4 Lovely Hair Accessories for Our Beautiful Brides

When it comes to your look as a bride, everything matters. Here at Hunt Country Celebrations, we understand why you’d want your hair to look flawless as well. Choosing the right hairstyle to suit your face and your wedding style is crucial. Have you thought of the accessories too? They are also important and you should choose the right ones. Here’s a simple guide from our fashion and beauty members.

  • Tiaras

If you are the kind of bride who wants to wear the big ballgown and be surrounded by luxury and opulence every single step of the wedding way, you should definitely opt for a tiara. Most of the times, this type of accessory is used in combination with updos – but it can look very good with your hair left down as well.

  • Bridal Haircombs

A bridal haircomb has the almost magical ability to make the simplest hairstyle look fancier, more elegant, and more luxurious. Add it to a simple (or not so simple, if that’s what you want) updo and it will look charming! And if you are searching for something that has boho-chic nuances to it, opt for a bridal hair vine – they look splendid as well!

  • A Sweet Headband

If you are looking for a hair accessory that will dramatically change your look without going too much over the top, opt for a delicate headband. It will look fantastic with soft curls pulled in a low bun, for example!

  • Wedding Veils

You are more than free to not wear a wedding veil on your Big Day. But if you do choose one, be sure to coordinate it with the style of your dress. For instance, if your dress is intricate, a simpler wedding veil will be the best option. If your dress is very elegant and traditional, opt for a longer veil. Also, be sure the colors match as well as possible!

We love to help couples find the best options and services for their weddings here at Hunt Country Celebrations. That’s why we have many members who offer numerous services from Venues to catering. If you’re having your wedding in Northern Virginia you should reach out to us. Contact us today!

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