Engaged Couples Valentine's Day

Your First Valentine’s Day as an Engaged Couple

Congrats to making it to your one of your first milestones as a newly engaged couple. . . Valentine’s Day. While in the past you may have celebrated with chocolate and flowers, this year is different in a very exciting way. So, here are a few ideas on how to enjoy Valentine’s Day with your fiancé.

Establish a tradition

There are so many unique aspects about your relationship. So why not pick one and turn it into a fun tradition that you get to relive year after year. For instance, if you and your S.O. consider yourselves to be wine aficionados, plan an annual wine tasting. This is also a great way to explore nearby Hunt Country vineyards. You can also build a collection of wine bottles that you can enjoy throughout the years to come. As they say, love like wine gets better with time!

Time capsule

Another way to celebrate your first Valentine’s Day as a newly engaged couple is to prepare a time capsule that can be revisited in the future.

Start by gathering fun photos and write down some of your most cherished memories prior to your engagement. Then make a bucket list of everything you would like to accomplish as a married couple. For instance, list those trips you would like to take, write about the home you’ve dreamed of, or describe your future family. Finally, collect treasured souvenirs that remind you of your favorite activities.

Place all of this in a nice box or chest, and store it away. Plan on opening the box in five or ten years from now on Valentine’s Day. What a beautiful way to look back at how life was before you were married. It’s also a great opportunity to check-in on the goals you set out to achieve as a married couple.

Revisit the beginning

This Valentine’s Day revisit the place where it all began. Make reservations at the restaurant your first date took place at or plan a day trip to drive by the location where you first exchanged glances. It’s exciting to look back at how it all began and to relish in the possibilities of your future.

These are just a few ways to celebrate your first Valentine’s Day as an engaged couple. Have any others ideas you’d like to share? Comment below and let us know.

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