These Wedding Entertainment Ideas Are Very Special!

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Your guests should have a really good time at your wedding – but what do you do when you want to go beyond the classic trio (music, drinks, and food)?

Well, there are a lot of other ways to entertain a wedding crowd – and following, we have gathered some of the most unique and fun ones. Read on and find your wedding entertainment ideas’ inspiration!

  • You could hire a caricaturist. Can you imagine how much fun your guests would have having themselves caricaturized by a professional? Plus, these little drawings are really perfect as wedding favors, so you can double the purpose of this hire!
  • You could turn photo booths into…video booths. Photos are always fun, especially when they’re in a special booth. How about you make the leap forward and incorporate a video booth into your wedding, though? This is a very fun idea guests will definitely love, especially if you use their recorded good wishes as a modern-day guest books!
  • Organize a contest. Want to spice things up a bit? Prepare a nice and inviting prize and organize a contest around it. It may be a karaoke contest, or simply a dance off contest (e.g. men vs. women, for example). Tell your DJ to play the jury in this contest and don’t forget to capture these really fun moments too!
  • Hire a fun impersonator. You cannot hire Tom Cruise for your wedding, but you can definitely strike the deal with an impersonator. This will add a special touch to your wedding and it will definitely bring a smile or two!


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Amazing Paper Wedding Décor Ideas for Your Big Day

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Your love story is very unique – so why wouldn’t your wedding décor be just as special? Of course, flowers, colors, and textures are all important – but have you considered adding some cute paper elements to your Big Day’s décor? If not, you should definitely think of this because we have gathered some of the most inspiring paper wedding décor ideas out there. Read on and find out more!

  • Breathtaking backdrop. Saying “I Do” is a grand moment in itself – but if you want for it to look just as magnificent as it feels, a backdrop is a really great idea. Create yours with ombre paper flowers and you are guaranteed to wow your guests with your ceremony backdrop’s uniqueness and beauty!
  • Whimsy pinwheels. Thought pinwheels have no room in an elegant wedding? Think again! Create monochromatic pinwheels and use them as the backdrop for your dessert table. They will look so playfully delicate and pretty that your guests won’t be able to resist grabbing a sweet bite from your candy bar!
  • Paper cranes. Create a good bunch of paper cranes and hang them over your outdoor ceremony space. They will look absolutely magical – not to mention the totally original touch they will add to the entire Big Day! Extra-tip: you can do the same for your indoor reception venue as well, and the paper cranes will add an elegantly childish vibe to the décor, especially if everything else is on the minimalist side.

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So, Is the White Wedding Dress Still an Option?

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For a long time there, white wedding dresses seemed to be the only option there was. However, times have changed and wedding etiquette is far more relaxed these days than it used to be two or three decades ago.

Is the white wedding dress still an option in 2017 – and even more than that, how come it grew to be so important for the Western wedding culture? Read on and find out more.


  • Would it surprise you if we told you the white wedding dress was not even an option until a couple of centuries ago? Given its high popularity today, it would definitely come as a shock to many of you – but the white wedding dress was not even an option two centuries ago.
  • The first public person to wear a white wedding dress was none else than Queen Victoria. However, when she made this choice, it came as a shock for everyone. Wedding gowns used to be ornate and colored until she decided to settle for something purer, simpler, and more modest – but as soon as she did it, other people started doing it too.
  • The white wedding gown tradition is so deeply rooted in our culture that most brides do not even consider any other option these days – even when they are actually allowed to wear any color they want. Truth be told, there’s something truly stunning about a happy lady walking down the aisle in a white gown, ready to change her life forever – so we can definitely understand why you want to stay traditional from this point of view!


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Do You Know the Social Norms of Modern Weddings?

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Although they may seem to be fixed rules, the truth is that social norms evolve. Times change, and so do society and the unwritten laws that govern them. Of course, wedding social norms change with the times as well – but what are some of the most modern ones out there? What are the social norms of modern weddings?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Providing transportation for the guests. With more and more weddings happening outside of the couple’s hometowns, the idea that guests have to be transported to and from the hotel has grown to be quite popular. After all, these people have come a long way to celebrate your love story – and they do deserve to be treated royally.
  • Sharing the news on the social media. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat – social media has grown to be an integral part of our lives. Therefore, it was only a matter of time until new social norms emerged out of the cyberspace as well. Our advice is to only share your engagement news on the social media once all of your close friends and relatives have been personally announced. Otherwise, they might get offended by the gesture…
  • Accommodating as many dietary options as possible. You might not be able to have a menu for every type of dietary restriction out there – but in general, it is a very good idea to have something vegetarian, something gluten-free, and something lactose-free. Also, pay attention to the most common food allergens as well – the last thing you want are guests who cannot touch your wedding food due to their allergies.

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Wedding Elements That Are Always Worth the Price!

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Like it or not, weddings are quite expensive these days – so it is very important to create a budget and actually stick to it (no matter how tempting it may be to order all those adorable wedding favors and gold-sprayed plates). What are the wedding elements that are always worth the price? We have gathered some of them right below – so read on and find out more.

  • A bus for your guests. Some of your guests have to travel a lot between their hotels and the wedding ceremony, respectively between the ceremony site and the wedding reception venue. Therefore, it would be more than gracious of you if you offered them a special bus shuttle for the transportation.
  • A professional DJ. You have no idea what a difference a professional DJ can make! From playing your special songs at the right time to playing the kind of music the guests want, a DJ will know how to act professionally under all circumstances. Invest in your wedding entertainment and you will not regret it!
  • A candy bar. Want to sweeten your guests up? Create a beautiful candy bar for them. It is far less expensive than you think, but it is guaranteed to gather guests around the table and boost their socialization mood.
  • A wedding planner. This comes without saying, but hiring a wedding planner is very, very important. Not only will they help you have a truly fantastic wedding, but their services are much more affordable than you think too – and they can genuinely aid you in sticking to the budget!

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How to Write the Perfect Speech as the Groom

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Delivering a really impressive and sensitive speech is one of your most important tasks as the groom – but how do you actually write it? Where do you start? What are memorable groom’s speeches really made of?

We have gathered some tips to help you write the perfect speech as the groom – so read on if you want to make sure this moment is truly unforgettable for everyone present.

  • Talk about the father of the bride, her family, and your family. Thank them for having been there for you throughout the planning process, thank them for having raised an amazing lady (and for having brought you to this point), show them they really mean a lot to you and that their presence at your wedding is a true gift.
  • Talk about the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and everyone who helped. These people took on these roles to be there for you in the fullest sense of the word. Not only have they dressed nicely and walked down the aisle during the processional – they have also helped you with the attires, with the planning and, of course, with the moral support you both needed during this extremely stressful time of your lives.
  • Talk about the bride. Of course, your loved one shouldn’t miss from the wedding speech you deliver. After all, she is your other half – the woman you have chosen to spend your life with and the most amazing lady in the world. Show her just how much she means to you and how you plan to make her happy for every single day from now on!

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