What’s all this we’re hearing about Virtual Décor for Weddings?

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If you’ve seen any recent posts on Instagram featuring images of amazing looking wedding receptions, you’ve probably noticed how great the décor looks.  Well, one of the big differentiators in those images is the lighting.  But that colorful light scape against the wall, and those bright pin spots highlighting the centerpieces are NOT normally something that comes as part of the venue rental.  They’re actually a whole new class of décor called “Virtual Décor”.

So why should you consider allocating some of your wedding budget on lighting?  Simple – it can completely transform not only your venue, but the whole feel of your event.  You can go from something ordinary to something extraordinary with the proper wedding lighting.

So how do you get that amazing look for your wedding?  Well, the easiest way is to work with a lighting professional at one of your wedding vendors.  In some cases, it can be the company that rents you your tent, or tables and chairs.  In other cases, it might be your DJ, if they are a large outfit and also offer specialty lighting.  A few events might also have some premium lighting packages that they can offer you – so be sure to inquire with your booking contact at the venue.  If you’re unsure and fortunately enough to working with a wedding planner, you can ask them to recommend lighting vendors.  Wedding planners are there to help you finding the right vendor for your Big Day.

Still on the fence, well here are some examples of amazing lighting that you can rent for your reception:

  • Virtual Stained Glass Catherdal Windows;
Zoom image.png
Image courtesy Artistic Concepts Group.
  • Colorful up lighting for indoor or outdoor walls or columns
Zoom image.png
Image courtesy Artistic Concepts Group.

Pin spots for up lighting centerpieces;

Strings of hanging lights (indoor or outdoor)– these are great for country chic weddings;

Zoom image.png
Image courtesy Artistic Concepts Group.

And don’t think that lighting is for evening or nighttime events only.  String lights add a touch of class day or night.

Another popular trend is to feature the bride and groom’s names in lights at the reception.  In some cases they can match the wedding’s theme color and even the invitation’s font.

Zoom image.png
Image courtesy Artistic Concepts Group.

 And of course, you absolutely must have amazing dance floor lighting!

Zoom image.png
Image courtesy Artistic Concepts Group.

As shown above, one of the  nicest features of virtual décor is that many of these lights can be customized in design to match your unique theme and personality. Many can be set to a particular color or set of colors, which allows you to highlight your wedding theme regardless of the actual wall or floor colors at your venue.  On top of that, they’re eco-friendly since they are designed to be reused event after event. What more could a bride want?

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Why You Should Invest in Hiring a Videographer for Your Wedding

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You have selected the venue, you have ordered the dress, your rings are all shiny and ready, and your florist is just waiting for the Big Day so that she can deliver the most beautiful blooms for your bouquets and arrangements.

Of course, you have hired someone to capture the beauty of your wedding day too! Hiring a photographer is an important step that nobody skips when it comes to their Big Day – and you’re no exception. 

But have you considered hiring a videographer? 

Michelle & Greg Highlight Film from Bakerture Photo & Video on Vimeo.

Here are some of the reasons why you should definitely do it: 

·         Photography captures moments. Videography captures movement. Yes, a photo in which you and your loved one kiss each other under the spectacular sunset of a summer evening is to be cherished. But photography cannot capture your vows, for example, or how you stuttered and then giggled a little when you said his name, or how your sister caught the bouquet. These moments are priceless and they deserve to live forever and ever. 

·         It’s not an either/or game. You don’t have to (and shouldn’t!) give up on your photographer for your videographer. The two complement each other to paint an immemorial, timeless tableau of the entire Big Day. One of them will capture the moments, the other one will capture the dances, the sounds, the movements, the vibrancy.

 ·         Your wedding film will be pretty epic. No, really, it will be. Long gone are the days when videographer simply followed you around with a camera all day long and then mashed everything into a 3-hour tape that included everything (including your uncle’s drunk toast intermezzo). These days, wedding films are created to suit the couple. They are created to emanate romance and grace, they are created to mirror your love story. 

·         It’s easy. You can find companies that provide both videography and photography – and at excellent levels of quality for both of them! Not only will this make it easy for you, but it will allow you to create a coherent and well brought together image of your wedding too!

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Essential Tips for Your Wedding Invitations

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Without a doubt, your wedding invitations are one of the first and most important elements to consider when planning your Big Day. And, of course, you want to make sure they are nothing less than perfect!

What are some of the most important tips to keep in mind when designing and sending out your invitations?

We’ve gathered some great tips below – so read on and find out more.

  • Think of your personal style.  Pretty much everything can be personalized on your wedding invitations, so consider incorporating something from your personal style to make your wedding invitations truly “yours”.  For example, you could include elements in each of your favorite colors, a quote from your favorite movie, a personalized monogram, or even an illustration of your pet or wedding venue.
Pink Diecut Invitation with Silver Glitter Envelope Liner from KK’s Printing & Stationery
  • Incorporate your wedding theme.  Although it’s definitely not mandatory, matching your invitations to your wedding theme can help set the stage for your wedding.  Keep in mind that your invitations are likely to be your guests’ first impression of your Big Day. Coordinating them with your theme can actually make people more eager for the Big Day to arrive!  One bride had a wedding at an aquarium and had ocean creatures illustrated and laser cut on her invitation.
Pink and Wood-themed Letterpress Invitation Suite from Curious Fox Press.
  • If you plan on having a destination wedding, be sure to send out your invitations earlier than you would normally. Remember, your guests need to make travel arrangements, they need to take vacation days, and they need to generally prepare for a longer trip for your wedding – so it’s only common courtesy that you inform them of your actual wedding date sooner, rather than later.
  • Be sure to include all the information your guests may need, including directions to the ceremony and reception, information on accommodations, sights to see while they are in town, and transportation options. Obviously, all this travel information should not be included on the invitations themselves, but in the details cards you will include with the invitation suite.  You should also include all of this information on your wedding website if you choose to have one.
  • Order a few extra.  Purchasing a few extra will save you a lot of hassle if you have a list minute addition to your guest list, or if one of the invitations comes back in the mail damaged and needs to be resent.  Most providers of wedding invitations have minimum orders, so it’s better to add a few extra with your initial order than finding yourself two invitations short and having to place a larger order to satisfy minimum order requirements.  Plus you’ll need at least one extra to keep one as keepsake.
Antique-style Invitation from KK’s Printing & Stationery
  • Don’t forget the post office’s rules.  Take one of your completed invitations to the post office to have it weighed and to have the exact postage calculated. There may unexpected additional postage charges depending on how the addresses are printed and the size, shape, and weight of your invitation.  Be sure to have the post office determine those before you start stamping and mailing all of your invitations.
  • Don’t forget RSVP’s and return envelopes.  While some couples may rely on email RSVP’s or links on their website, providing a return envelope can make it easier for older guests who are unable to attend to respond. It also provides an easy way for them to send a gift card or check as a wedding gift.
Copper Foil Stamped Invitation Suite from Curious Fox Press.

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4 Types of Roses and The Secret Meaning They Bring into Your Wedding

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Roses are, without a doubt, one of the most romantic flowers.  They look and smell fantastic, but they also come in a wide variety of colors and petal variations.  These factors help continuously rank roses year to year as one of the most popular flower choices for weddings.  What are some type of roses you can incorporate into your own wedding and what is the symbolism behind them?   

Lovely Floral Arrangement from West Virjeni
  • The different varieties. There are so many varieties of roses that choosing just one for your wedding might feel overwhelming! Even more, each of them has its own meaning and symbolism. For example, did you know that there are some roses that bear no thorns?  A thorn-less rose signifies love at first sight, while a Damascus rose is a Persian symbol of love and freshness.  Tea roses symbolizes remembrance and beautiful memories. Beautiful, right?  
Gorgeous White Roses from Rick’s Flowers.
  • The colors. As you may know, the color of roses each bring a different symbolism. The classic red rose symbolizes love and passion, white roses signify purity, and yellow roses represent friendship and appreciation. If you prefer pink roses in your bridal bouquet, you should know that they symbolize joy and gratitude, while orange roses signify happiness and appreciation. Finally, by mixing multiple colors of roses, you can create an array of symbolism and meaningfulness. 
Flower Girl Wreath with Pink Roses from WestVirjeni (photo: Sweet Caroline Photography)
  • The number. Did you know that the number of roses incorporated in your bouquet or arrangements can also bear a special symbolism of its own? For instance, one white rose says that your feelings are pure, and one yellow rose can say that the person you are giving it to is bringing joy in your life. Likewise, one pink rose is a declaration that you like the person you are offering it to, while fifty red roses say that your love is limitless.  
Wedding Arch from Rick’s Flowers.

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Wedding Tables 101: The Most Important Things to Know

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Wedding Table
Photo by Thomas William on Unsplash

If you are a future bride or groom, you want to make sure everything about your wedding is truly beautiful. In the end, this is a completely unique day in your life, so it makes sense that you want to create a very special event.  Every detail can make a huge difference – and your wedding tables will be a large component of your reception, both visually and functionally.   What are some of the most important things to know about wedding tables?  

·         Round tables are very popular. They have been a popular choice for several years. If you prefer grouping guests in smaller clusters, and if you prefer the versatility of a smaller table, this is the shape to go with.  

·         Square tables give a sense of intimacy. There is something about a square table that makes them special and quite easy to incorporate in an intimate wedding.  This type of wedding table tends to be more suitable for urban chic weddings too, precisely because they give a sense of geometry that looks sharp. 

·         Long tables. There are several types of long tables, each with its own preferred “destination”. Some of them are great for outdoor weddings, others are great for elegant indoor weddings. The ones that are slightly shorter and made from simple wood are usually best for rustic chic weddings. And the serpentine ones are a great choice if you want to create a sense of familiarity. 

·         Mix and matching. You don’t have to settle on just one type of table, either. If you want to create an eclectic look for your wedding, you can always mix and match different types of tables – it will give your wedding a sense of uniqueness, creating the kind of ambiance that feels close to your personality and love story! For example, this wedding mixed curved and rectangular tables, while this one mixed rectangular and round ones) ·         Sweetheart tables. Some couples choose to have special separate tables – for themselves only or for themselves and their wedding parties. If you feel that a separate table will isolate you from the rest of the guests too much, it is probably easier if you just seat yourselves at one of the other tables in the room.  

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How Do You Find the Perfect Photographer for Your Wedding?

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Wedding photographer takes pictures of the beautiful bride and groom outdoors

Without doubt, your wedding is one of the most important events of your life – so it makes sense that you will want to capture every second of this special day.  You will want your day to be captured by professionals, whom are not only great with a camera, but specialize in weddings. How do you find the perfect photographer for your wedding? Here are some tips to keep in mind:  

  • Different Photographers have different styles. For instance, if you are planning a more causal wedding, you might not be satisfied with someone who takes classic wedding photos. The reciprocal statement is just as valid too: if you want to have a formal wedding, you might not feel as comfortable with a photographer whose style is very casual.  
  • Read the contract. No, really read it! You should know all the details of your contractual agreement with your photographer, from how many hours you have booked to whether or not they will edit photos. You should become familiar with what you are charged for so take the time to read through your contract before signing on the dotted line. Most of the key elements can be negotiated, but you should make sure you know what you want and what the photographer is offering.    
  • Chemistry. This person will literally be following you around all day (and you’re paying them to do that). If you don’t feel comfortable with your photographer, it will show.  Make sure to spend some time with your photographer before you hire them for your big day.  Share a cup of coffee to talk logistics.   If you are still on the fence but you love their work, think about booking them for your engagement photos first.    

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