The Top 3 Wedding Reception Trends In 2020

Weddings are exceptional affairs; if done right, a wedding can be remarkably unique. Everyone wants something slightly different: from the dress, the design, the flowers, and the catering, couples always want to stand out from the rest.

Every year comes with new fashion trends, décor, seasons, and recent engagements….and this year, COVID-19 has a say in the matter. In the previous year, we saw couples having oversized décor and giant statements.

We saw them herald guests into the reception with smoke flares and fireworks. We saw them control the temperament with sonorous music that makes the guests forget time. And because of the effect of COVID-19 on weddings, it is no surprise that all these trends are no longer viable. The pandemic’s flames arose new movements, new experiences, new designs, and new beginnings.

  • Informal

Topping the list of trends in 2020 is informal gatherings. Inviting all and sundry is no longer feasible because of the social distancing rule. So couples spend more lavishly on an intimate wedding with a limited number of guests.

  • Outdoor

There is a surging interest in tents and gardens as outdoor weddings gain momentum. They are now the perfect medium to bring a romantic and more airy ambiance to a wedding. It feels safer for guests and vendors too. Nature and fresh air are what couples now lean towards in ways they did not do in the past.

  • Seating Charts

Also, due to social distancing rules, seating arrangements have been altered to create spaces between tables. Ceremony spaces and reception venues have standardized seating options, but the pandemic made it necessary for arrangements to be changed. However, wedding photographs look better now when taken before such an arrangement.

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