3 Ways to Have a Theme Inspired Wedding

One of the many opportunities that weddings afford you and your spouse is that it allows you the freedom of expression. You can freely express your style and personality by having a theme inspired wedding. The theme selected shows what you like or hold in very esteem. However, actualizing a theme can be very difficult if you have no professional to walk you through. To help you navigate the murky waters of creating the perfect wedding theme, we have come up with some helpful tips on having a theme inspired wedding.

  • A Festival Wedding Theme

Festival wedding themes are popular for being very bright and colorful. This theme is best when you are considering have an outdoor wedding as it is packed with several fun details. Live music, games, flowers, and an open food buffet. If you are planning a very elaborate wedding, then the wedding festival theme could be one of your top considerations.

  • The Tropical Wedding Theme

A tropical wedding inspired theme is always seen as one where you need a sea and sandy beach. With us, you really don’t need that. We can pull it off with palm leaves, the right color shades, and cocktails to go round for everyone in attendance. We just need you to choose the right venue with some botanical feel. We can design with natural light to amplify the vibe and make it seem like you are truly on a sea or sandy beach. For the decor elements, you can make use of wooden chairs or chairs that have tropical garlands. You can also opt for large transparent vases and drop some palm leaves in them.

  • The Nautical Wedding Theme

The perfect theme for the summer season is the nautical wedding theme. You can create this wedding theme by choosing a seaside venue. Not only will you find this theme calm and fun, but it would also produce really amazing pictures.

These are major themes that you can consider for your wedding but there are more we can help you create. At Hunt Country Celebrations, we can help you create any theme of your choice. We are not just after planning an event, we are more concerned with creating an experience. If you are anywhere around Northern Virginia and you are searching for a talented wedding florist, look no further than Hunt Country. You can check out our wedding theme options by contacting us today!

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