What Are Change-The-Dates

As lots of couples follow the directive of the CDC on the postponement of weddings for the next 8 weeks. The question of how to properly communicate this to your guests is going to come up. We at Hunt Country Celebration are here for you in this trying time and have a suggestion on how to communicate with your guests that your wedding date has been changed.

  • What Is A ‘Change-The-Date’

A change-the-date is an announcement that goes out about an event postponement after your save-the-date announcements have gone out already. It is usually digital but you can also send out paper copies to supplement the digitals ones. It contains basic information but includes smaller details like your dress code.

  • How Do I Let My Guests Know?

There are several ways to do this. You can update your wedding website if you have one, send emails to all your guests and also start a text chain. The plan is to let your guests know that your wedding is on hold and that you will communicate the new dates to them as soon as possible.

  • What About My Wedding Website?

Update on your wedding website about the situation as often as you can. Let your guests know that you’re considering other options in the moment and start an FAQ tab. You can even include answers to questions that your guest might have about COVID-19 on it. You should also talk about helpful emails/phone numbers, refund guidelines, and other additional guidance. Remember to confirm that your domain name is not expiring and reach out to extend if it is.

  • Where Can I Print My Change-The-Dates?

If you are choosing to print your change-the-date announcements, we’d suggest that you do so with the same vendor that you created your invites in the first place. This will help to keep the theme continuous and you should try to maintain the same iconography too.

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