How to Solve Pre-Wedding Jitters

Getting rid of pre-wedding jitters is next to impossible, but that doesn’t mean you can’t deal with them. It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous before your big day and there are things that you can do to take care of it, but we’ll show you to stave off all the anxiety! The comprehensive list below is all you need/

  • Breathe

Yes, breathe. As cliché as this sounds, it actually goes a long way towards helping. Take deep evenly spaced breaths and practice relaxing your mind. It’ll be okay and you’ll be fine.

  • Picture the Worst Scenario

Most times, pre-wedding jitters happen because you are trying to stop yourself from thinking about things that could go wrong and failing at it. Try a more direct route by picturing what exactly it is that you feel could go wrong. Doing this can help prove that your fears are unfounded and things are not so doomed after all.

  • Face Reality

Tell yourself the truth. You are not a magician and things will not suddenly begin to go wrong just because you are worried and think that they will. You’ve taken steps to ensure that your day goes beautifully so relax and be rest assured that it will.

  • Speak About It

Talk to your spouse-to-be, parent or friend. Let them know how you feel and listen to their reassurances. Talking about what bothers you is a good way to chase the jitters away.

  • Talk to Yourself

And yes, we mean out loud. Give yourself a short talk in front of the mirror. You are awesome and have come this far. Positive words of affirmation spoken to yourself go a long way in helping you feel better.

  • Distract Yourself

Watch funny videos, play a challenging game or catch a nice movie. Losing yourself in something other than plans for your wedding ceremony, can help in taking away the uncomfortable feeling.

  • Listen to Music

Pick songs that you like or choose to explore and make a new playlist. This works because it also takes your mind off the upcoming event and makes you focus on something else for a change.

While taking all of the steps listed above, we’d just like to remind you that pre-wedding jitters are completely normal and you will be absolutely fine.

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