How to Throw Your Future Vineyard Wedding

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As the nation stays safe inside and waits for good news concerning a cure for this coronavirus epidemic, we know that our future brides are still making plans pending when it will be safe to go ahead with holding weddings.

We at Hunt Country Celebrations are too. If you’re interested in a vineyard wedding, then you should try one of our 3 vineyard venues here in Northern Virginia. In the meantime, here are some tips from us on throwing a beautiful vineyard wedding.

  • Make the Most of The Landscape

With vineyard weddings, the best way to go when it comes to décor is to let the venue speak for itself. Use a minimal amount of external décor and let you and your guests enjoy the abundance of natural beauty that will be present.

  • Incorporate Wine Barrels

Wine barrels provide a great contrast when incorporated into your ceremony space or cocktail hour. It is a subtle way to bring the feeling of a winery into your event and they can be used as tables or to elevate arrangements. 

  • Use Wine-Inspired Colors

We’re talking burgundies, mauves, deep reds and other colors that you can see in the features of your vineyard venue. Dark blooms and décor would also complement the green and browns of the vineyard.

  • Plan for The Terrain

You can bring your heels along for the pictures, but the abundance of soft dirt in a vineyard venue necessitates bringing along an extra set of shoes post-ceremony. Give your guests a heads up too!

  • Pay Attention to Small Details

Incorporating the fact that this is a vineyard wedding into small details of your wedding is a good way to go. For example, you could use wine corks to hold your place cards. Things like these look great in pictures and leave a lasting impression on your guests. 

  • Pair the Food with Wine

Is it a vineyard wedding if wine is not served? Include wine pairings on your menu and treat your guests to a classy fun night celebrating your love life. They’ll love you for it.

Hunt Country Celebrations is the best when it comes to choosing a location for your wedding in Northern Virginia. Have any other questions? Contact us today!

7 Ways to Host Your Future Elegant Farm Wedding

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Since as per the CDC directive, all weddings are on hold until when it’s safe to hold them. The best you can do is practice social distancing as has been instructed and make plans for your future weddings from the comfort of your home.

If you plan for that wedding to be a farm wedding then we at Hunt Country Celebrations are the ideal venue for you in Northern Virginia. What with 4 Farms for you to choose from to hold your ceremony, here are some tips from us too on how to hold an elegant farm wedding at any of our farm locations.

  • Mix Rustic with Modern

From playing up your surroundings to crafting a day-of vibe that hints at farm life, it is important to keep a refined aesthetic in mind when decorating farm weddings. Try to keep the sophistication of your day in place while adding in rural décor for a wedding that you and your guests will always remember.

  • Reinvent Normal Items

For example, you could turn seed packets in escort cards and also incorporate the fresh foliage and flowers that are often found on a farm in your overall design. You’ll love the results and the atmosphere it creates.

  • Hold Your Reception Outside

Rather than a barn reception, elevate your guests’ experience with a meal and dancing in the outdoors. Set up your event space outside for a beautiful celebration at the end of your wedding.

  • Use Farm-To-Table Florals

After selecting the flowers of your choice for your wedding, how about including figs and plums on your tables? You could also use fruits and vegetables like pomegranates and artichokes in your centerpieces.

  • Use Seasonal Elements

Seasonal elements are often great sources of inspiration that you should incorporate into your wedding décor. For example, if your wedding is in the autumn, you can add shades of plum, fig, and marsala to your wedding design to make it timeless.

  • Use Custom Signage

Custom signage adds touches of modernism to your farm wedding. You can add greenery and blush blooms to your welcome sign for example to create a contemporary beautiful look. 

  • Incorporate Traditional Farm Elements

Wooden boxes, harvest favorites, assorted greenery, and other farm elements can be a beautiful way to make your wedding design whimsical and authentic. Go for garden favorites like apples and other lush plants in creating details of the rustic décor part of your wedding.

If you’re looking for the best venue for your wedding in Northern Virginia, you should try us at Hunt Country Celebrations. Contact us today!

What Are Change-The-Dates

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As lots of couples follow the directive of the CDC on the postponement of weddings for the next 8 weeks. The question of how to properly communicate this to your guests is going to come up. We at Hunt Country Celebration are here for you in this trying time and have a suggestion on how to communicate with your guests that your wedding date has been changed.

  • What Is A ‘Change-The-Date’

A change-the-date is an announcement that goes out about an event postponement after your save-the-date announcements have gone out already. It is usually digital but you can also send out paper copies to supplement the digitals ones. It contains basic information but includes smaller details like your dress code.

  • How Do I Let My Guests Know?

There are several ways to do this. You can update your wedding website if you have one, send emails to all your guests and also start a text chain. The plan is to let your guests know that your wedding is on hold and that you will communicate the new dates to them as soon as possible.

  • What About My Wedding Website?

Update on your wedding website about the situation as often as you can. Let your guests know that you’re considering other options in the moment and start an FAQ tab. You can even include answers to questions that your guest might have about COVID-19 on it. You should also talk about helpful emails/phone numbers, refund guidelines, and other additional guidance. Remember to confirm that your domain name is not expiring and reach out to extend if it is.

  • Where Can I Print My Change-The-Dates?

If you are choosing to print your change-the-date announcements, we’d suggest that you do so with the same vendor that you created your invites in the first place. This will help to keep the theme continuous and you should try to maintain the same iconography too.

Would you like further information and help concerning having your wedding in Northern Virginia? We at Hunt Country Celebrations will be more than ready to help. Contact us today! 

5 Things to Do About Your Wedding During This Coronavirus Pandemic

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With more than 100 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Northern Virginia as of March 20, 2020. It’s safe to say that most of us are on edge right and wondering about the uncertain future. The CDC has also advised that weddings be postponed for 8 weeks in the US as of March 15, 2020.

First things we at Hunt Country Celebrations advise that you take a moment to breathe. You are not alone in this new territory and we’ll be here to help you navigate it. Here are a few tips from us on how to handle your wedding at this time.

  • Where Should I Begin?

Contact your vendors as soon as possible. This will give you time to explore all your options and get a view of how your wedding will be impacted by everything. Try not to panic and remember that your vendors know what is happening and will be aiming to help you as much as possible. Review all your vendor contracts and create a simple backup plan. 

  • Create A Checklist That Addresses the Following

Your wedding date and if you will need to reschedule

Your wedding venue and its limits

Your guests and their health

Your insurance policy and what it covers.

  • If You Do Decide to Reschedule

Move very quickly as lots of couples will be doing the same and you want to catch your venue and vendors still available. Create a contingency plan with your venue and vendors so you are not caught unawares again. Take out insurance for the new date.

  • How Should I Communicate with Guests?

If you have a wedding website, place a note on it that points out the following. Whether or not your wedding is still holding, what you are considering at the moment and when you will finally let your guests know.

Here at Hunt Country Celebrations, we only want the best for you and your wedding so we suggest that you contact us as soon as you can. We have the experience needed in this industry and will help wherever we can. Contact us today!

Vendor Spotlight – Vida Events

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Coronavirus is still here with us, and everyone is still shocked. No one expected this threat to grow to such a level. Just like everything else, weddings have been hit hard too. But if they get hit even harder, we advise you to still keep making wedding plans. Don’t stop on account of the virus. Yes, you might have to postpone your wedding for at least 8 weeks but hopefully, the 8th week will mark the end of the virus.

You can then go back to the most important matters: Celebrating a new family! So while you’re reading this at home, use the opportunity to think up even better ways to wow and entertain yourself and your guests on the big day. The wedding vendor below could help with a few ideas too, so check them out.

Here at Hunt Country Celebrations, we enjoy getting a chance to sit down and chat with some of our favorite wedding vendors. Vida Events took some time out of their busy schedule to answer some questions about their wedding planning business and give advice on keeping the wedding planning process stress-free. So, grab a seat, lean back and enjoy. 

  • How Many Weddings Would You Say You Handle in A Year and What Do You Love Most About It?

We’ve planned and executed as high as 40 weddings before! We have worked in the events industry for several years and we love the pace and dynamics of the industry. It is fun creating problem-solving, dynamic and memorable atmospheres just like our couples want.  We love being a part of their celebration planning and helping alleviate their stress. 

  • What Is Your Best Advice to Avoid Planning Stress for Weddings?

First, you have to give yourself time to enjoy your engagement. The days after that will be a bit harder, so be sure to savor each moment. After that, is when you should make sure to contact us. Our Jade Package is a full coordination package and we’ll get started on your planning with you immediately. The Emerald Package is a partial wedding package and is great for couples who have already done preliminary planning but need help with executing the smaller details. Our Ivy Package is a day-of wedding coordination package. Please note that we have military discounts available for all active and retired members of the armed services. 

  • What Approach Do You Have Towards Wedding Planning That Is Different from Other Wedding Planners Out There?

Well, for starters, all our events are uniquely created and perfectly planned. We learn your story, your vision, and your style so that we can create a special event for you. Getting to know our clients aids us in helping them confidently navigate through all of the twists and turns of the planning process. Whether you want a traditional wedding or a destination wedding we’ve got you covered. We’re easy, smooth and organized. Lots of couples who have worked with us, recommend us because of how impressed they are. You can see this from the reviews left on our page.

Alright then! You’ve heard it all from Vida Events. They’d love to help you with your wedding and can be reached on +1 (703) 505-9514 & +1 (812) 459-0162. You could also send them an email at [email protected]

Vendor Spotlight – AirPac

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Weddings inside tents are a great experience if done right. But what happens when all your wedding guests want nothing so much as to remain indoors and never leave their homes? Such is the reality the world is facing right now. Coronavirus has everyone locking themselves up at home. Should you join the bandwagon and abandon all your wedding plans? Nope.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t appreciate the significance of this virus, but you shouldn’t let it hinder you from going about living your life. Keep making plans for your wedding and in about 8 weeks, we’re all hoping everything will be back to normal.

So, keep making plans to distract yourself from everything that’s happening right now. You should be more worried about the fact that postponing your wedding means you might have to hold it in unfavorable weather, and that’s where the vendor below comes in.

One thing about life and outdoor weddings is that you can’t control the weather. In the spring, outdoor weddings are beautiful but the weather can be even more unpredictable. You might have even just chosen to have a tent wedding no matter the weather. That’s where you’ll need the vendor that we’ll be talking to in this article. Say hello to Marlena Spence of AirPac who took some time out to share about their business with us.

  • Welcome, Marlena/ Can You Please Tell Us More About AirPac?

In simple terms, we handle outdoor air-conditioning. Our cooling solution makes tent air-conditioning possible. We have an unobtrusive design that works well with any tented or temporary structure.  When you need to air condition a special tent for a wedding, we’re the company to call.

  • What Are the Advantages of Using Airpac For Your Wedding Cooling Needs?

At AirPac, we are very professional and fast. The cooling equipment will be in place and ready well before your event. Our cooling is also modular so that you get and pay for only the amount you need. We do not have an oversized unit for rental. Our equipment is also clean and dependable which would add to the aesthetics of your wedding. When you hire us, we’ll quickly evaluate the situation to determine how much cooling you’ll need. We then offer you purchase and rental options to help you find your best solution. We’re very transparent so you’ll know exactly where you stand, what you’ll need, what you’ll get and how much it would cost you.

  • How Can People Contact You?

You can find us at 888 Shenandoah Shores Road Front Royal, VA 22630. Also, you can reach us through these 2 phone numbers and a fax number. One of our lines is toll-free. We also have an email or you can contact us through our website.

You’ve heard it all from Marlena of AirPac. You can reach them using the following phone numbers: Toll-Free: 888-324-7722 Tel: 540.635.5011. Or, send them a fax using 540.622.2634. You can also email them at: [email protected] and check out their website