Decorating Wedding Venue Tips

4 Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Hall

Although most wedding arrangements should be left to the appropriate vendors, knowing how things work makes you decide what you think is suitable for the theme and what isn’t. Here are tips on getting the most critical decorations done at your wedding venue.

  • The Table and Chair Arrangement

Depending on your theme, your chairs and tables are either organized in rows or circles. However, be aware that this could change depending on the space the venue hall allows to provide unrestricted movement and overcrowding or even under-crowding.

If a rearrangement is required, it is not usually a bad thing. It can even add a bit of flair to the theme. Make sure to work with the event planner to make it as close to the theme as possible.

  • Flowers

Let there be flowers on the tables, around the door, or even hanging down the ceilings-lots of them. But tell your florists to select flowers that don’t have strong scents as some of your guests may be allergic to them.

Also, let the arrangement of the flowers follow the theme of the wedding. And yes, while there should be lots of flowers, don’t let it be too much. Achieving balance is the goal of decorating a wedding hall.

  • Food and Drinks

Foods and drinks should be arranged in the corner of the hall. Let the corner be easy to see and easy to access, primarily if guests will be serving themselves later.

Don’t hide food from your guests! Many came without eating, as is often the case in many wedding dinners.

It is a time and place to be merry, so why not let them be merry? Make sure that they get their food when they should and in a carefully organized manner.

  • Plates and Cutlery

Typically arranged on each table, carefully determine the number of guests per table, and provide sufficient plates and cutlery.

It can be a bit embarrassing for your guests if they have to ask for the items themselves. Just in case this occurs, talk to the vendor in charge to ensure that his/her staff are prepared for such situations.

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