Guests Aren’t RSVP-ing? Here’s What To Do

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Sending the invitations for your wedding is a very important step of the planning process – and while actually sending them might not be very difficult, getting the RSVPs back from your guests might prove to be quite the daunting task.

What happens when guests aren’t sending back their RSVPs and you really need the final head count? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Send a mass message or email. If you have the contacts for the guests who haven’t send their RSVP yet, why not drop them a mass email or message – just a quick reminder? If you’re using any kind of tool to electronically manage your invitations and RSVPs, see if it doesn’t allow you to send out customized messages for all the guests who haven’t responded yet.
  • Call each of them and simply ask. This is a very personal approach and although it might feel a little scary and time-consuming (especially if there are a lot of RSVPs that haven’t been returned), it can actually be a very humane and nice way to remind people to confirm their presence at your wedding. Just call them and tell them you’d be really happy if they were able to attend your wedding – it’s a genuinely nice opportunity catch up.
  • Ask your friends to ask. This might feel a little passive-aggressive, but if you don’t have much time and if you just want to cushion any kind of direct conflict, you can ask your common friends to inquire about the RSVP. Your Maid of Honor, your bridesmaids, or simply someone you are close to and is a common friend with the person who hasn’t responded yet – there are a lot of people who can act as “middlemen” and make this easier for you.
  • Simply consider them as a YES or NO. If you want to make sure that everyone will have a place at your wedding even if they haven’t RSVP’d, simply consider them as a YES. It might cost you a little more (if they don’t attend the wedding), but at least you’ll have peace of mind. If you cannot afford this and none of the methods described above suit you, you can consider them as a NO as well (but keep in mind that it might come off as rude to some of you).


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The Best Gifts for Proposing to Your Bridesmaids

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Proposing to your bridesmaids is bound to be a pretty emotional moment, especially if you really want your best friends to be by your side on the Big Day.

Of course, it all comes down to a simple question (“Will you be my bridesmaid?”) – but most brides choose to make this even more special by offering a unique gift for each bridesmaid.

What are some of the very best options when it comes to bridesmaid proposals? We have some ideas for you – read on and find out more.

  • A box of sweets. Of course, if you want to make your bridesmaids feel actually pampered, you will choose a high-end variety of sweets (regardless of whether that’s Belgian chocolate or a really unique type of sweet). Package them nicely and add a cute message to the box (e.g. “Will you sweeten my wedding planning as my bridesmaid?”). There’s no way your super-ladies can say “no” to this!
  • A succulent. We’re not sure where the world’s fascination for succulents is currently coming from – but one thing’s for certain: they’re VERY popular. Put your succulent gifts in a super-cute pot and offer them together with a kit that will help your bridesmaids take better care of their little green friend. They will love it!
  • A silk robe and a huge bouquet of roses. Because let’s face it: there’s nothing like pampering yourself dressed in a beautiful robe (which is precisely what you have in mind for you and your bridesmaids for the morning of the Big Day, right?). You can either choose personalized robes (e.g. robes that say “Maid of Honor” and “Bridesmaid”), or you can simply settle on matching robes (e.g. all pink, all with the same flowery pattern, etc.).
  • A cocktail kit. If you know your bridesmaids like cocktails, and if you even know what’s their favorite cocktail, create (or buy ready-made) cocktail kits for them. Include a special glass, personalized with their name or your wedding date (or any other message you find meaningful, really). It’s a nice gift they will surely appreciate!


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Tips for the Brides by Salon Montage

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When we talk about wedding hair styles and make up, there are many different thoughts we hear from our clients. They often feel it is the most nerve wracking part of their preparations; they often wait until the last moment and only squeeze it into their plans at the very end. We at Salon Montage believe and tell all of our brides that on your special day you should look like yourself at your most beautiful. A bride’s wedding day should be one of the best days in her life! Here are some tips and tricks from Team Salon Montage that should be followed by brides when preparing for their hair, makeup and skin for their Big Day:


1)    It’s best to have your Bridal Trial about three to six months prior to your wedding day so that you have time to get used to it and make changes if needed.

2)    To ensure you get the most out of your trial, bring reference pictures, even if they’re from the stylist’s past work or from any other social media of hair and makeup you have in mind. Ideally send these to your stylist well before your appointment so that they can make any necessary preparations before you arrive. By showing your stylist what you like about each photo, they will be able to understand your preferences better. This is one instance when showing is probably easier than telling.

3)    If you have sensitive skin and are worried about the products used on your skin, or if there’s a foundation that sits well on your skin and you feel this would look better, don’t hesitate to bring your products with you to the trial. You should be 100 percent comfortable with your look on your wedding day.

4)    Clear communication is very important. Tell your stylist about any hairstyles and makeup you did in the past that you disliked. If your stylist knows about them, they will stay away from them, and your trial will be so much more efficient.

5)    Arrive with a clean face and clean hair. In order to find that perfect look, come to your appointment with clean hair and no makeup so that your pros can start with a clean blank canvas.

6)    Make sure you purchase your accessories and hair extensions beforehand; take a look at hair and makeup photos you like. If your hair is thin, short or doesn’t hold curls well, consider investing in clip-in extensions. These easily blend into your hair and help create a fuller look. If there’s a certain hair accessory you plan to incorporate, definitely bring that along for the trial.


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Cute Ideas for Your Engagement Announcement

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Getting engaged is, without doubt, one of the most amazing moments in one’s life. There’s magic and hope and promise in the air – the kind you just cannot compare with anything else.

Of course, once you say YES to that ring, you will want the whole world to know that you are about to get married.

But how do you make the engagement announcement, the best way?

Well, we have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Say it in person. This is more than just an option, actually, it’s what you should automatically do, before you do anything else – or at least when it comes to the closest people in your life (your parents, your best friends, and so on). If they live far away or if you know you won’t have time to meet with them in the next couple of days/ weeks, you can simply call them and give them the good news.
  • Post it on Insta and Facebook. This is one of the most common ways to make the big announcement, but keep in mind that it should only be done once you have personally delivered the great news to those who are closest to you. Once that’s done, you can post a picture of the ring on social media (or, why not, a video or a boomerang type of recording, which will add even more sparkle to the announcement).
  • Do it the ultra-old fashioned way. This method is so old and so romantic that most people aren’t even familiar with it anymore: posting your announcement in the local newspaper. If you want the whole world to know about your engagement and if you want to make this feel like an old-school romantic gesture, this idea is absolutely great for you.
  • Send engagement invitations. Not planning on announcing every single person you’ve ever known or barely met that you got engaged? Do it just for the friends and family, then – send them an invitation to the engagement party (or an e-vite, as this is perfectly fine in this circumstance).


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Everyone Did These Wedding Trends in 2018 – So You Might Want to Avoid Them!

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Wedding trends come and go – what stays are your dreams, your hopes, the way you felt on the Big Day with all its ups and downs and with all its tears of joy and dances.

In 2018, we have seen some pretty amazing wedding trends rise – and, as the year is heading to an end, we’re also starting to see some of them fall.

What were some of the most overused wedding ideas in 2018 – the ones you should definitely avoid? We have some tips for you – continue reading if you want to find out more about this.

  • Walls made from anything. OK, you need walls for a wedding venue, but not decorative Flower walls, greenery walls, doughnut walls – it seems that everything in 2018 was walled up. While this looked amazing for a while, the truth is that a lot of people have used this trend and incorporating it into your wedding into the future might look a little bit passé.
  • Letters that are lit up. Words are still quite popular as wedding cake toppers – but they might not be a very unique décor idea at this point. Sure, if you want to, you can totally pull this trend off, but there are so many other wonderful ideas to include messages and meaningful words in your wedding décor!
  • A lot of bridesmaids. This is a bit tricky because wedding etiquette dictates that the number of bridesmaids should be tightly connected to the number of guests. However, too many bridesmaids might feel a bit overwhelming and even odd for some of your guests – so this is why this trend should probably be left behind as we head into the New Year.
  • Ultra-decorated wedding cakes. Don’t get us wrong, we’re all about beautiful wedding cakes – but you don’t need something that is very over the top to create a cake that looks appealing and elegant at the same time. It’s been done so many times that people will feel like they’re having a deja-vu. Again, this is your choice entirely, though – so if you want the most intricate wedding cake, go for it. Your wedding, your rules!


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How to Add Personality to Your Wedding Ceremony

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Walking down the aisle, saying your wedding vows, spelling out the big two words “I Do” – those are the moments you’re planning the entire wedding for. Those are the memorable, magical minutes of pure bliss you will remember again and again as years fly by.

Of course, you want to make sure your wedding ceremony is perfect from all points of view. But more importantly, you will want to make sure that these 15-20 minutes are absolutely unique, and that they truly reflect your personality.

How to add personality to your Virginia wedding ceremony? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Choose a beautiful location. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive one. And it doesn’t have to be outdoors if you want a religious ceremony. But it should definitely be something that bears significance for you – such as the church you used to go to as a child, or the church where your mom and dad got married. If you plan on having an outdoor wedding ceremony, make sure the surroundings look pretty – regardless of what kind of landscape or waterscape it may be, the surrounding area should complement the grandeur of the moment.
  • Write your own wedding vows. If you are planning on having a religious ceremony, this might not be possible for certain religious denominations (i.e. Catholics have to say the traditional wedding vows). However, if that is the case, you can always include a brief speech during the reception to say your own wedding vows.
  • Pick meaningful songs. Your entire ceremony should be embraced by music – even when you’re saying your wedding vows, there should be dimmed down music in the background. Make sure you personally select these songs, so that they have a special meaning for you as a couple! Again, this might not be possible for certain religions, but it is definitely worth asking your officiant if there’s any room for flexibility in terms of the songs that will be played during the wedding ceremony.


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