4 Great Tips for Your Bridal Registry

As the bride, you want every single element of your wedding to be perfect. And you want everyone to feel great, both when it comes to the entertainment and food provided on your wedding day and to the way they can contribute to your wellbeing as newlyweds.

The bridal registry may be created for you (of course it is!), but beyond that, registries are all about making people feel good (and making it easy for them to feel good). So how do you create the right wedding registry? We have some tips for you, so read on and find out more.

  • Create It with Your Likes in Mind

You don’t have to add items to the registry just for the sake of adding them. You don’t have to add anything because everyone else is doing the same. If you feel an item wouldn’t be of much use to you, then by all means, don’t actually add it to your wedding registry – it’s the best option for you and for your wedding guests too.

  • It Should Be A Good Blend

Add items people expect to see there and items that are a bit more luxurious or simply unusual. But most importantly, add items on various prices, so that everyone can afford offering you a gift you actually want.

  • Create It Before Your Engagement Party If Possible

You have all the time in the world now so you might as well do it. Try to make the bridal registry before the engagement party. Although it is not necessary and not obligatory in any way, a lot of guests might want to provide you with a small attention when attending the engagement party – and the bridal registry will help them.

  • They Don’t Have to Follow Trends

Not sure about classic wedding registry items? That’s OK, these days it has become increasingly common to ask for other types of gifts (especially if you have everything you need). For instance, you could ask your guests to pay for honeymoon activities. Or if you want to make your wedding gifts really meaningful, you could simply ask guests to make a donation to a cause you actually believe in and support. Your guests will actually appreciate this!

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