Wedding day makeup and hairstyling tips

When it comes to wedding day makeup and hairstyling, we’re sure you’ll look fabulous regardless of the look you’re going for. But if you need inspiration, here are a few popular hair and makeup options that we suggest trying out before the big day.

Popular wedding day hair and makeup bridal looks include:

Soft & Romantic: Think of a fresh natural look, with light blush and lipstick tones. Glam it up with lashes to create a romantic effect. A classic up-do or cascading curls will blend well with this look.

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Photo: Instagram @alyasalonbridal


Bold & Beautiful: For a bold look, consider using dramatic eye makeup and fun lipstick tones for a striking result that is sure to get noticed. A fun retro-inspired hair-do, such as an glamorous old Hollywood look will go perfectly.

Glamorous & Glossy: Soft eyes with subtle blushes, glossed lips, plus voluminous, wavy hair are all the hallmarks of this popular look.

Creative & Original: If you want to get experimental with your wedding day hair and makeup, why not try a look that is uniquely yours?

wedding makeup and hairstyling photo by Alya Salon

Photo: Instagram @alyasalonbridal

Wedding Day Makeup and Hairstyling Pro Tip

Whether you choose one of the above looks or if you prefer to stick with your own concept, we highly recommend making an appointment with a bridal hair and makeup specialist and testing your look prior to your big day.

Before you visit, get inspiration by browsing pictures until you find the look you want! Check out this hair and make-up inspiration brought to you by Alya Salon & Spa Bridal in Vienna, VA.

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