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4 Ideas for Your Creative Wedding Theme

Wedding themes are in vogue now more than ever. Even with the pandemic, you and your partner can still decide on a wedding theme that is fitting and exciting!

Themes allow you to bring in your unique taste and explore beyond the ordinary. Here are a few wedding ideas to give you a little push to make a choice.

  • Garden-Themed Wedding

This can be held in your back garden or a rented outdoor space. The theme here is the scene. Greens and flowers make it aesthetically pleasing. The bride’s dress may even have some lace or flower patterns attached to it. This is a beautiful theme, especially for a spring wedding.

  • Vintage Weddings

This is so pleasing that many couples have chosen to have a vintage-themed wedding over the past few years.

It has a certain appeal that gives off nostalgia and a longing feeling when the decorations are done right.

From dresses to the music and even the car the couple uses, vintage weddings are undoubtedly appealing!

  • Beach or Sea-side Weddings

You can undoubtedly have a beach or sea-side wedding if you are a fan of the beach and soft sands.

Remember that you shouldn’t spend too much time under the sun, so your guests don’t feel too uncomfortable. Better to have this type of in the late afternoons.

  • Country Weddings

Get all your fellow cowboys and cowgirls and play some country songs for a wonderful wedding in the countryside!

Country weddings can be enjoyable even if you aren’t initially from the countryside. Friends and family make these sorts of weddings more fun.

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