5 Tips on Your Wedding Seating Arrangement

Here at Hunt Country Celebrations, we absolutely love what we do! We’re always passionate about making every wedding special. Nothing makes us happier than seeing couples sporting wide smiles on their grand day.

We specialize in weddings, and we have everything you could possibly need to make yours a success too. One of such things is proper seating. The right kind of seating arrangement can make a significant difference to your wedding. Here are five seating arrangements that you could use.

  • For Large Outdoor Spaces

Sitting in the round is a great idea when you’re contending with many guests and vast space. If you were to utilize a traditional seating arrangement, only the first few rows would be able to hear your vows easily. Seating in the round also gives a wedding a more intimate vibe, one in which friends and family surround the happy couple.

  • Sitting in Semi Circles

This is a similar (and brilliant) idea that can be used to make sure every guest gets a good vantage point. Of course, this wedding seating will probably require a sound system, but the curved semi-circle rows limit the number of rows that’ll take up space. This is particularly handy for wedding spaces that are wide but not particularly deep. Try this arrangement and your guests can watch you walk down the aisle without craning their necks.

  • For Quiet Ceremonies

For the couple that wants a simple wedding, curved rows can be an excellent way to avoid the traditional arrangement. Such an arrangement will make all guests feel like they are a part of the action.

  • For Small Weddings

The best way to approach a small wedding is to make it unique. Don’t have traditional seating with mini rows of chairs. Instead, use tufted furniture to create a whimsical environment that will make everyone smile.

  • For Narrow Venues

Bench seating is another practical solution for a small venue. You will be able to squeeze more guests in. Keep in mind that a sound system is probably crucial for a little place like this one. Many greenhouse venues and historic chapels are narrow and deep like this one, only allowing for a few people to sit on either side.

The seating at your wedding is important but the venue itself is just as important. The services we offer at Hunt Country Celebrations in Northern Virginia can cater to that and so much more. All you have to do is reach out to us and we’ll handle it. So, what do you say? Give us a call, and let’s get started!

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