The Truth about Some of Your Wedding Planning Ideas

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Your wedding planning is not going to be easy – that’s for certain. But it doesn’t mean it has to be chaotic and that this has to add up to the already existing stress associated with planning such an event.

Of course, by now you probably know the absolute basics of planning a wedding – but what are some of the pro wedding planning tips for a Virginia bride, the kind of advice not many talk about? We’ve gathered them right below – so read on and find out more.

  • When searching for the perfect cake chef, remember that taste is actually more important than looks. Your cake could be a work of art, but if it tastes mediocre, it will not be as satisfying. On the other hand, even the simplest buttercream and fruit wedding cake can bring a smile on your guests’ faces when it tastes great! So, when searching for your pastry chef in Virginia, focus on finding someone who can actually bake deliciously – the cake design will come afterwards.
  • When creating the wedding flower arrangements and bouquets for your wedding, focus on the location. This will bring a long list of benefits with it: from the fact that your wedding will look great in the environment, to the fact that local and seasonal flowers are actually less expensive than imported options. Talk to your wedding florist about a particular style, rather than a particular type of flower.
  • Double-check your wedding invitation texts before they go to press. Once they go to press, it will be a lot more expensive to make any kind of alterations to the text (so if your mother-in-law’s name is misspelled, you will actually have to start the entire process all over again). Also, don’t forget to order your Thank You notes when you order your wedding invitations too – it just makes it easier for everyone this way.
  • Last, but not least, remember that you don’t have to start the wedding planning on the first day of your engagement. Take a couple of weeks to enjoy yourselves, to celebrate with your friends, to dream up your wedding day – and then come back to Earth to discuss budgets, spreadsheets, and venue options.


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Want a Memorable Wedding After-Party? Here Are Some Tips

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Your wedding reception might last for just a few hours – but there’s nobody to stop you from having a really amazing Virginia wedding after-party as well! How do you do that? What are the most important things to remember when planning a wedding after-party?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Make a reservation. Of course, it might seem that planning another event after planning the wedding is nearly impossible – but just think of the alternative. Do you really want to spend an hour (or more!) Yelping for the available locations in your area? Do you really want your after party guests to not have room to sit? Do you really want their party appetite to vanish on the way to the after-party location? Probably not – and these are just some of the reasons you might want to make sure you book an after-party club.
  • Don’t bring the wedding décor, get something different. Your after-party shouldn’t feel as posh and as elegant as your actual wedding reception – so why bring the décor from there (and struggle carrying it around)? A couple of décor items and balloons will make your reserved table(s) feel more like part of your wedding – and they won’t cost a fortune either.
  • DO bring extra entertainment if you can afford it. If your budget allows for this kind of spending, don’t be afraid to hire extra entertainment for your wedding after-party. It might cost the extra, but it will make everyone FEEL extra special and extra entertained – and that’s precisely what you want, right?
  • Last, but not least, don’t just sneak out with your loved one. Yes, that’s what newlyweds usually do, but before you do that, do make sure you have hired a bus for your wedding guests as well. You really, really don’t want them to get behind the wheel after so many drinks – and a rented bus is just the perfect way to make sure that doesn’t happen and that they are safely brought home.


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The Untold Wishes of a Maid of Honor

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Your Maid of Honor deserves all of your love and appreciation – after all, you chose her for this role because she is your best friend and because you know she’d have your back in any kind of situation (yes, that includes the “Bridezilla” moments as well, and it includes your Virginia Big Day too).

Have you ever wondered what are the untold wishes she just won’t share with you because she knows how stressed out you are? We have some tips for you – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • She would really love it if you allowed her to choose her own dress. Sure, you’re free to choose the color, the neckline, and anything else you may find important for the purpose of the bridesmaids’ coordination. But allow your Maid of Honor and bridesmaids to choose their cut, at least. This will give them a wider range of options to choose from, so that they can pick a type of dress that really suits their style.
  • She would appreciate it if you were considerate of her finances. She’s spent a lot on the wedding and a lot on the pre-wedding events – including, most likely, the bills for various items for the bridal shower and bachelorette party. Don’t let her buy a very expensive gift for the wedding too – she probably has already given you something for the engagement party, something for the bridal shower, and something for the bachelorette party as well.
  • She is really handling a lot of backstage drama you don’t know about – and she doesn’t actually want you to know about it either. Be thankful for what she is doing and remind her she’s amazing for being such a great diplomat.
  • She would really like a plus one at the wedding. Allow her and the other bridesmaids to bring a plus one even if they’re not in a serious relationship, engaged, or married. It will give them more self-confidence and it will actually help them have a great time during the Big Day – and that’s something you definitely want for them, right?


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How to Achieve Work-Life Balance When Planning the Wedding

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Let’s face it: planning a wedding can be really, really difficult, especially when you put a lot of pressure on yourself to make sure everything is just perfect, from A to Z. Of course, that’s normal, to want everything about the Virginia wedding you’re planning to be dreamy – but you shouldn’t allow wedding planning to interfere with your personal and professional life.

How to achieve work-life balance when planning the wedding? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Do wedding planning tasks in your lunch break – but ONLY if this works for you. It works for some brides, it doesn’t for others because some of you may feel that you’re left hung up on wedding planning tasks when the lunch break is over, distracting you from everything you are supposed to do for work.
  • Leave your work at the door. Try, as much as possible, not to mix your professional life and your personal life – not during the wedding planning process, and not outside of it. For example, one mistake many brides to be make is leave their work email address to wedding vendors – but although that may make sense because you are easier to reach on your work email, it mixes your work duties and your wedding planning tasks too much and it can cause serious burn out.
  • Leave the multitasking behind you as well. We know you feel that multitasking allows you to do multiple things at once – but that’s not necessarily true. What you are doing, actually, is extending the time needed to get each of the tasks done. Instead of focusing on the tasks one by one, you are taking all of them at once, causing yourself a lot more stress and anxiety over getting each of them done (and thus making it harder to focus).
  • Manage your time better. If needed, use a time management or project management app – visualizing your tasks and organizing them can really help, no matter what kind of job you do (or what kind of wedding you are planning). Asana is a good example here (they have a free option, and it could work very well for this purpose.


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Want Perfect Wedding Flowers? Here Are the Basic Tips to Know

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Let’s face it: there’s nothing more beautiful than lush, elegant flower arrangements at a wedding. All the mason jars and all the balloons in the world cannot replace the beauty of flowers and/or greenery – and that is precisely why we cannot even imagine a Virginia wedding without these stunning additions.

What are some of the most beautiful wedding flowers for brides on a lower budget? We have some tips and ideas for you – read on and find out more.

  • If you are looking for a wedding flower that will definitely make a huge statement, but not empty your pockets too, this is the one. It looks absolutely stunning in single stems in pretty vases, so it will make for a wonderful choice for brides and grooms who want a slightly minimalist wedding that doesn’t miss out on style and elegance.
  • Simple, yet absolutely stunning in their own way, dahlias are the friendly flowers everyone’s familiar with. They are just perfect for a family-style wedding (perhaps even a very intimate one), and they are more than perfect for brides on a lower budget as well. Moreover, dahlias are widely available from late summer to early fall – so if you’re still planning out your wedding, there’s a very good chance you’ll be able to lay hands on a few of these beauties.
  • Looking for a wedding flower that will fill the air with its perfume? Freesias do that. They are the quintessential spring flower, but they are available all year round – and not at a hefty price. On the contrary, these pretty, fragranced blooms are considered to be quite low-priced. Even more, they are available in a wide range of colors (except for blue), making them the ideal wedding flower for pretty much anyone.
  • French tulips. Always wanted tulips at your wedding, but you’re planning a fall, winter, or early spring event? Well, while Dutch tulips may be more famous, their French counterparts are definitely more widely available throughout the year – and thus, they are less expensive as well. In terms of looks, these elegant long stems are very sophisticated, so there’s really no reason not to love them.


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You Don’t Have to Break the Bank for Your Wedding Bar

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Most couples want to pay a lot of attention to the way they use their wedding budgets – and you probably make no exception from the rule. However, should you really skimp on your wedding bar?

And if you don’t do that, how to make sure your Virginia wedding bar doesn’t break the bank? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Keep the open bar just for the cocktail hour. It will be enough for guests to “warm up” and break the ice before the actual party. You can have a fully open bar, or you could negotiate with your bar service provider to eliminate the top-shelf options. This could save you important sums of money! Once the cocktail hour is over, you can either allow guests to buy their own drinks (not recommended) or simply serve a limited variety of beer and wine.
  • Serve personalized cocktails. Want to serve guests with drinks that taste amazing and are very personal? How about a signature cocktail? You can even get a “his” and “her” cocktail, for example. Moreover, you can supplement this with simple beer and wine as well. This way, everyone will have a drink option and nobody will be able to actually complain.
  • Serve just beer and wine. Yes, that is totally fine. Even more, you can turn this as an element of your wedding theme (e.g. if you are having a destination wedding in Virginia, you could serve local beers and wines, and guests will be more than delighted with the idea).
  • Serve an open bar, but keep it limited. In most cases, you can negotiate with your bar service provider to only serve drinks up to a certain sum of money. Once that is reached, the open bar could close, guests could pay for their own drinks, or you could serve just beer and wine. Our advice is to never let guests to pay for their own drinks as this can be considered tacky – it’s better to serve just beer and wine, than to do that, actually.


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