3 Questions You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Ask Your Wedding Vendors

There is always this awkward feeling when you are about to ask a question which, in your opinion, is silly but vital to the know-how of doing things, especially the way you prefer them done. It is no different with vendors when you are planning your wedding.

There may be some questions that you feel are a little embarrassing or you hesitate to bring up but in truth, they reflect on a certain way you want things to be done.

There is no shame in discussing any issue that affects the way you want your wedding to be handled. From the tiniest issue to the important ones, don’t be shy or embarrassed to ask because your vendors might have seen it all and are just as committed as you are to making that day a success. Here is a list of such awkward questions.

  • Budget

“I’ll love to work with you, but your packages are over my budget” “Can we work a way to adjust your price range to fit my budget?” These are questions many a couple asks.

Since every couple has a budget, it can be a little embarrassing to ask a wedding vendor you truly love to lower the price to fit your budget. In such an instance, it is advisable to ask a polite but honest question on how the vendor can come up with a creative solution that will tally with your budget.

It is somehow embarrassing, but you’ll be glad you did if the vendors are willing to work with your suggestion.

  • Venue

“May I please see the bathrooms?” Such a question can be embarrassing when inspecting the venue for your ceremony and/or reception. And yet, it’s very important, so be mindful of that.

  • Sitting Arrangements

“How do we handle sitting arrangements especially since my mom and aunt don’t get along too well?” It is important to tactfully inform your vendor of any family drama, to avoid a scene during the ceremony.

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