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You’ll agree with us here at Hunt Country Celebrations that wedding photography is a very vital part of modern weddings. This is why we’ve invited one of the best wedding photographers here in Virginia for a quick chat. Are you ready to go along with us? Well then, read on.

  • Tell Us A Little About Yourself

I am Kelly Ewell, a Northern Virginia wedding photographer. I specialize in engagement, wedding and anniversary photography. If I am not doing photography, you will find me at some of the local wineries or hard at work renovating my farm in Leesburg VA. Well, I should say our farm, because it is co-owned by me and my husband. We named it 48 fields.

  • You Come Highly Recommended from The Couples That You Worked with. Tell Us Why That Is

I suppose it is because I love and I’m good at what I do. When I work with couples, I try to be more than just another photographer. I do my best to stand out. I work towards making photographs that not only stand the test of time but evoke feelings of nostalgia every time a couple looks at them. As a wedding photographer, to get photos like that, you often have to work the line between photos that the couple expects and impromptu photos that capture the moment. The goal is to showcase the couple and their love on this day.

  • What Do You Think About the ‘Film Vs Digital Photography’ Trend Right Now?

Well, the truth is that as with everything else, trends in photography also come and go. I believe that both are simply different and that as long as your result is beautiful pictures that your clients appreciate, then you are right on track. I looked into it and discovered that remaining digital was more advantageous for me and my clients as delivering results quickly and efficiently is a vital part of my work.

Alright then, thank you so much, Kelly Ewell, for taking a bit of time off your busy schedule to hold this very informative chat with us. We’re sure our readers appreciate it and are grateful too. To those readers who are interested in contacting Kelly Ewell, you can reach her using the following email:  

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