Unique Guestbook Idea for a Fun Wedding

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Your wedding will be a huge, fun event – both for you and for the people you have invited to celebrate this big day with you. Of course, you will want to provide guests with the most delicious foods and drinks, the best music, and a general atmosphere they’ll not forget very soon.

Have you considered your guestbook though? No, this isn’t necessarily an outdated idea – especially if you add a unique twist to it! Here’s how to pull off a really unique guestbook idea for a fun wedding:

  • Think beyond everything traditional. While the traditional guestbook would simply invite people to sign their names and maybe add a few good thoughts, your guestbook can be anything and it can contain anything you want.
  • For example, you could create a special theme for your guestbook. Your guests could write down ideas for your travel goals, they could write down date night ideas, or “tasks” to achieve at your first, fifth and tenth anniversary. This will add a fun element to the guestbook, making guests genuinely interested in “signing” it.
  • You can also trespass the classic format of the guestbook as well. Have your guests write their ideas on small notes and place them in a pretty mason jar. Or have them write down their ideas on paper “leaves” they can stick into a tree (you can actually turn this into a beautiful piece of décor). Use your creativity, your guests will love it!


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Avoid These Things If You Have a Lot of Millennials Invited at Your Wedding

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Millennials are the next generation getting married – so it is more than likely that you too belong to the same generation! Even more, it is quite probable that a large part of your wedding guest list is about the same age as you are – so you will definitely want to plan a wedding that makes them feel really great.

What are the things to avoid if you have a lot of Millennials invited at your wedding? Here are some tips you might want to keep in mind:

  • Day-of stationery that’s over the top. For most Millennials, this is just a waste of money and paper. It’s not that they don’t like the pretty designs – but there are a lot of other better ways to spend your wedding money, so think twice before ordering really fancy wedding menus.
  • A long wedding ceremony. Don’t get this wrong, your Millennial friends love a pretty ceremony. They’ll actually pay attention to the décor and location – but once the ceremony is too long, they will very rapidly get bored. Even more, the language of the officiant is not of much importance for them either.
  • Expensive flower arrangements. Again, Millennials love a good wedding décor – but that doesn’t mean you have to splurge on tulips brought from Holland in the middle of winter, or that your guests will not appreciate a non-floral arrangement. Go local and seasonal with your wedding blooms and your Big Day will look fantastic!


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Stunning Bridal Updos You’ll Surely Love

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What could be more graciously feminine and timeless, other than a bridal updo? Sure, trends may have changed in the past years, but truth be told, you can never go wrong with a classy wedding updo!

What are some of the most stunning bridal updos of the season? We have gathered them right below – so read on if you need just a bit of inspiration.

  • Steal your style from the French. Whether you settle on a classic French bun or a French braid, you are guaranteed to look sophisticated and beautiful. These styles tend to work with just about every face shape. The first one is more elegant (so it will probably work with a heavily-detailed, ballgown or mermaid wedding dress), while the second one is a bit more casual (perfect for that rustic chic wedding you’ve been dreaming of!).
  • Pull your hair in…knots. Looking for a unique updo for your wedding day? Knotted updos are really amazing – and they are more than original too! Plus, this is a hairstyle that’s relatively easy to pull off, so your Maid of Honor can definitely help you redo it throughout the Big Day.
  • The classic messy bun. Pull your hair in a low messy bun if you want to achieve that effortlessly chic appeal so many brides dream of! With a bit of volume created at the top of the head and with the right hair piece, this style will look absolutely stunning!

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Your Flower Girl Deserves the Best Hairstyle!

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It is definitely not compulsory to have a flower girl (or even a ring bearer) at your wedding – but even so, there are a lot of reasons that make this a wonderful choice. If you have decided to have a flower girl, you surely want to make sure she feels like the true princess she is – and her hairstyle is definitely important when it comes to this.

What is the best flower girl hairstyle of the moment? We have some tips, so read on if you are looking for ideas.

  • A big, messy bun. We all love messy buns and their unique femininity – so why wouldn’t it look really great on your flower girl too? This is perfect for a casual wedding – and, accessorized with a pretty bow-knot, it will definitely make your flower girl’s look worthy of a glossy magazine.
  • A French bun. Looking for a very elegant style for your little friend? No worries, there are plenty of choices in this category as well. A French bun will look absolutely stunning accessorized with a shiny, precious-looking hair piece – and it will definitely make your flower girl feel ultra-special!
  • A braided style. Lovely, natural, and absolutely ideal for countryside or outdoor weddings, braided styles are still among the top favorites (both for brides and for the wedding parties as well). If your flower girl can stand still, a braided hairstyle that incorporates natural flowers will be a truly beautiful choice for her. She will look absolutely adorable!


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Did You Think A Colorful Groom’s Attire Would Be Off?

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Your groom’s attire is just as important as yours is. After all, this is a huge day for him as well – so he will most definitely want to look at his very best. How will he choose his suit? Is he allowed to wear color on the wedding day?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Yes, of course grooms are allowed to wear color on their wedding day. However, please keep in mind that if you mark your wedding as “black tie” or “white tie” in terms of dress code, you will both have to comply to the same rules. Therefore, color is more than welcomed in your groom’s attire as long as your wedding is on the more casual side.
  • For instance, he could wear a very colorful suit. A bright blue or sapphire green suit will look amazing with an off-white shirt, but if he wants to be even more colorful than that, he can definitely wear a pink or pastel suit as well.
  • Furthermore, another way of adding color to a groom’s attire is by matching a neutral-toned suit with a colorful shirt. This is a bit more toned down than the first option, but it can look absolutely amazing and stylish too.
  • Lastly, if your groom wants to stick to classic colors for his suit and shirt, he can always opt for colorful accessories – such as a fun-patterned bow-tie, a pair of colorful suspenders, or even a pair of funky socks. These accessories will be his way of adding his own personality into the mix!

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4 Unique Snacks You Should Totally Serve at Your Wedding

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Your wedding – oh, how much you’ve dreamed about this and how much time you’ve spent in planning every single detail! Is your wedding menu ready, though? How about adding some unique foods into the mix – just enough to boost your guests’ energy for a couple more dances?

We have some inspirational ideas for all brides and grooms who want to serve totally unique snacks at their wedding – so read on and find out more if you want the same.

  • You might think doughnuts are not wedding-material – but they can be such a great treat for your guests! Organize a special dessert table where guests can create the perfect doughnut and they will be forever thankful for such a sweet, decadent, and comforting treat!
  • Who thought there would come a day when people will find it acceptable to serve pizza at their wedding? Well, you might not want to make this your main dish – but you can surely delight your guests with a late night slice of indulgent, cheesy pizza. They will love it!
  • Food trucks. Want to bring that festival vibes into your Big Day? We totally get it – and a food truck is precisely what you need. Hire one for your wedding and your guests will definitely line up for a bunch of delicious snacks before they head out for the after-party!
  • Milk and cookies. Make your guests feel childish again by serving them milk shots and homemade cookies to go with that. We guarantee they will all want to take a sip of this old-fashioned late-night snack!

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