3 Wedding DJ Trends

Wedding DJ’s have come a long way from what they once were, haven’t they? They’re now expert entertainers who change as often as trends do and make sweet music to entertain any type of crown in any kind of event, and your wedding reception is no exception.

A good DJ can really change the entire feel of an event. Hunt Country Celebrations from Northern Virginia would know, because we’ve seen our fair share of talented DJs over the years, and we never get tired of them!

We love the way DJ’s add life and fire to a wedding, and we love the way they mix and change things up to flow with the times. Trends are really important here, and any good DJ knows that. With that being said, here are five of the latest wedding DJ trends, so read them and tell us if DJs can’t add flair to your wedding.

  • Nonstop Playback

Most couples prefer to have their wedding DJ play at the wedding reception. This DJ will play right from when the gusts arrive all the way to cocktail hour-and even during the last dance at the end of the evening.

Achieving this means the DJ must be experienced enough to know when to keep the volume low and raise it back up when the guests are ready to slip on their dancing shoes. That same experience means he should be able to play different styles of music that will flow smoothly with each part of the event.

  • Dual Roles

Another thing is, many wedding DJs perform the role of the Master of Ceremony together with their role in playing the music. They announce any speeches to be made; when it’s time to dance; the cutting of the cake; even when it’s dinner time.

It is important that you always work with your DJ to choose suitable songs that you will love to hear throughout your event. You can then leave the DJ to do his/her job of building a beautiful playlist around the selected songs.

  • Themed Music

Themed music is the in thing now. When Your music matches the beauty and theme of your wedding, you need little else to make the big day a success. Most wedding DJs prefer to play themed music for a solid hour once or twice during the event than to play random, odd-themed tunes.

Music completes an event, true, but you’ll need a lot more than that to even make the event possible, right? You’ll need Hunt Country Celebrations!

Planning to host a wedding in Northern Virginia? Great! We’ll tend to your catering, rentals, find a suitable location for you, and numerous other aspects of planning your wedding. Give us a call today and we’ll tell you what we can do for you!

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