6 Important Wedding Tasks to Do While in Quarantine

In this time of uncertainty, safety is tantamount to anything else. But staying safe doesn’t mean neglecting your wedding plans. So yes, by all means, keep working on your wedding until we’re finally able to celebrate events that mean everything to us. In light of that, here are 7 important wedding tasks that you can do from home while we wait for the pandemic to end.

  • Create Your Wedding Website

If you do not already have a website for your wedding, get started on it right away! You can use it to keep in touch and share new information with your wedding guests.

  • Look at Your Guest List Again

This is a great time to work on your guest list and decide on who you’re inviting and who doesn’t get to come. Think about what size you’d want your wedding to be. Big or small?

  • Read Your Wedding Contracts

You have all the time to do it now, so why not go ahead and double-check your wedding contracts? Many vendors have been very flexible in this period but please do not sign anything if you do not fully understand it.

  • Send Out Your New Save-The-Dates

If you had to move your wedding date to a later one, don’t forget to update your family and friends. Tell them about the new date to avoid confusion. You can do this by email, an announcement card, or even a small video. 

  • Design Your Wedding Bands

Custom bands are cool and unique so now that you have the time, you can look into designing one for your wedding. Add personal touches to your wedding bands because on your wedding day, those bands will be things that add a little more of your character into your wedding.

  • Create A Wedding Countdown

With all the bad news pouring from pretty much every corner of the world, you and your loved ones deserve to have something exciting to look forward to. That thing is your wedding. Making a countdown is a perfect way to highlight this.

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