4 Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue Vendor Before Hiring

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It is essential to know that your venue is the first thing to be on the lookout for when planning your wedding.

Venues aren’t relatively easy to find because there are options, but there are factors to consider, such as cost, location, and size.

Even after you find a wedding venue, you will need to ask the vendor to break the ice and create a connection to move smoothly. Here are some essential questions to ask your vendor before choosing a venue.

  • Is the Venue Available for the Date You Have Chosen?

It might sound funny, but yeah, it is a much-required question. Many times people book venues early because of this. So, asking the vendor if it will be available is the first thing you need to do when you find a potential vendor. You can proceed or leave after that.

  • How many People Can the Venue Take?

You may not have a full list of guests yet, but you have a general idea of just how many people may attend your wedding. So ask for the capacity of the venue and see if it meets your requirements.

You want your guests to feel comfortable and at ease rather than cramped or bored. You don’t need a place that is too small or too big for your guests. You need something just right.

  • How long will the Venue be Available on that day?

While you may not want to spend your whole day hosting a wedding reception, it is safer to have quite a couple of hours in hand to be appropriately composed and not too agitated about time or another venue happening soon.

So getting the question out there will help both you and the vendor in the long run.

  • Is there an in-house DJ, or is it Safe to Bring Yours?

While in-house DJs are experienced and seasoned, you may feel safer with a trusted DJ, so it is not a bad idea to bring in your DJ for your event.

However, some banquet halls may oppose this, so knowing before signing an agreement is safer as some vendors may not offer reasonable cancellation policies.

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4 Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Hall

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Although most wedding arrangements should be left to the appropriate vendors, knowing how things work makes you decide what you think is suitable for the theme and what isn’t. Here are tips on getting the most critical decorations done at your wedding venue.

  • The Table and Chair Arrangement

Depending on your theme, your chairs and tables are either organized in rows or circles. However, be aware that this could change depending on the space the venue hall allows to provide unrestricted movement and overcrowding or even under-crowding.

If a rearrangement is required, it is not usually a bad thing. It can even add a bit of flair to the theme. Make sure to work with the event planner to make it as close to the theme as possible.

  • Flowers

Let there be flowers on the tables, around the door, or even hanging down the ceilings-lots of them. But tell your florists to select flowers that don’t have strong scents as some of your guests may be allergic to them.

Also, let the arrangement of the flowers follow the theme of the wedding. And yes, while there should be lots of flowers, don’t let it be too much. Achieving balance is the goal of decorating a wedding hall.

  • Food and Drinks

Foods and drinks should be arranged in the corner of the hall. Let the corner be easy to see and easy to access, primarily if guests will be serving themselves later.

Don’t hide food from your guests! Many came without eating, as is often the case in many wedding dinners.

It is a time and place to be merry, so why not let them be merry? Make sure that they get their food when they should and in a carefully organized manner.

  • Plates and Cutlery

Typically arranged on each table, carefully determine the number of guests per table, and provide sufficient plates and cutlery.

It can be a bit embarrassing for your guests if they have to ask for the items themselves. Just in case this occurs, talk to the vendor in charge to ensure that his/her staff are prepared for such situations.

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4 Ways Your Venue Can Make or Break Your Wedding

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Music, food, flowers, and even the décor may not salvage your wedding if you get the wrong venue. Choosing a wedding venue is not always easy, mainly because it can be a bit expensive, and it is often the first thing to consider after picking a wedding date.

Once you get the venue right, everything else slowly comes together to make sense. You need to carefully consider your options and pay close attention to details when choosing a venue for your wedding. Here are some ways your choice of the venue makes or breaks your wedding!

  • The Location

The location of your wedding venue determines how easily people can find it and how accessible it is.

Ensure that the venue you choose is easy to find and accessible by private vehicles and public means of transport.

Also, the venue’s surrounding area should be appealing and attractive enough for guests to feel good.

  • The Décor

Sometimes, your decoration may not come out as good as you expect. This may be because of the vendor you hired, but there is something else: it could also be because of the venue you chose.

Your venue must be in sync with the type of wedding décor you want to go for. Otherwise, you will have something quite underwhelming and unsatisfactory.

  • Size

Your wedding venue should be able to accommodate the number of guests on your list. It should be just right, not too big or too small.

If it is too big, the event will feel ‘empty’ and a bit drab no matter how beautiful the décor is.

And if it is too small, it will feel cramped and perhaps stuffy later on, making your guests extremely uncomfortable.

  • Services

Before choosing a venue for your wedding, you should do your research to determine the services they render and how good their services are.

Do they offer accommodation if it’s an event that may last more than a day? Are their bathrooms sufficient for your guests? Is there adequate air conditioning or heating system? What about the food; how good is it?

These are some of the questions you should ask when looking for a suitable venue for your wedding.

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2021 Upcoming Trends On Venue Styling

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If you’re considering tweaking some of your wedding styling and decor ideas because your wedding has been postponed, we have great news for you!

Hunt Country Celebrations think it’s for the best, considering the impact of COVID-19. We also have many inspirational ideas on the upcoming trends in 2021!

The year 2021 will come with trends that include luscious greenery, cascades of foliage dressing tables, and ceremony arches displaying masses of leaves and vegetation on show. And honestly, that’s the perfect definition of sophisticated wedding adornment.

When it comes to venues, we foresee rustic farmhouse, modern industrial, and outdoor terrace venues! The best thing about this natural decor trend is its versatility to blend in any wedding style. Let’s help you imagine how your wedding day will look like, come 2021!

  • Dusty Blue

In 2021, the dusty blue wedding style will take the wedding industry by storm because of its ethereal feel and the fact it falls effortlessly into the pastel wedding trend for spring/summer weddings too. We highly recommend you try this style and theme!

  • Rust Burnt Orange

An autumn wedding will have a fantastic color palette with rust burnt orange, peach, and terracotta. These deep rich tones create an inviting hue for the cooler season. Another thing that will add definition and lift the colors, intersperse textured foliage greenery or woodland vibe is a layer with a lighter base tone such as peach/pink. Are you excited already? We are!

  • Dry Flowers And Dramatic Candle Light

Another 2021 trend will be dried flowers, dramatic light, and customized details. If you think this sounds unique, it’s because it is! And it’s such a beautiful thing to see!

Couples seeking a more eco-friendly option should not hesitate to reach out to Hunt Country Celebrations at Blue Ridge and Shenandoah Mountains, Northern Virginia, Washington DC.

We offer unique and beautiful venues for personalized styles. To choose and style your wedding venue for your dream taste, contact us today.

3 Ways to Choose a Wedding Theme

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Planning a wedding is no joke. There are so many decisions to be made from a wide range of options. It’s always interesting to see brides looking their most flattering in a well-decorated hall or fancy looking garden. We love to see them tying the knot with the groom, looking both nervous and proud! But these don’t come easy. And no, it’s not about how hard it is to find Mr Right. We’re talking about choosing the perfect wedding theme for your big day.

Once you get this right, everything else will flow relatively smoothly, and all you have left to do is walk down the aisle, dance your first dance with the love of your life and begin your happily ever after! Here are some of the best tips when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding theme.

  • Pick a Venue that Suits the Theme You Want

If your venue doesn’t go well with your chosen theme, the whole wedding may seem a bit mismatched as everything else is based on the venue.

Some couples decide to choose a venue before choosing a theme to help narrow down their choices. This isn’t a bad idea; if anything, it allows you to explore and try different things to get what perfectly fits your style.

  • Find What Speaks to You

Perhaps a vintage-themed wedding may speak to you. Look for what you like and incorporate them into your wedding theme-choice of colors, flowers, chairs and even tables.

Make sure you are very involved in the decoration process if you are going for a theme that represents your style.

  • Don’t Be Afraid of Colors

While it is essential not to be tacky, you need to be bold enough to not go for the norm. Don’t agree to a fixed set of colors for the chosen theme.

Just because it’s a vintage-themed wedding doesn’t mean you can’t splash some bit of red or blue into your choice of colors. You may also want to stay away from trending colors to make your wedding stand out in the right way.

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5 Tips on Celebrating a Winter Wedding

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It’s December, and therefore, winter weddings are upon us! Even though the season is quite cold, it shouldn’t be a hindrance to enjoy your day. Instead, get the chance to be creative.

Beautifully contrasting colors, warm drinks, fancy jackets, and so much are perfect for winter weddings. And there is still so much to do to make a winter wedding celebration extraordinary.  Below are some tips on having the most memorable winter wedding.

  • Put Your Comfort First

While it is essential to dress up and look pretty, it is quite necessary to think of comfort before fashion when you are having a winter wedding.

Many options range from leather jackets to thick, colorful shawls to long sleeve wedding dresses. Ensure that your guests are kept warm by providing them with heat packs as soon as the ceremony starts.

  • Make Sure the Venue for Your Wedding Has a Good Heating System

No one will have fun when they are shivering. As you look for a venue, make sure that a working heating system is a top priority.

Choose a warm and cozy hall with windows that are shut tightly to avoid cold wind from entering the hall.

  • Share Warm Drinks 

You should not have a winter wedding if you don’t intend to provide hot chocolate. Keeping warm does not have to be a means of survival; it can be sweet and fun.

You can also make coffee and tea available as options or part of a second meal.

  • Play Music that let Your Guests Move Their Feet

Songs that make you want to dance off the cold while having the best time of your life are both distractions and a form of warming your body up.

  • Hot Soups Are Absolute Needs in Your Winter Wedding

Make sure that you and your guests are not only fed but fed with the right type of food. Soups warm you up and keep everyone in the mood for more fun.

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