Dos and Don’ts for Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers can turn the simplest reception site to an amazing wedding location depending on how they are used. And speaking of amazing wedding locations, you should check out the locations that we have for you here at Hunt Country Celebrations.

Going back to wedding flowers however, it takes a special understanding of wedding flowers to be able to apply it in the most flattering way to your wedding. The following tips on the do and don’ts of wedding flowers from our flower members can be vital in your wedding flower plan.


  • Give your florist a color palette and your budget for flowers to work with. This is much better than insisting on specific flowers. They can then use their expertise and experience to create an amazing design that falls within your budget which is a win for you.
  • Stick to a manageable bouquet. Both large and small bouquets look amazing in pictures so if you don’t have the strength required to hold a large bouquet for a long period, go for a smaller one.
  • Invite your florist to visit your wedding venue. This will help them have a better idea of how to use flowers to bring your dream wedding to life. They’ll be able to get dimensions, scopes ceiling heights and more.
  • Make your florist aware of any flowers that have a special meaning to you. It might be that the scent reminds you of a special family member or a particular time in your life. Telling your florist will help them know to incorporate it into your wedding as a sentimental tribute.


  • Don’t try to use flowers to hide a less ideal part of your wedding venue. All you will end up doing is drawing attention to it. Use them instead to draw attention to the best parts of your venue such as the tables and the cake.
  • Go DIY on your wedding flowers. Ideally, your wedding flowers will be purchased and arranged on the morning of your wedding day. Can you see yourself handling that on your wedding day? Let us answer a huge NO for you here. Leave it to a pro, please.
  • Select a flower with a strong perfume as your centerpiece. With all the money that probably went into your wedding menu, you do not want the scent of the flower overpowering the food.
  • Be obvious. You must not go with the trends when it comes to your wedding flowers. Thinking outside the box will serve you better and personalize your wedding. 

Here at Hunt Country Celebrations, the success of your wedding is our priority. We’re located in Northern Virginia and with us, you’ll find the right venue and services for your wedding. Contact us today!

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