3 Important Tips for Maids of Honor

With great power comes great responsibility, a superhero once said. And although that saying pertained to the world of comic books and comic book heroes, it is quite clear that it can be very much applied to the real world as well. We can even apply it to the sometimes, stressful world of wedding planning. 

As a Maid of Honor, you have been tasked with a very important role in the wedding. Of course, you probably know already what you should do before the Big Day – but what are some of the things you should definitely not forget to do on your best friend’s actual wedding day? 

  • Coordination and Communication

Coordinate with the other bridesmaids. This is one of your main tasks both before and during the actual wedding. Of course, all the other bridesmaids are fully grown adults and they most likely know what they are supposed to do and when. But if you want to make sure the bride doesn’t stress out over this; you might also want to remind everyone what they are meant to do. 

  • Be Supportive

Stay cool and provide support. Your best friend is going through a roller coaster of emotions right now, so it is incredibly important that you are supportive. She will be stressed out, she will cry, she might even have to face unwanted accidents like wine spilled on her wedding dress. Whatever happens, be there for her – with a shoulder to cry on, a good joke, or a stain remover to help her gown stay pretty until the end of the night.

  • Deliver an Awesome Toast

Although traditionally Maids of Honor don’t give speeches, things have changed a lot in recent years, and it has become customary that the bride’s best friend delivers a toast as well. Make sure it’s memorable! Take your time to prepare, don’t forget to include one or two cute jokes, and make this moment all about the bride. Your best friend deserves it!

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