4 Special Ideas for Your First Look

The first look before the wedding is becoming a popular way that couples can break out of the norm when it comes to their weddings. It can also be a great way to calm the anxiety of the couple before the big event that is their wedding day.

Growing popular along with the first look before the wedding is also the first look photo shoot. It is a great way to capture the beautiful emotions that are present in that special moment and add them to your wedding photo album. So how do you make this photoshoot even more special? Here are some tips from us here at Hunt Country Celebrations.

  • Go for Fun Instead of Serious

For the first look, your partner will be expecting to see you all dressed up and picture-perfect for the day. How about showing up in your getting ready wear or a funny costume as a way to break the ice? It will be sure to turn the moment fun and introduce joy and laughter. They certainly won’t be expecting it.

  • Bring Your Wedding Party into It

It can help create a special moment for them too. The shoot is sure to be beautiful with everyone in it and it can help your wedding party members ease off their nerves too. Your wedding is about you as a couple, but it doesn’t hurt to carry along your wedding party and make them feel special too.

  • A Different Kind of First Look

 If you don’t want to shake off the first look tradition completely or your superstitious and fear the curse, why not have a first look with someone in your family other than your spouse to be? You’ll still get beautiful photos to remember and the emotion will be very real. It can be your mum or your dad or someone else who means a lot to you.

  • Music

How about surprising your loved one by singing them a special song as part of your first look? If you’re great at singing, this is a nice way to get the moment even more special and emotional.

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