Looking for the Best Bridesmaids’ Dress Trends? Here They Are!

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As a bride, you want your wedding attendants to look lovely – and not just because they are part of the wedding, but most importantly, because they are your very best friends and your closest “partners in crime”.  

What are some of the most popular bridesmaids’ dress trends for 2019?

We have gathered them below – so read on and find out more.

  • Dusty shades of pink and barely there pink. Undoubtedly, pink is one of the most appreciated wedding colors ever – and it makes all the sense in the world. It is a sweet, romantic, and playful color that looks good on pretty much everyone. This year’s trends are all about very soft pinks – which look lovely on all skin types and really create a suave, beautiful look.
  • Grays in all shades. If you want to keep it low key elegant, gray is the way to go. It works just as fantastically well with very elegant weddings as it does with casual weddings, and it comes in a variety of shades that can suit anyone. For lighter skin tones, darker grays and petroleum grays are lovely. For darker skin tones, you can either settle on a dark gray or a medium one. Either way, your bridesmaids will be more than appreciative of this color!
  • Navy blue. It’s nearly summer outside, so it makes sense that colors that remind us of the beach would come back in trend. Navy is a lovely choice for both elegant and casual weddings and it can really create a sense of elegance and beauty. Plus, it looks good on everyone, and it can go really well with plenty of other colors – from soft pastels to the popular Living Coral of 2019, whites, creams, reds, and so on. A true jewel among wedding colors!
  • Sparkle. Many of you might think that glittery dresses are just for the ultra-elegant weddings. But that is not the case, actually. A soft gown with an A-line cut and a bit of glitter on the bodice can look really beautiful even when incorporated in a very rustic wedding (in fact, it will be the “glamorous note” that makes it all come together in a gorgeous way).

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Confused about When to Cut the Wedding Cake? Here Are Some Tips

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As wedding specialists, here at Hunt Country Celebrations, we believe every second of your wedding deserves to be the BEST ever. We do know, however, that some moments of the Big Day tend to bear a higher importance than others, precisely because they bear with them powerful symbols of love, marriage, and commitment.

Your cake cutting is one of those moments.

Why is it so important and how to find the right timing for it? We have some tips for you, so read on if you would like to learn more about this.

  • The cake cutting is extremely symbolical. On the one hand, you have the sweetness, standing for the sweetness of your love story and your future together. On the other hand, you have the gesture of the cutting of the cake, which is done together, as a symbol of how you will work together to make your marriage happy. Of course, you want this moment to be really beautiful, especially with the amazing meaningfulness behind it!
  • In most cases, the cake is cut right after the first dance – meaning that the cake “happens” after dinner, but before the dance party starts. The reason this timing works with most couples is because it leaves some room between the dinner and the dessert, but also because it allows you to avoid having to halt the actual party for a slice of cake.
  • You can, of course, work around this. For instance, if you want to start your wedding reception on a very romantic note with your first dance, you can have the cake cutting right after dinner. It is perfectly fine to work with your specific wedding timeline!
  • What you do have to keep in mind is the fact that most people associate the cake cutting with the moment it is acceptable for them to leave the wedding. This is especially important for people who cannot stay for very long – either because it would be too tiresome for them, or simply because they have to put their kids to sleep. So, the earlier you can cut the cake, the better it will be for these guests!

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5 Tips to an Engagement Party Everyone Will Remember

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Getting engaged is such a sweet and special moment in your life! Of course, you will want to celebrate this major milestone with a party that brings together smiles and tears of happiness – but how do you plan the kind of engagement party every single guest will remember?

We have gathered some of the basic tips you should know about this – so read on and find out more.

  • Make it intimate. Of course, you are free to plan an engagement party as small or as large as you want – but if you want your guests to feel like they are part of your story, a more intimate engagement party is what you are looking for. Keep in mind though: if you invite someone to the engagement party, you absolutely have to invite them to the wedding too!
  • Make it special. Choosing a theme for your engagement party is a really good idea because it will help you create a cohesive vibe and it will help you make this party more unique than the “standard” engagement party.
  • Make it fun. People love playing party games – and since your engagement party is likely to be quite small, you should take this opportunity and include some fun games. There are so many sweet and humorous games you can play with your guests at your engagement party!
  • Make it delicious. Food is always a crucial part of every party out there – and it’s not just because good food releases “happiness” hormones in our brains. It’s also because food tends to bring people together, creating a sense of closeness, intimacy, and coziness. You don’t have to serve a five course meal at your engagement party, though – more often than not, this is the kind of event where you can “get away” with snacks and sweet treats.
  • Make it yours. Don’t forget the very essence of why this party is happening: you have just gotten engaged and you are ready to get married to the one you love! Bring your story and your personality in this party – authenticity will definitely make it memorable!

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4 Tips for the Most Beautiful Spring Wedding Ever

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Your Virginia wedding deserves nothing less than the absolute best – from the date you have chosen for it to the florist who will help you create an amazing ambiance during the Big Day.

A large part of a successful wedding is played by the “strategy” behind it – the ideas that you bring together to create the kind of event everyone will really love. And coordinating your Big Day with the season outside is one of the best strategies to approach.

How to plan a truly magnificent spring wedding?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Location, location, location. Pick a wedding venue that will allow you to really make the most out of spring. There’s something undeniably beautiful about this season that looks amazing as a backdrop for wedding ceremonies and receptions – use that! Vineyards, orchards, gardens, or simply venues located in places that celebrate the gorgeousness of nature – these are the best kinds of venues you can choose for a spring wedding.
  • Your food can get spring-y too! With so many foods popping out fresh in spring, it would be a real pity not to include them in the wedding. From fresh salads as entrees to spring herbs infusing your main dishes and to edible flowers used for the décor of the wedding cake (and maybe even for the décor of your signature cocktails!), there’s something spring-like for every part of your wedding menu. Use that!
  • Dress your bridesmaids in spring “mode”. The number one rule here is to plan a casual wedding – the airiness and playfulness of spring doesn’t look that well with ultra-formal attires. Pick dresses for your bridesmaids that truly celebrate the beauty of this season – and don’t be afraid to settle for something that’s floral patterned too. It will look AMAZING, both on the Big Day itself and in the pictures too!
  • Have some fun! It’s spring outside, so the weather is better (of course, you should still plan for a rainy day alternative too, just in case). But since many people will want to soak up the nice weather outside, why not create some entertainment options for the cocktail hour? Lawn games and oversized board games can help people have so much fun!

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Bridal Shower Etiquette You MUST Know

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Pre-wedding events are very important – both for the bride and groom and for their closest friends and relatives, who will get a chance to know each other better and bond.

Obviously, bridal showers make no exception from this rule – and, like everything wedding related, they too are surrounded by etiquette rules you should definitely follow.

What are some of the most important bridal shower rules to follow? Read on and find out more.

  • The bridal shower is never planned by the bride herself. This is considered to be quite tacky because it is perceived as if the bride was asking for gifts. In general, the bridal shower should be planned by the maid of honor or another close friend of the bride – or a group of them, actually.
  • The bridal shower is paid by the host(s). Whoever plans or co-plans the bridal shower should also cover for its costs. Since you don’t want to put too much pressure on one person, you can allow all the participants in the planning of the bridal shower to chip in and cover the costs.
  • The bridal shower is generally much smaller than the wedding. This is supposed to be an intimate event, so it’s best if it is kept small. It can take place at home, or in any other location and it can actually follow all the rules of a party: it can have a theme, a color scheme, and so on.
  • Yes, you can ask for people to follow a dress code. This might be important for the entire vibe of the party, so why not? You can ask people to follow a specific color code, or you can simply ask people to dress a certain way – especially if the bridal shower will take place in an elegant location.
  • The bridal shower shouldn’t last for more than three hours. This is the perfect timing for this kind of gatherings – make it longer and people might start to feel bored. In the end, this should be about celebrating the bride – and three hours is just the sweet spot for people to have fun, have a nice bite of something, and shower the bride with their gifts.

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Pre-Wedding Planning Tips All Brides and Grooms Should Know

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Your wedding planning is going to be pretty difficult – we won’t lie. However, if you want to be prepared before you even start, do make sure you read (and apply!) the following tips, because we have gathered the absolute essentials all brides and grooms should know before proceeding on their wedding planning process.

  • Not setting any kind of wedding budget in place is a huge mistake. Yes, we know you want to jump right into the more interesting stuff, like the venue, or even the guest list. But before you even talk to someone and tell them you’re having a wedding, be sure you will have the budget to guide you through your choices.
  • You should definitely have a plan B, in case it rains. You cannot control the weather, so if you want to have an outdoor wedding (ceremony and/or reception), you should definitely have a “dry” option available for you and for the guests. Most often, a wedding tent or simply an indoor option will make do.
  • And speaking of 100% outdoor events – they might feel very fun, and yes, they are. However, keep in mind that they are not the cheapest ones. So, when creating the wedding budget, be sure to be realistic about it!
  • Once you have a daft guest list in place, proceed with the search for the right wedding venue. Keep in mind: it should fit not only you personally, but it should fit the number of your guests too. A wedding venue should not be too large because it will make it feel too spacious and cold. Likewise, it shouldn’t be too crammed either because it will just create an unusually party atmosphere.
  • Not providing guests with enough information. Tell your guests everything about the wedding: the names of the bride and groom, the names of the parents, how to reach the wedding venue (GPS coordinates, indications, maps, and so on). Also, be sure to tell guests have their accommodation options set in place as well – people will surely appreciate it if you handled this for them!

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