to offer. Today, we’ll be having a short chat with one of our favorite wedding vendors. Meet the very famous ‘Always Creating Studio Weddings & Events.’

  • Tell Us What Always Creating Studio Weddings & Events Is About

Always Creating Studio Wedding & Events provides affordable luxury event planning, design, and coordination for elegant, modern weddings. We have 5 packages when it comes to your wedding and they include

The Full Planning plus Design package caters to couples wanting assistance planning and designing. The Wedding Day Management (Day-Of Coordination) package helps you to execute your wedding day with perfection according to your vision. The Multicultural Weddings Package is the one where we approach each event with uttermost attention to detail. The Wedding Consultation Package is for couples who want answers to questions and expert advice.  The Destination Wedding Package is a package for couples looking to celebrate their love in style and luxury.

  • What about your ‘Event Flowers Package’? We hear it’s a favorite of many a couple.

Yes, that’s true. And our Event Flowers Package is where we create each floral design based on our clients’ budget. Our bridal bouquets are specially created with the best in-season flowers, evergreens, and greenery.

  • What about the A La Carte Services you offer?

Those are wedding stationery and website design. From save-the-dates to wedding website design, event styling, and more. More and more couples opt for those because it’s a growing trend, as well as being great too. With all these packages, you can see that our prime focus is on weddings, and we’ve gained much experience over the years. These are things that only add credence to us and the services we offer. Above all, we’re very dedicated and love to work with our customers.

Thank you, Always Creating Studio Weddings & Events. With a portfolio like this, it really isn’t surprising that couples often seek your services. And to our readers, you can contact them via their website,