4 Lovely Hair Accessories for Our Beautiful Brides

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When it comes to your look as a bride, everything matters. Here at Hunt Country Celebrations, we understand why you’d want your hair to look flawless as well. Choosing the right hairstyle to suit your face and your wedding style is crucial. Have you thought of the accessories too? They are also important and you should choose the right ones. Here’s a simple guide from our fashion and beauty members.

  • Tiaras

If you are the kind of bride who wants to wear the big ballgown and be surrounded by luxury and opulence every single step of the wedding way, you should definitely opt for a tiara. Most of the times, this type of accessory is used in combination with updos – but it can look very good with your hair left down as well.

  • Bridal Haircombs

A bridal haircomb has the almost magical ability to make the simplest hairstyle look fancier, more elegant, and more luxurious. Add it to a simple (or not so simple, if that’s what you want) updo and it will look charming! And if you are searching for something that has boho-chic nuances to it, opt for a bridal hair vine – they look splendid as well!

  • A Sweet Headband

If you are looking for a hair accessory that will dramatically change your look without going too much over the top, opt for a delicate headband. It will look fantastic with soft curls pulled in a low bun, for example!

  • Wedding Veils

You are more than free to not wear a wedding veil on your Big Day. But if you do choose one, be sure to coordinate it with the style of your dress. For instance, if your dress is intricate, a simpler wedding veil will be the best option. If your dress is very elegant and traditional, opt for a longer veil. Also, be sure the colors match as well as possible!

We love to help couples find the best options and services for their weddings here at Hunt Country Celebrations. That’s why we have many members who offer numerous services from Venues to catering. If you’re having your wedding in Northern Virginia you should reach out to us. Contact us today!

4 First Look Ideas That Don’t Break Tradition

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First Look wedding photos have grown to be quite popular in the last few years. They can be really emotional and unique, since they capture a genuinely magical moment. However, if you are superstitious and don’t want to break tradition when it comes to these things, you still have plenty of alternatives. Here are some of the ways that you can have a first look, without breaking the tradition that prevents the groom from seeing the bride in her wedding dress before she walks down the aisle.

  • Do A First Look with Your Dad

Believe it or not, he is extremely nervous and he can’t wait to see his little girl as a bride. Give him the option to have all these marvelous emotions captured by a professional photographer, as part of a special shooting. Do your First Look photo session with your father and your album will look absolutely amazing!

  • Do A First Look Without Actually Looking

Ask your photographer to capture you and your significant other with your backs turned to each other (so that you don’t see each other before the actual wedding). This can turn into something really emotional if you are both reading a love letter you wrote for each other – it will look really romantic in the picture, especially since the photographer will capture all the genuine, wonderful reactions you both show on your faces.

  • Skip the Photo Shooting

Just meet with your loved one on the morning of your wedding and spend some time together. You can do this dressed as bride and groom, or you can do it any other way you feel comfortable (especially if you still want to stick to tradition and don’t see each other as a bride and groom before the ceremony).

  • Do A Classic First Look and Include Your Wedding Party Too

If you want your First Look photos to be really romantic but fun as well, the best way to do this is to include the bridesmaids and the groomsmen as well. This could potentially save you quite a lot of time for the Cocktail Hour as well (which is excellent if you don’t want to stay away for the entire duration of the Cocktail Hour).

Hunt Country Celebrations is like your one-stop shop when it comes to your wedding. From venues down to your caterer, all you have to do is ask. So, what do you say? You can check them out by clicking this link or contact us today!

4 Winter Wedding Planning Tips

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. What with Christmas, New Year, Hanukkah and lots of other celebrations happening around that time, your wedding can only make it better.

Winter weddings are beautiful aesthetics wise and are known to cost less to plan and execute. If you are planning on having a winter wedding, here are some tips from us here at Hunt Country Celebrations on how to execute a beautiful winter wedding here in Northern Virginia.

  • The Weather

Winter weather is unpredictable. Regardless of the weather forecast, the day could turn out beautifully crisp and snowy or dark and grey with rain. This, of course, rules out an outdoor ceremony, but you already knew that. Not to worry though, we’ve got you covered here at Hunt Country Celebrations with wedding venues that are snuggly and will fit you and your guests just right.

  • Your Wedding Fashion

When it comes to your winter wedding fashion, include lots of faux furs, jackets, capes and whatever else you and your guests will need to stay warm. Some stylish umbrellas could also help you and guests for a day that turns out rainy and a station that has blankets for your guests could also be very thoughtful and come in handy.

  • Your Decorations

The colors for winter are red, gold, cream, green, silver and of course white. Include them in everything. Bright decorations should help brighten the spirits of everyone present and dreamy lighting or candles can be very beautiful.

You can also include decorations that celebrate the season if your wedding is around Christmas or New Years. Winter wedding themes like Disney’s Frozen or HBO’s Game of Thrones are also a great way to go when it comes to your winter wedding décor.

  • Your Wedding Menu

For your winter wedding menu, you can still serve regular foods served during weddings of all other seasons. Just make sure to include lots of comfort food and warm drinks to help you and your guests beat the cold.

If you want your wedding done right here in Northern Virginia, then Hunt Country Celebrations is where to come to. We have every service, vendor, and expert that you’ll need for a successful wedding. You can check them out by clicking this link or contact us today!

Unique Wedding Services

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Perhaps one of the greatest things about weddings is how highly customizable they are. What do we mean by this? It’s not just a special day to forge a union between two people, no. It’s so much more than that because couples can make the day an extension of their whims, wishes, and desires.

Their wedding can be truly unique because it will be exactly as they want it to be, right from the planning to the execution; even the finest details aren’t left untouched, and Hunt Country Celebrations from Northern Virginia would be more than honored to be part of it all.

We highly approve of personalized wedding ideas and services; we have the professionals can do the same for your wedding. We can work on nay idea you come up with and give it life!

But what if you’re unsure of what you want? That’s why we went the extra mile and listed out a few ideas of our own that we believe you might want to try. They’ll certainly give your wedding a different look and feel than the norm!

Get a Loved One to Be Your Celebrant

You’ll need a celebrant to officiate the ceremony, yeah? But what if you wanted a loved one or family member to take the celebrant’s place? It’s possible, but you have to know the right way to go about doing it. The main hurdles you’re going to face are how the aforementioned family member can learn to become a marriage celebrant and then be officiated as a licensed one too all. It’s obviously not possible on such short notice, and the person might not even be willing to go through the necessary procedures. What do you do?

Contact services like ‘My Celebrant Buddy’; they will handle all the legal detailed information and tidbits prior to the wedding day and make it possible for anyone you choose to be the one who officiates the wedding.

Your Wedding Dress Can Still Come in Handy After the Wedding

After your wedding day, the first option that comes to mind is to sell the dress, yeah? That’s not a bad idea, and the choice is up to you, but why not use it for something more sentimental? After all, it’s not just any ordinary dress; it’s the dress you wore when you were finally united with the one to love and cherish you till the end of your days. Wouldn’t you want someone to feel the same way you did when you wore it? Repurpose the dress into something your daughter can wear. It will be the most special of gifts, passed down from the woman who conceived her.

Always remember that the whole point of weddings is to celebrate a wonderful event. It’s a day meant for special people, so it’s only logical special food sits atop every table, no? And it only makes sense that food is served in a lovely setting for a lovely wedding.

Reach out to Hunt Country Celebrations to make this happen. Long on to our website and contact us here or give us a call. We’re always available to help make your wedding day the best day of your life!

3 Ways to Have a Theme Inspired Wedding

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One of the many opportunities that weddings afford you and your spouse is that it allows you the freedom of expression. You can freely express your style and personality by having a theme inspired wedding. The theme selected shows what you like or hold in very esteem. However, actualizing a theme can be very difficult if you have no professional to walk you through. To help you navigate the murky waters of creating the perfect wedding theme, we have come up with some helpful tips on having a theme inspired wedding.

  • A Festival Wedding Theme

Festival wedding themes are popular for being very bright and colorful. This theme is best when you are considering have an outdoor wedding as it is packed with several fun details. Live music, games, flowers, and an open food buffet. If you are planning a very elaborate wedding, then the wedding festival theme could be one of your top considerations.

  • The Tropical Wedding Theme

A tropical wedding inspired theme is always seen as one where you need a sea and sandy beach. With us, you really don’t need that. We can pull it off with palm leaves, the right color shades, and cocktails to go round for everyone in attendance. We just need you to choose the right venue with some botanical feel. We can design with natural light to amplify the vibe and make it seem like you are truly on a sea or sandy beach. For the decor elements, you can make use of wooden chairs or chairs that have tropical garlands. You can also opt for large transparent vases and drop some palm leaves in them.

  • The Nautical Wedding Theme

The perfect theme for the summer season is the nautical wedding theme. You can create this wedding theme by choosing a seaside venue. Not only will you find this theme calm and fun, but it would also produce really amazing pictures.

These are major themes that you can consider for your wedding but there are more we can help you create. At Hunt Country Celebrations, we can help you create any theme of your choice. We are not just after planning an event, we are more concerned with creating an experience. If you are anywhere around Northern Virginia and you are searching for a talented wedding florist, look no further than Hunt Country. You can check out our wedding theme options by contacting us today!

4 Special Flower Ideas for Your Wedding

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Flowers are a true gift for the world! Graceful and beautiful, they are the perfect embellishment for anything wedding-related and are a true delight in both natural and man-made environments. We are so connected to the beauty of flowers that we want them to accompany us on the most special days of our lives. Since your wedding is one of those days, you’re probably wondering how to incorporate the elegance of flowers into your Big Day. We have gathered here some tips and ideas for you.

  • Edible Blooms

Edible flowers have been quite popular and they will continue to remain so. You can have them on your wedding cake (even the simplest buttercream cake can be instantly elevated with fresh flowers), on your desserts, in your foods, and even in your cocktails. These flowers will not only make your food and drinks look fresh and pretty, but they will also complement their flavor bouquet.

  • Video-Mapping Flowers

You don’t have to use natural flowers to incorporate their beauty in your wedding day. For instance, you could use video-mapping services to project stunning floral decorations on a white cake and even on your white wedding gown (imagine how beautiful this would look while you dance for the first time as a married couple!).

  • Floral Fashion

Flowers can look beautiful when printed on your bridesmaids’ dresses (ideal for a spring wedding, for example). They can also add a dash of style and uniqueness to your groom’s attire when they are printed on his suit, shirt, or simply his bow-tie. And they can look absolutely magical when incorporated into your wedding veil too!

  • Hanging Florals

Hanging florals and overhead flower arrangements are quite the trend right now – and we can see why. They are surprising and delicate at the same time, they can create an amazing, airy space, and they can even make the wedding reception feel cozier and more welcoming by narrowing the space between the ceiling and the floor. This kind of décor is bound to be appreciated by everyone at your wedding!

Are you searching for a talented wedding florist in Northern Virginia? Or maybe other types of wedding specialists? Then search no further, we have members who does just that here at Hunt Country. You can check them out by clicking this link or contact us today!