4 Pros and Cons of Having A First Look at Your Wedding

Having a first look at your wedding is one of the recent trends that has taken the wedding world by storm. But should you have one at yours? Well, we explore the pros and cons of having a first look at your wedding in the following paragraphs. So, if you’re still trying to make up your mind, this might help.

The Pros

  • Quiet Time

Your wedding day will be a whirlwind of emotions, noise, and movement. A few, quiet minutes with your partner before it all starts is not such a bad idea. It can help keep you both grounded throughout the day’s events and activities.

  • The Emotional Boost

For people who grow really nervous, spending time with the love of your life before you get started on your day can ease all the worry and tension. And it’ll give you a moment to connect with each other and catch your breath.

  • The Photos

It’s always such a wonderful feeling the first time you see your wedding photos. Any couple will attest to this. That being said, since you’ve already taken gorgeous pictures at your first look, save time and take fewer pictures for the rest of the event. That’ll even save you time. There’s also the fact that in the winter, the early morning period is excellent for natural light pictures. First looks generally happen quite early in the morning.

The Cons

  • A Ruined Moment

The moment the groom sees the bride for the first time as she walkes down the aisle is supposed to be something momentous. But first looks ruin it. If you’re big on having a traditional wedding, you should probably skip having a first look.

  • You Might Have to Wake Up Earlier

A first look means you’ll have to get ready much earlier that you might expect. If you’re not a morning person, you should probably skip this one too.

  •  Pressure

There are lots of pictures of first looks floating around. But not everyone will be able to express their emotions in the same way or manner. Few things can be as disappointing as your spouse-to-be not reacting the way you want in a particular situation. For example, the bride is expecting the groom to have a more emotional response, but his response is anything but that.

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