Vendor in The Spotlight: Bella Villa Antiques and Vintage Rentals

For your Northern Virginia wedding to be a success, you have to create a great experience for your guests. Creating a great experience means getting every little detail right. For this to happen, you must first choose the right location. Here at Hunt Country Celebrations, we have a wide range of wedding venues in Northern Virginia for you to select from.

Next, and just as important, is the wedding decor. That’s where the vendor we’ll be talking to today comes in. Bella Villa offers vintage furniture and decor rentals for weddings in Northern Virginia. We sat down with Rosanna Smith, the founder, and here’s what she had to say about her business.

  • Tell Us About Bella Villa Antiques and Vintage Rentals

Bella Villa Antiques and Vintage Rentals is located just off Main Street in Marshall, Virginia. We have a vast collection of vintage sofas and chairs, tables, crates, barrels, bars, chalkboards, mirrors, doors, and much more available for your wedding needs. If you are looking for the vintage decor and Italian chandelier collection of La Bella Luce, then we’re the company for you. We also do venue styling and offer consultancy services.

  • How Did Bella Villa Antiques and Vintage Rentals Start?

Funny enough, it started with my personal love story. Between my experiences of growing up in Italy and falling in love with my husband who was raised on the Villa Smith Farmette, I developed a love for keeping away antique and vintage treasures. You know, so they can keep telling their stories for years to come. I wanted them to be timeless, so to speak.

  • Great. How Can Your Clients Reach You?

We’re located at 8371 W. Main Street, Marshall, VA 20115. Our parking and entrance are however on Frost Street. We’re open by appointment so all our customers have to do is either call or send us an email to come see our warehouse and make their selections.

Well, you’ve heard it all from Rosanna. To our readers, you can reach them on this number: 571.921.0356. Call or send a text. They’re always ready to tend to you. Or, send them an email here, if you wish: Either way, Bella Villa Antiques and Vintage Rentals is exactly what you need for a wedding to be as unique as they come.

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