3 Ways to Choose a Wedding Theme

Planning a wedding is no joke. There are so many decisions to be made from a wide range of options. It’s always interesting to see brides looking their most flattering in a well-decorated hall or fancy looking garden. We love to see them tying the knot with the groom, looking both nervous and proud! But these don’t come easy. And no, it’s not about how hard it is to find Mr Right. We’re talking about choosing the perfect wedding theme for your big day.

Once you get this right, everything else will flow relatively smoothly, and all you have left to do is walk down the aisle, dance your first dance with the love of your life and begin your happily ever after! Here are some of the best tips when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding theme.

  • Pick a Venue that Suits the Theme You Want

If your venue doesn’t go well with your chosen theme, the whole wedding may seem a bit mismatched as everything else is based on the venue.

Some couples decide to choose a venue before choosing a theme to help narrow down their choices. This isn’t a bad idea; if anything, it allows you to explore and try different things to get what perfectly fits your style.

  • Find What Speaks to You

Perhaps a vintage-themed wedding may speak to you. Look for what you like and incorporate them into your wedding theme-choice of colors, flowers, chairs and even tables.

Make sure you are very involved in the decoration process if you are going for a theme that represents your style.

  • Don’t Be Afraid of Colors

While it is essential not to be tacky, you need to be bold enough to not go for the norm. Don’t agree to a fixed set of colors for the chosen theme.

Just because it’s a vintage-themed wedding doesn’t mean you can’t splash some bit of red or blue into your choice of colors. You may also want to stay away from trending colors to make your wedding stand out in the right way.

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