What to expect during a wedding tasting

What to expect during a wedding tasting

Now that weddings and celebrations are finally back, many couples are once again planning the wedding of their dreams. Part of the planning process (and for some the BEST part of the experience) includes participating in a wedding tasting with a caterer to decide your wedding day menu.

And when it comes to planning what food you will serve during your wedding, there’s a lot to consider and many questions to ask. So we put together the following resource on what to expect during a wedding tasting.

What’s a wedding tasting?

A tasting is when you and your S.O. meet with the caterer (or potential caterer) to taste a sampling of the food you would like to serve at your wedding reception. It’s an opportunity to decide what makes the cut and make sure your menu selections are on point.

Some caterers include a complimentary tasting upon signing the catering contract, while others charge an additional fee. Regardless, it’s worth the time and effort and the best way to make sure the food you’re serving is to your taste (literally.)

Before the tasting

Prior to the tasting, have an idea of what you would like to serve and discuss the possibilities with the caterer. Choose selections that will appeal to most of your guests, and if kids are attending your wedding, discuss the possibility of including a kid’s menu. Don’t forget to discuss any dietary restrictions and ask for suggestions on vegetarian or gluten-free choices for guests who may have allergies.

Also discuss drink options. Will you serve a signature cocktail? Will wine be served with dinner? Discuss this prior to the tasting so the caterer can pair the food with drinks.

Additionally, it’s also helpful to have an event timeline ready, so you’ll know exactly what kind of catering service will be needed throughout your wedding.

Most importantly, don’t forget to also discuss your catering budget, and if you’ll be providing meals to vendors.

During the tasting

Come with an open mind (and belly)

The tasting may include small bites of all the hors d’oeuvres and courses that will be served during your wedding, or you may experience a full meal. Either way, make sure there’s plenty of room to taste everything.

Make it a small gathering

If possible, limit your tasting to you and your S.O. This will keep opinions down to a minimum and will help the selection process go smoothly. If you’re considering inviting others (like your parents or someone from your wedding party) check with the caterer first to find out the maximum amount of people who can attend.

Take pictures and notes

Take pictures of how the food is presented (before it’s gone) and jot down any feedback you would like to share. This way you can refer back to the image and your notes if you would like to request any changes.

Discuss what you like and don’t like

If you have feedback about anything you tasted, let the caterer know so they can make any necessary adjustments for your wedding day. Keep in mind that any changes may result in an increased cost so make sure to ask if this will affect your budget.

After the tasting

After the tasting, request a final menu from the caterer and an updated proposal including any changes you may have requested. Also share a finalized event timeline so the caterer can also finalize catering needs throughout your wedding.

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