6 Inspirations for Your Cheery Summer Wedding

Things are a bit unsure at the moment, but we at Hunt Country Celebrations can only hope with you that things will be fine in time for you to hold your beautiful summer wedding this year.

If not, there always be other summers. Colors are a great inspiration when it comes to summer weddings and the 3 primary colors are what many couples settle for often. That is Red, Blue, and Yellow. These colors, blended in various ways can produce a summer wedding palette that is beautiful to behold. You can use them on any of the following wedding items.

  • Your Invites

Make your invites artistic by sending hand-painted invites to set the tone for more artistic details much later. It is a nice way to hint to your guests that this won’t be just any kind of wedding.

  • Patterned Gown

If you want to wear white, it’s fine. Choosing not to however gives you a chance to go for a fun and playful look like a pastel-yellow print gown and bright blue shoes. It’ll cause a stir as you walk down the aisle.

  • Bouquet of Greens

Go for greens in place of flowers in your bouquet for a twist on your traditional summer wedding bouquet. A perfect way to celebrate the summer spirit is to have a mix of leather-leaf ferns and berries in your hands as you walk down the aisle. For one thing, it’ll be wilt-proof which is great for a summer wedding. 

  • Have Colorful Tables

Add colors to your table by having pastel linen of hues like yellow, red and blue. Provide some napkins with bold colors too, they’ll make your white rental plates pop. Bud vases will also give your table a welcoming feel and encourage conversation.

  • Acrylic Table Numbers

Since you’ve gone the extra mile to make sure that your summer wedding is bursting with colors, complete that look with acrylic table numbers and clear glassware that will blend into the setting. This will allow your vibrant colors to stand out.

  • A Colorful Cake

Your invites can be the inspiration for your cake design and colors to serve as the perfect exclamation point for your beautiful summer wedding.

Hunt Country Celebration is your all-in-one destination for all that concerns your wedding in Northern Virginia. We have everything you’ll need for your wedding from numerous venues to your décor and even your entertainment. Make sure that you stay safe and contact us today!

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