Tips for Planning an Amazing Rehearsal Dinner

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Your rehearsal dinner is your small evening of magic before your main wedding. Here at Hunt Country Celebrations, we have just the right vendors that can help you create a peaceful magical evening or whatever else you want your rehearsal dinner to be like.

The concept of the rehearsal dinner is getting together all the people important to you and spending time with them in the context of your wedding, just before your wedding. The wedding day is usually so stressful itself that you may not have more than 15 minutes to greet and interact with your guests and after the ceremony is a total no-no. Kick-off your Northern Virginia wedding weekend in a special way with a great rehearsal dinner, these tips from us should help.

  • Personalize It

Your rehearsal dinner shouldn’t eclipse your wedding, but there should be cohesion between the two. Try to get it to match with the overall vibe of your wedding.

  • It Should Be Light-Hearted

You will be inviting those closest to your heart so let the atmosphere be relaxation before the big event that is your wedding.

  • Pick A Theme

Again, you can correlate this one with your main wedding theme or you can decide to keep it separate. Themes make events easier to plan and execute.

  • Go Light on Décor

You do not want to usurp your wedding beauty. Going light is also a good way to save so you can spend more on your main wedding.

  • Choose Feel-Good Food

The best rehearsal dinner foods are those that are filling, healthy and delicious. You do not want those important to you falling ill or reacting badly to food just before your wedding.

  • Select an Easy Layout

When it comes to your rehearsal dinner, there should and will be lots of mingling so make sure that your layout allows for that.

  • Settle on Final Details

Is there anything you want your family and friends to know or do just before your ceremony, your rehearsal dinner is the time to communicate it.

  • Keep It Stress-Free

Like we’ve already said, your big wedding event is coming up and you need your family and friends active and energized for it. Don’t plan activities that will leave everyone feeling stressed and tired just before your wedding.

Hunt Country Celebrations is an all in one bus stop for everything that you need concerning your Northern Virginia wedding. Venues, planners, vendors, officiants, you name it, we’ve got it. We’re experienced and very good at what we do too. Contact us today!

Ideas for A Magical Winter Wedding

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Here at Hunt Country Celebrations, our goal is to surpass your expectations when hosting your wedding at our Northern Virginia location. The winter season is approaching, so we’ve decided to give some tips to the couples who’ve decided to have a winter wedding.

First off, choosing to have a winter wedding is a brave decision and we applaud you for it. There are however things that you must do to ensure that your wedding is a success and a beautiful lasting memory for you and your guests. If you’re ready to have a beautiful winter wedding, read on further for our ideas on how you can achieve it.

  • Your Wedding Fashion

When it comes to brides’ dresses, 90% of them are strapless and sleeveless which makes them impractical for a winter wedding. Solve this problem by including wraps and jackets as part of your wedding fashion for not only the bride but the bridesmaids also. The groom can go with a vintage long tailcoat to complete the look if he so wishes.

  • Your Wedding Décor

Decorate your tables with poinsettias which are simple and inexpensive but are beautiful to look at. For lighting, use small white Christmas lights which should still be in season or pillar candles. Further, draw Christmas into your celebrations with gingerbread houses and miniature Christmas trees which you can also use to decorate your tables.

  • Your Wedding Menu

Regular wedding food is great for your winter wedding but consider adding things like warm soups, spiced wine, and hot chocolates. An all-white cake with snowflake toppers should do the trick or you could go for a snow globe if your caterer can find one.

  • Your Wedding Venue

For your magical winter wedding, an inn would make something intimate or you could go for a historic manor house. We have 3 inns and other beautiful manors and cottages that you can choose from here at Hunt Country Celebrations to host your magical winter wedding.

Looking for the best place to host your wedding in Northern Virginia? Hunt Country Celebrations has the best venues and the very best of the vendor services that you’d need to make your wedding a success. Our goal is to give you and your guests a magical and memorable wedding. Give us a call today!

These Tips Will Help When Selecting A Wedding and Reception Venue

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Hunt Country Celebrations is located in the heart of the Blue Ridge and Shenandoah mountains only 40 minutes southwest of Washington DC. We’re a great and experienced location for your wedding and have just the right spaces and officials to make it a success. As part of our ways to round off the year 2019, here are some tips from us that will help when selecting a ceremony and reception venue for your wedding.

  • Make a List

From places you’ve attended other weddings at and loved, to locations you’ve heard are the best, be sure to include them in your list and check to see if they can handle you and your guest count effectively.

  • Your Budget

Talk about your budget and how much you are ready to spend on your location. What is the minimum and the maximum price that your budget allows? Make sure to discuss and stick to this too.

  • Accessibility

Your wedding ceremony and reception venue should be accessible. A good wedding location is wasted if your guests cannot find it or get lost on their way there. If it has good accommodations for out of town guests, then that’s even better. The parking space for your guests is also very important.

  • Check Your Venue

It is one thing to only view pictures and we do not advise that when it comes to selecting a location for your ceremony and reception. Visit to get a feel of the place, talk to as many staff as you can and don’t forget to check if they have the date for your wedding free or not.

With the tips above and more checks on things like the facilities for you and your guest’s comforts, you should be able to choose the right location for you as a couple when it comes to your wedding. We wish you the best of luck!

Why not book us at Hunt Country Celebrations for your wedding? We have all that it takes from the staff to the venues to make your wedding a huge success. We’ll be waiting for you. Give us a call today!

Everything the Officiant Does at Your Wedding

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For a couple getting married, you might be a little confused as to what your marriage officiant would be doing on the day of your wedding or even before. Hunt Country Celebrations has wedding and event professionals for every aspect of your wedding including the officiant that you’ll need. Apart from that, we’ve also decided to give you an idea of the role of your wedding officiant during your wedding planning, your ceremony and afterward so read on to find out.

  • The First Meeting

This is the first time you meet with your officiant to get a sense of what they are like. You also get to tell them how you want your ceremony to go and how you want them to fit into it. It usually lasts between 30 minutes to 1 hour.

  • Organizing Your Ceremony

This is where you and your officiant write down exactly how your wedding ceremony will go and what happens when. They will usually tell you the different kinds of ceremonies they’ve handled and how it goes so you can decide which you want if you already haven’t made up your mind on the kind that you want.

  • Helping with Your Vows

This is especially great when you’re personalizing your vows. Your officiant can act as a great third party for both you and your partner to share your vows with to make sure they match in length, intensity, and tone without exposing it to each other.

  • Helping Personalize Your Ceremony

Your officiant is the one person who can help you personalize your ceremony as much as you want. From choosing scriptures personal to you both (If you so choose) to omitting offensive slogans that usually come with other traditional wedding officiating.

  • The Legal Stuff

While you’re running around with all the other aspects of your wedding, your officiant handles the important legal part of your wedding. They make sure your marriage licenses are filled properly and ahead of time and your witnesses are the right ones too.

  • On Your Wedding Day

Your wedding officiant does everything from act as your ceremony MC, making sure you sign in the right places, confirming that you both sign the right things and even knows where to be so your first kiss picture does not have a head floating somewhere around in it.

  • After Your Ceremony

While you’re probably off on your honeymoon, your officiant is making sure to file all your documents with the right agencies to make sure that your marriage is recognized.

From Officiants to wedding venues, accommodation, planners, caterers and lots more, Hunt Country Celebrations has them all. We’re located in the heart of Northern Virginia’s Horse & Wine Country, and only 40 miles southwest of Washington, D.C. We’d love to handle all that concerns your wedding and give you peace of mind and a beautiful ceremony to remember. Contact us today!

Making Your Seating Arrangements Easy

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Seating arrangements can look like an easy part of your wedding planning until you’re smack dab in the middle of it and you suddenly don’t know if Caroline will mind sitting next to her ex-best friend Francine. You’ll suddenly start considering winging it and letting everyone sit wherever they want, but the chaos that comes with that is a whole different matter. How then do you solve this problem? Well, we at Hunt Country Celebrations are here with a few tips that might help.

Firstly, for your Northern Virginia wedding, a seating arrangement is necessary and important. It helps to maintain order at your wedding and your guests will feel more honored and appreciate the work you’ve put into it when they see their names on the place card.

Seating arrangements are important to the dynamics of your wedding and can even cause tension and unhappiness at your ceremony if not properly done. Read on to find out how you can make the seating arrangements part of your wedding planning easier.

  • What Shape and Table Sizes Do You Want?

You have to work in hand with your venue for this one. You could have options of oval, round or rectangular tables that seat 8-12 people or more. Deciding which to go for can then help you move to the next decision of who sits where.

  • Set Seats or Set Tables

What this means is that you should choose if you’ll have your guests know that they are to be seated at table 4 for example or table 4 seat 2. Set tables are easier because then everyone knows their table and can choose where to sit. With set seats, you might have to use name cards.

  • Where Is the Wedding Party Table?

Decide whether you will be seated up front where everyone can see you or you and your wedding party will be seated with everyone else. It is more common for this table to be in the middle these days so that the couple can interact with as many people as possible freely.

  • Get A Second Opinion

You don’t have to do your seating arrangement by yourself, do it with your partner because you’ll be having people coming from both sides of the family and then show it to one or two people afterward. They will help you point out any other obvious things that you might have missed.

Planning your wedding in Northern Virginia? Then let us at Hunt Country Celebrations help to make it a celebration to be remembered. We have everything you need for your wedding in one location and professionals to help with your wedding planning every step of the way. Contact us today!

These Wedding Hacks Will Save The Day

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Your wedding is at the top of the list of most planned events of your life. When it comes to weddings, most couples tend to look so much at the bigger picture that they forget that small things like the ones we’ll point out here are also important. Here at Hunt Country Celebrations, we like to feel like we have your back on everything concerned with your wedding in Northern Virginia, so here are some wedding hacks to help you have a successful wedding.

  • Umbrellas

Whatever your wedding date, umbrellas can play a great role at your wedding. They can be a cover from the rain, a shade from the sun or a nice wedding prop that makes your guests look cool. Providing them at your wedding can help to keep your guests comfortable and happy.

  • Handkerchiefs

Providing handkerchiefs for the guests at your wedding is quite thoughtful. It can come in handy with sweat and tears and can also double as a wedding favor for them to remember your event by.

  • Provide Entertainment

Whether you’re having a kid-friendly wedding or not, entertainment for your guests is a great idea. By entertainment, we mean aside from the regular wedding entertainment like music, drinks, and food. Go for fun out of the norm ideas like a bouncing castle.

  • Dancing Shoes

Having a station with thongs that your guests can take off their shoes for can be a great way to get everyone up and dancing at your wedding. One of the reasons most guests avoid dancing is because of hurting feet.

  • A Busy Bag for Kids

Bags that contain interesting things like treats, toys, and activity bags are sure to keep the kids at your wedding occupied and give their parents some freedom to enjoy your wedding and party with you.

All of the above hacks are simple ways that can help keep your event fresh and memorable in the eyes of your guests. Our venues at Hunt Country Celebrations can further aid you with that. We’re located only 40 miles southwest of Washington, D.C. and are the prime location for your dream wedding. Contact us today.