6 Essentials for The Morning of Your Wedding

As your wedding day approaches, you have probably been thinking about what you will need for that day. You are not alone. It is good to have everything ready on that morning so that your day goes as smoothly as possible. The following are seven essentials that you will need on that day. You can either get them ready yourself or ask a member of your wedding party to help out. 

  • Food

This is a must-have, especially If you are having a late wedding. Try to have both breakfast and lunch if you are having an afternoon wedding. A small breakfast and a snack before your photos begin will help keep you strong. It will be a long day, so you need food to keep you energized and feeling good.

  • Drinks

Stay hydrated. Drink a lot of water, especially if your wedding is in the summer. It’s also helpful to have some Ginger Ale on hand in case you get some butterflies. Mimosas are equally as lovely too.

  • Alone Time

You’ll need a few minutes to relax and take it all in. This will be the only wedding day you’ll be having in your relationship, so make time. A top regret couples often have after their wedding is that the day went by too quickly for them to appreciate it. 

  • Your Wedding Timeline

It should be in your hand and your vendors and wedding party’s hands even before this day. If you have a planner, they’ll usually make sure everything goes as planned. Where you don’t, you should do it yourself.

  • Vendor Contacts

This should have their company name, name, and phone number. Make sure to give a copy to your wedding party, the venue, and key members of your family. They’ll keep in touch with your vendors and make sure they are in place. 

  • Getting Ready Outfit

Whether a robe, tank top, or button-up shirt, you need something that will quickly come off without messing up your hair and makeup. Please make sure you get it ready for the morning of your wedding.

Here at Hunt Country Celebrations, we only want the best for you and your wedding, so we suggest that you contact us as soon as possible. We have the experience needed in this industry and will help wherever we can. Contact us today!

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