4 Tips On Organizing Your Wedding Checklist

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Checklists enable us to keep track of the progress of an event. It helps in considering so many factors that can affect the outcome of an event.

When planning for a wedding, a checklist is essential. The checklist is of utmost importance. It has to be organized and ticked correctly.

For you to organize the checklist, you need to be thorough with the details of your wedding. Below are a few tips on organizing a wedding checklist.

  • Think

Every detail, whether big or small, must be considered when planning a wedding. You would need to think about everything that you need to make your wedding a success critically.

  • Hire A Professional Event Planner

With proper planning, an exceptional result is sure to be obtained. Good event coordinators are well experienced in planning events. They know what to look out for and what to plan for.

You would not want to miss any detail that is vital to the success of your wedding. For the burden of planning to be taken off from you, you need to hire a good event planner.

The planner knows trending styles, gifts, venues, and other things that will make your wedding elegant and excellent through experience.

  • Double-Check The List

You need to double-check the list to ensure that all the vital details were not overlooked. Double-checking the list will help you know if there is anything you omitted.

You also need to confirm if the event planner made any adjustments to the program. The checklist would ease your stress.

  • Reference

It would help if you asked families and friends how they organized their checklist. You also need to know what they added or removed from their checklist. Not all details are necessary. You need to know the important ones.

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The Top 3 Wedding Reception Trends In 2020

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Weddings are exceptional affairs; if done right, a wedding can be remarkably unique. Everyone wants something slightly different: from the dress, the design, the flowers, and the catering, couples always want to stand out from the rest.

Every year comes with new fashion trends, décor, seasons, and recent engagements….and this year, COVID-19 has a say in the matter. In the previous year, we saw couples having oversized décor and giant statements.

We saw them herald guests into the reception with smoke flares and fireworks. We saw them control the temperament with sonorous music that makes the guests forget time. And because of the effect of COVID-19 on weddings, it is no surprise that all these trends are no longer viable. The pandemic’s flames arose new movements, new experiences, new designs, and new beginnings.

  • Informal

Topping the list of trends in 2020 is informal gatherings. Inviting all and sundry is no longer feasible because of the social distancing rule. So couples spend more lavishly on an intimate wedding with a limited number of guests.

  • Outdoor

There is a surging interest in tents and gardens as outdoor weddings gain momentum. They are now the perfect medium to bring a romantic and more airy ambiance to a wedding. It feels safer for guests and vendors too. Nature and fresh air are what couples now lean towards in ways they did not do in the past.

  • Seating Charts

Also, due to social distancing rules, seating arrangements have been altered to create spaces between tables. Ceremony spaces and reception venues have standardized seating options, but the pandemic made it necessary for arrangements to be changed. However, wedding photographs look better now when taken before such an arrangement.

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3 Questions You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Ask Your Wedding Vendors

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There is always this awkward feeling when you are about to ask a question which, in your opinion, is silly but vital to the know-how of doing things, especially the way you prefer them done. It is no different with vendors when you are planning your wedding.

There may be some questions that you feel are a little embarrassing or you hesitate to bring up but in truth, they reflect on a certain way you want things to be done.

There is no shame in discussing any issue that affects the way you want your wedding to be handled. From the tiniest issue to the important ones, don’t be shy or embarrassed to ask because your vendors might have seen it all and are just as committed as you are to making that day a success. Here is a list of such awkward questions.

  • Budget

“I’ll love to work with you, but your packages are over my budget” “Can we work a way to adjust your price range to fit my budget?” These are questions many a couple asks.

Since every couple has a budget, it can be a little embarrassing to ask a wedding vendor you truly love to lower the price to fit your budget. In such an instance, it is advisable to ask a polite but honest question on how the vendor can come up with a creative solution that will tally with your budget.

It is somehow embarrassing, but you’ll be glad you did if the vendors are willing to work with your suggestion.

  • Venue

“May I please see the bathrooms?” Such a question can be embarrassing when inspecting the venue for your ceremony and/or reception. And yet, it’s very important, so be mindful of that.

  • Sitting Arrangements

“How do we handle sitting arrangements especially since my mom and aunt don’t get along too well?” It is important to tactfully inform your vendor of any family drama, to avoid a scene during the ceremony.

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3 Out-of-the-box Wedding Venue Ideas

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Your wedding venue is more than just a place to tie the knot. Once you get it right, it will play a significant role in the look and feel of your celebration. To signify its importance, it often accounts for a little less or half of your wedding budget.

Your guests will want to experience something unique and eventful at your wedding. The venue matters because, in many ways, it helps you preserve the special moments as they happen. When you recall these moments, you can’t help but remember the venue too.

It is an excellent idea to think outside the box for fantastic wedding venues. Here are is a list of venue ideas that makes your wedding an experience rather than just an event.

  • Adventure Locations

Underneath a waterfall, deep within a canyon, or top of the mountain are perfect venues for an adventure wedding location. The thrill-seeking couple will find such locations more epic and adventurous; therefore, an excellent alternative to traditional wedding venues.

  • Festival Style Venue

Some couples will prefer an open-air venue that gives a festival feel. You can easily achieve this by setting up tents, food trucks, fire pits, and music, too, of course!

  • Greenhouse Venue

What’s not to love in a flora-filled outdoor wedding venue? Only in such venues can couples eat their cake and have it because of the gorgeous garden views in the climate-controlled, semi-indoor space.

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3 Factors To Consider When Fixing Your Wedding Date

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“Wow, I like your engagement ring, it’s beautiful!” “Congratulations, when is the wedding?” “ Wait, why the face?” “You still haven’t figure out when the wedding date will be?”

No bride is stranger to these kind of questions. We know that feeling. The last question in particular may make you panic for a while, but it will most likely be the first question asked by family and friends.

The process of fixing a date for your wedding is far more than just pointing a day on the calendar. It is such an important decision that you have to discuss with your family and friends. You must take into consideration the following factors.

  • Timeline

Be sure to create ample time for yourselves to plan the event you’ve envisioned: the guest list, the number of vendors you need to hire, and the overall feel you want to achieve.

Your commitment matters too. Do you have a lot of free time to spend planning? The average planning time is one year, but it can also be done in a little less time.

  • Availability of Venue

Contact your venue choices to see what date is available. This will help you narrow down the dates you can work with. However, if you don’t have a dream venue for your wedding, then you can set your date and start shopping for the location afterwards.

  • Season and Weather

Decide the time of the year you want to get married. Perhaps you want a garden wedding or a cozy indoor wedding? Whichever one you decide you decide to have, it is important to consider the season and weather conditions.

It is also important you take cognizance of national holidays because family members may have conflicting traveling schedules and may be unable to attend.

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3 Tips to Finding the Perfect Wedding Location

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Whether you’re going with a traditional church wedding or going out of your way to opt for a cabin or beach wedding, the wedding venue is going to be an important part of your wedding planning.

No matter the type of wedding you want to have, you can’t shy away from the fact that getting the perfect wedding venue requires the most brainstorming as it entails half the wedding plans. After all, all other plans are tentative and subject to securing a perfect venue for the wedding

While some venues are good for hosting weddings, others are not; though couples these days are opting for unconventional venues to have a wedding with a specific theme. Whichever you decide to do, take the following into account to ensure your wedding venue has all it takes to fit your ‘wants’ and ‘needs’.

•           Capacity

Every venue has a maximum occupancy limit. You need to know that limit especially if you plan to have a hefty turnout. It helps to project the number of guests you intend to invite.

If you intend to have like 480 guests and the venue’s maximum occupancy limit is 500, then the venue is a little too small, obviously. Likewise, if you intend to have a private ceremony with, let’s say 30 guests, then a venue designed to hold 500 people is not ideal.

•           Weather and Season

Take into consideration the weather and season to decide whether it’s an outdoor event or otherwise. It won’t be funny if a downpour ruins your big day.


Opt for a venue which is not far from the airport, major highway, and with less traffic. The last thing you want is for your guests to be stranded on the way to the venue.

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