What is Hunt Country?
There is beauty and passion in hunt country. It derives from the grace of the hounds and horses and the splendor of our countryside. Located only 50 minutes from Washington, D.C., our hunt country professionals will address all of your wedding and special events details to ensure an unparalleled standard of excellence.

How did the group originate?
We initially assembled as a group to offer this listing of event specialists because we worked well together. Since then we have met regularly to learn more about each member business and the special events industry in general in order to improve our services for our clients.

Why are our members unique?
Our members have adopted and must adhere to a Code of Ethics. Our mission is to maintain and enhance the quality of services in the wedding and special events industry, for the benefit of members and clients; to encourage greater responsibility to the community; to increase communications and integrity among our members; and to connect, develop resources, and gain inspiration in an environment of mutual support and comaraderie.

Do you have to use members of Hunt Country Celebrations exclusively?
You do not have to work exclusively with our members. We offer a complete listing of services which can serve as a shopping guide for your special events. Just explore the services you need.

What if I have made plans with some vendors outside the group?
We welcome the opportunity to work with other vendors.  Our goal is a successful special event for our clients no matter which vendors have been selected. If additional services are needed, we are pleased to offer helpful suggestions.