Things Almost All Brides Will Forget to Do on Their Wedding Day

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As a bride, you will have a lot of things to do on your wedding day – so it is perfectly understandable if you feel overwhelmed. However, there are certain things you should definitely not forget to do – and following, we have gathered some of the things almost all brides will forget to do on their wedding day. Read on and find out more.

  • Create a playlist for the “getting ready” party. The morning of your wedding will be pretty emotional – but it is very important to take time and enjoy yourself together with your bridal party. Create a music playlist to make you all feel great and energize yourselves for the day ahead of you – it will definitely help you have a great morning.
  • Bring the marriage license with you. The whole point of this entire event is to get married – so it would be a real pity if you could do everything but Make sure you bring your marriage license with you on your wedding day – and if you think you might be inclined to forget about it, be sure to ask your Maid of Honor with reminding you about the license. It’s just a document – but it means so much!
  • Eat something. Alright, you may not be very hungry and you may not feel like eating – but you have a really long and hard day ahead of you, so you need to make sure your body gets proper nutrition. Start your morning with a healthy breakfast that gives you energy for the day – it can make the world of a difference!

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Gorgeous Spring Wedding Trends for 2017

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Rejoice, spring is here – and we all know how wonderful spring wedding trends always are, right? If you are looking for the best and most beautiful spring wedding trends for 2017, make sure to read below, because we have gathered the top ideas to inspire you.

  • Over-the-top flower arrangements are very in this spring – and it’s perfectly understandable why so many brides love them. Opulent, beautiful and timelessly elegant, large flower arrangements add a touch of luxury and beauty to a wedding – so you have all the reasons to like the idea. Plus, what other season is better for going really over-the-top with the flowers, other than spring itself?Lanterns have made their way into weddings too. Paper lanterns can be really playful and perfect for a casual wedding – but if you want something more unique, you can opt for elegant antique lanterns paving the way to your reception venue, or you can top lanterns with small flower arrangements that add a bit of life and style to the entire décor.
  • Baby breaths are absolutely adorable – and they are more than affordable too. Not only are they great as complements to other blooms, but you can use them to decorate an outdoor ceremony site (especially if you want a casual, laid-back vibe at your wedding). For instance, you could place large bouquets of baby breaths in tin buckets, or you could use them for small, stylish arrangements paving your wedding ceremony aisle.

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Do You Have a Wedding Style in Mind?

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Every single inch of your wedding day should reflect you, your love story, your personalities, and what you truly like. To make sure you have a wedding that mirrors you, remember to choose a wedding style first.

Do you have a wedding style in mind? If you’re not yet decided, here are some tips to help you make the final call.

  • The Utter Romantics. You are the kind of couple who lives in a real-life fairytale – and you want your wedding to be worthy of your big dreams. Oversized floral arrangements (made with roses, peonies or dahlias, of course), pastel colors, big chandeliers – you will want your wedding to be over-the-top in almost every respect. And oh, how lovely it will all feel!
  • The Urban Citizens. You like contemporary styles – your clothes, your taste in art, and everything about you speaks about this passion. Therefore, your wedding will be just as wonderfully modern as you are. Make a statement with clean lines and elegant simplicity, a combination of dark and light colors, mirrored effects, and an overall “neat” vibe. People will love this so much!
  • The Hippy Eclectic. You are an energy bomb – and your wedding will reflect this in every single way possible. From the bright-colored scheme to the unique and DIY wedding décor items, everything about your Big Day will speak about originality, thinking out-of-the-box and combining styles that are not usually seen together. How creative and fresh your wedding will be!

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What Grooms Need to Know About Wedding Planning

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Just because brides are traditionally more involved in wedding planning, it doesn’t mean grooms aren’t equally invested in the Big Day. After all, this is a huge event for the groom as well – and he definitely wants to make sure it turns out perfect.

What is the groom’s role when planning the wedding, though? Read on and see what grooms need to know about wedding planning.

  • Communicate with your bride about the guest list. If you really must have certain people invited, make sure you stand your ground and tell her it’s important to you. She will be more than understanding of this.
  • Pick your groomsmen with care. We know you don’t like to rank the people in your life, but if there’s only one time when you should actually do this, it’s when you’re planning the Big Day. Your groomsmen will be there for you, they will help you manage the wedding, and they will appear in the most treasured pictures of your life – so choose wisely.
  • Beware of the selfies. Sure, one or two selfies with the guys can be fun. Other than that, though, leave the photography into the hands of the professional – after all, you’re paying them to capture your wedding, and your selfies shouldn’t stand in the way.
  • Empty your pockets – literally. You might be tempted to carry a thousand-and-one things with you in your pockets – but it might not be such a great idea for your wedding day. Imagine the distracting sound of your dangling car keys as you have your first dance!

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5 Creative Guest Book Ideas for Your Wedding

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Your wedding deserves to be unique and unforgettable – just like your love story is. Of course, there are a lot of details to think of when planning the Big Day – but your guest book shouldn’t fall last on your list of priorities.

What are some of the prettiest creative guest book ideas for your wedding? We have some tips for you – read on and find your inspiration.

  • A tree. Create a cardboard tree or a tree collage and place it right at the entrance in your wedding venue. Ask your guests to write their messages for you on little pieces of paper leaves, then stick them into the tree. A wonderful and meaningful idea!
  • Messages for the future. Ask your guests to write a message for your 5th wedding anniversary and to place them in a large bottle. Open the messages at your actual 5th anniversary and read them out loud.
  • Photo booth pictures. Will you bring a photo booth at your wedding? Ask your guests to leave a photo booth picture in your guest book, rather than just a simple message.
  • Fun date night ideas. You don’t have to stick to the traditional guest book messages – you can actually make it more entertaining by asking guests to write down date night ideas instead of just good wishes
  • Your picture. Choose a picture of you and your SO and have it enlarged. Ask guests to write their signatures on the picture, then frame it and use it as a piece of home décor. What a lovely souvenir!

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Does the Ring Bearer Really Carry the Rings Down the Aisle?

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Having a ring bearer is a sweet tradition everyone loves. Yet, given the young age of the VIP in charge, this custom usually raises a lot of questions as well. For example, does the ring bearer really carry the rings down the aisle?

We have the reasons you are looking for – so read on and find out more.

  • In short, no, you don’t have to leave the rings into the tiny (and potentially very nervous) hands of your ring bearer – especially if he is very young. He can walk down the aisle carrying a pillow or a box for the “rings”, and you can tuck the actual rings away into the Best Man’s pocket. This way, you will get the best balance: the cuteness of your ring bearer and the safety of knowing your rings are handled by an adult.
  • If the ring bearer is older, you can allow him to carry the actual rings down the aisle. Even so, it is always a good idea to have them tied really tightly to the pillow or box he is carrying – no matter how old the ring bearer is, ring pillows can get really slippery, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Even more, if you want to be completely safe (and avoid searching for tiny rings in the grass), ask your photographer to shoot pretty pictures of the rings on the pillow, then place them in a small pouch. This way, even if they do get dropped, you will search for something larger and far more noticeable than the rings.

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