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Choosing Wedding Entertainment: Live Music or a DJ?

Choosing the right wedding entertainment can seem like a difficult decision. With so many options to consider, you’ll want to make sure you choose entertainment that will provide an amazing experience for your guests. Whether you’re looking for a live band or a DJ, this post will help you decide what will work best on your wedding day.

Live Music

Live music is a great way to provide an unforgettable experience for your guests. There are many different kinds of live entertainers, depending on the type of wedding vibe you’re going for. From Sinatra-type crooners to an ethereal harpist, and everything in between… live music is the perfect way to ensure your wedding is a lively and exciting event.

Here are a few options to consider:

  • A string band – This is a great option to consider during your wedding ceremony or reception dinner. Imagine a string quartet or a harpist, gently playing Canon in D, or even contemporary wedding songs. I don’t know about you but this gives us all the dreamy vibes!
  • A jazz band – This is a great option for your cocktail hour before dinner and dances. A three-piece jazz ensemble can provide some serious swagger to your reception!
  • A modern band – This is a great choice for your guests who prefer upbeat and contemporary entertainment. This kind of band can play current hits and provide a fun atmosphere during your reception.
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Wedding DJ

A DJ can also help to provide a memorable experience for your guests. The great thing about a DJ is that they have access to all kinds of music, both classic hits to modern hits.

DJs are also great party planners and master of ceremonies who can set the tone and energy for your reception. In other words, they know how to hype up a crowd.

When shopping for a wedding DJ, here are some questions to ask:

  • “What is your style?” Do they play music that’s more upbeat and fun, or are they able to mix in different genres of music into one big dance party?
  • “How many years have you been a DJ?” An experienced DJ will make your wedding reception flow flawlessly.
  • “How does the soundscape planning process work?” A good DJ will work with you to plan your soundscape from beginning to end. You can even provide them with requests on which songs NOT to play.
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Live Music & Wedding DJ

Can’t decide between live music entertainment or DJ? Why not choose both! It’s becoming more popular to have a live band perform during dinner, then switching to a DJ to close up the evening. This is a great option if you want flexibility with your entertainment choices.

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