3 Ways to Decide If You Need A Wedding Planner or A Wedding Coordinator

Unless you are a wedding professional, you might get these 2 confused. Sometimes, you might even know which is which but just have a hard time deciding which of them to use. That’s why we here at Hunt Country Celebrations have decided to help.

When it comes to your wedding, think of wedding planners like your best friends. They are the one professional who will be most involved when it comes to your wedding planning and execution. Wedding coordinators, on the other hand, are more concerned with making sure that everything goes smoothly on the wedding day itself. That’s why they are known as wedding day coordinators too. So, what are the best ways to decide which you’ll need for your wedding? Read on to find out.

  • What’s Your Budget Like?

Your wedding budget is a great start when it comes to deciding between a wedding coordinator and a wedding planner. Wedding planners tend to go for between 10 to 15% of your wedding’s total budget depending on what you need to be done. Wedding coordinators on the other hand usually have a flat rate. Use this to decide which best works for you.

  • How Much Free Time Do You Have?

If you have lots of free time on your hand and you are great when it comes to not just planning, but wedding planning, then a wedding coordinator might be the only one that you need. If you, however, have less than 3-5 hours a week to spend on your wedding and planning is not your strong point, please hire a wedding planner.

  • Do You Possess Great Decision-Making Skills?

At some point in your wedding planning, you are going to have to say no to people you love and stand by it. How good are you with that? If the answer is very good, then a coordinator would do just fine. If the answer is no, Get a wedding planner. It is easier for everyone involved to accept a decision when it comes to a wedding planner because they know that they are professionals and thus know what is best.

Here at Hunt Country Celebrations, you can get a wedding planner or a wedding coordinator from any of our 8 event planning member services. We also have great venues for your wedding in Northern Virginia. Have more questions? Contact us today!

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