Did You Know the Story Behind THESE Wedding Traditions?

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Wedding traditions frequently attract polarizing opinions. On the one hand, there are the brides and grooms who feel that it’s best to stick to traditions, while on the other hand, there are couples who feel that they should be able to set their own rules when it comes to their Big Day.

If you choose to incorporate some of the most popular wedding customs, though, it is definitely worth knowing where they come from. Following, we have gathered some tips to help you learn more about the history of wedding traditions – so read on and find out more.

  • Seeing the bride before the wedding. Well, this might feel like a pretty romantic tradition these days, but the truth is that its origins are much, much more pragmatic. This tradition originated in times when the vast majority of weddings were arranged – and seeing the bride before the wedding could have meant that either the groom or the bride herself might disappear from the wedding before it actually happens.
  • Carrying the bride through the door. Again, this might feel very romantic, but back in medieval Europe (where custom came from), the tradition was quite different. Basically, back then, people believed that evil spirits could make their way into a house through the soles of a bride’s shoes – so, by carrying her through the door, the groom wasn’t showing her a lot of love and affection, but protecting the house from the evil she might bring with her.
  • Tossing confetti for the wedding exit. Most people know that this was originally done with rice – but not everyone knows that rice is meant to symbolize fertility and richness for the newlyweds. These days, sparklers are lit, confetti is tossed, balloons are released, and soap bubbles are blown – rice is rarely used anymore.
  • Something borrowed. The “something borrowed” part of the famous tradition (still followed by most couples) is meant to symbolize the passing on of good luck from a woman who had plenty in her marriage to a woman who is just starting her married life. This is why your “borrwed” item should come from someone who had a long and happy marriage.


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Wedding Etiquette 101: What to Do When Your Guest Lists Are Disproportionate

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As you have probably read about quite a lot, planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful events in your life. Of course, it can also be most amazing experiences you will ever get through.

Of all the wedding planning tasks, your guest list is one of the first and foremost important ones. It can also be one of the most stressful tasks as well – especially when you feel that your list is longer than your loved one’s (or the other way around).

What to do in these situations? How to plan your wedding guest list together and not fight over it?

We have some tips for you – continue reading and find out more.

  • Communication, communication, communication. You must have read and heard this a thousand times before, but there’s a pretty good reason everyone reiterates it: communication actually is the key ingredient of any successful relationship. Start your wedding planning by sitting down with your SO and discussing your idea of a perfect wedding – the style, the size, the kind of moments you want to create.
  • Family invitations can be tricky, but it can all be handled. Guess how? Through communication, of course. Talk to your fiancé and determine how far you want to go when it comes to inviting relatives. If needed, talk to your parents as well and clearly explain it to them that you only want to invite people you are actually close to you (and a cousin you haven’t seen in 15 years does not “qualify”).
  • Set your own rules. Discuss with your loved one and set the ground rules when it comes to who lands on the guest list and who doesn’t. For example, you might want to skip inviting people you haven’t seen in more than three years. Or you might want to skip inviting workmates, former classmates, or simply anyone you aren’t genuinely close to.
  • Set your priorities. Do you want to have a very large wedding? Perfect – but if your budget is restrained, you should be realistic about what can and can’t be done in your financial limits. Talk to your SO and set your priorities in terms of what you want from the Big Day – it will help you create a guest list you can both agree with.


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3 Lovely Ideas for a Multicultural Big Day

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Nothing can ever be as powerful, as undeniably timeless and as amazing as love.

Love goes beyond every single border created by man: cultural or physical, the mountains that separate are crumbled under the power of love.

Here at Hunt Country Celebrations, we are always more than happy to witness such powerful love stories – and we are always more than happy to help these couples create a wedding that really mirrors them and their background.

What are some of the very best ideas for a multicultural wedding?

We have some tips for you – continue reading and find out more.

  • Embrace each other. You are different, but your love has brought you together. Show the world you are ready to embrace each other’s cultures and languages by saying a few words in your loved one’s mother tongue. It can happen during the ceremony (as part of the wedding vows, for instance), or during the reception (during a speech or a special reading) – whenever it happens, you are guaranteed to impress your SO and their family!
  • Translate everything. Will your loved one’s family understand everything at the wedding? If not, you can definitely create bilingual versions of your wedding stationery – because yes, your SO’s family should definitely understand what’s on the wedding program, wedding menu, and wedding invitations. Also, if you feel that they might not understand the ceremony, hiring an interpreter is perfectly acceptable (and actually recommended!).
  • Go beyond language. Serving foods of your traditional backgrounds, including traditional music in the wedding, and even following certain traditions that pertain to your family’s ancestry – these things are bound to create a multicultural wedding every single guest will love. At the end of the day, weddings are all about love and commitment, so showing the world how much you love your SO and how committed you are to building a harmonious future together will go perfectly with the idea of a wedding that incorporates multiple ethnic traditions. Plus, it will help you create a very special, unforgettable wedding atmosphere.


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All Grooms Should Do THESE Things on Their Wedding

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Most of the times, people only the bride is nervous on her wedding day – but that is completely untrue. In fact, the grooms are just as nervous as their brides (if not more, actually).

What should a groom do on the morning of his wedding to relax and soothe some of his nervousness and anxiety?

We have some tips for you – continue reading to find out more.

  • Sleep well. Partying one night before the wedding might not be a very good idea if you want to make it through the Big Day without completely cracking. Sleep well – it allows your body to rest and it allows your mind to see things more clearly. It also eliminates unnecessary moodiness and anxiety.
  • Double and triple check the attire. Make sure you pack everything you need with you, from the tuxedo itself to the cufflinks and socks you plan on wearing. Also, do one last check to make sure the tux looks just as you want it to look.
  • Write a special note to your SO. Writing is known to be an ailment for anxiety and nervousness – so why not write down what you are feeling about your significant other and send it as a note to your her on the morning of the wedding? We guarantee she will be more than touched by this gesture born out of pure romanticism and honesty.
  • Have some fun with your guys. They will be there on the morning of the wedding to keep you company and help you with whatever you may need. Have some fun with them – shoot fun pictures, joke, make amazing memories. However, do make sure that you don’t clink one too many glasses of that special bourbon you bought especially for the occasion – the last thing you want is to be tipsy during the ceremony.
  • Take a walk. Sometimes, nothing can be more soothing for the nerves, other than a nice walk. Put on some music or simply allow yourself to be immersed in the beauty of the landscape (or cityscape) of your wedding location – it can do miracles for those of you who feel really nervous before the wedding.


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People Will Just Love It If You Incorporate These Fun Cocktails into Your Wedding!

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All brides and grooms want to have a wedding everyone will remember – and while there might be a thousand and one details you probably want to take care of, your wedding bar is not even by far the least important one (even when you plan on having a 100% non-alcoholic wedding!).

What are some of the most popular cocktail trends you might want to “steal” for your Big Day in 2019? We have some tips for you – continue reading and find out more.

  • DIY stations. This is not necessarily a new trend (it’s been around for about two years) – but it’s bound to be even more popular in 2019 (especially in the bar section). Providing guests with the basic ingredients for them to make their own cocktails and giving them a range of add-on options will make them feel entertained (not to mention that it will give them the chance to fix their own drink, according to their liking).
  • Herbal cocktails. It’s not about cocktails based on alcohol that’s herbal, but about the ways brides and grooms will choose to decorate their drinks in 2019. Herbs and fresh flowers can add a really great touch to a wide variety of cocktails, so don’t be afraid to include them.
  • Old-school. Classic cocktails are making such a huge and fantastic comeback! If you longed for cocktails everyone from your pops to your younger brother knows (or at least knows about), 2018 is going to be a great year for your wedding. Classic cocktails are a surefire way to make sure you don’t fail to satisfy your guests – so there’s really nothing not to love about this trend.
  • Some of you might not want to serve alcohol at your wedding – and others might want to just make sure people who don’t drink alcohol have viable options too (because, let’s face, it, how much soda can one drink in a night?). Fancy mocktails are bound to be pretty big in 2019, so you might want to consider adding one or two to your wedding bar selection.


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There Should Be NO Room for Fighting at Your Wedding

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Weddings are days of positivity, hope, and love. They aren’t meant for any kind of negativity – and, as the bride and groom, you want to make sure nothing bad sneaks into your Big Day.

There should be no room for negativity and quarrels at your wedding – but what happens when some of the guests don’t get along very well for one reason or another?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Plan your seating chart well. This is at the very basis of making sure people don’t fight at your wedding. Take your time in seating everyone and take everything into consideration: from their personalities to their history. Are they compatible? Do they have any kind of negative history? Are they likely to start a fight when put together? These things have to be really well thought through because you want to make sure everyone gets along at your wedding.
  • Don’t invite people who might make a scene. If you know someone is likely to make your wedding their stage for a scene, just don’t invite them (especially if you don’t feel particularly bound to this person). This is your wedding and you should have the right to only invite people you actually want there.
  • Ask your bridesmaids and groomsmen to keep an eye on the guests. You can’t be everywhere during the wedding day (or any other time, really). Ask your wedding party to be your eyes and spot any quarrel before it turns into a scandal. Ask them to mediate between people who might not get along. Delegate them to do whatever they need to make sure the quarrel doesn’t take over your wedding.
  • Ask them to leave. If you see someone has started a fight, simply ask them to leave. They should be respectful enough to understand that your wedding isn’t the right place or time for this kind of things – so you are more than right to ask them to leave if they make a scene.


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