Tips for Planning an Amazing Rehearsal Dinner

Your rehearsal dinner is your small evening of magic before your main wedding. Here at Hunt Country Celebrations, we have just the right vendors that can help you create a peaceful magical evening or whatever else you want your rehearsal dinner to be like.

The concept of the rehearsal dinner is getting together all the people important to you and spending time with them in the context of your wedding, just before your wedding. The wedding day is usually so stressful itself that you may not have more than 15 minutes to greet and interact with your guests and after the ceremony is a total no-no. Kick-off your Northern Virginia wedding weekend in a special way with a great rehearsal dinner, these tips from us should help.

  • Personalize It

Your rehearsal dinner shouldn’t eclipse your wedding, but there should be cohesion between the two. Try to get it to match with the overall vibe of your wedding.

  • It Should Be Light-Hearted

You will be inviting those closest to your heart so let the atmosphere be relaxation before the big event that is your wedding.

  • Pick A Theme

Again, you can correlate this one with your main wedding theme or you can decide to keep it separate. Themes make events easier to plan and execute.

  • Go Light on Décor

You do not want to usurp your wedding beauty. Going light is also a good way to save so you can spend more on your main wedding.

  • Choose Feel-Good Food

The best rehearsal dinner foods are those that are filling, healthy and delicious. You do not want those important to you falling ill or reacting badly to food just before your wedding.

  • Select an Easy Layout

When it comes to your rehearsal dinner, there should and will be lots of mingling so make sure that your layout allows for that.

  • Settle on Final Details

Is there anything you want your family and friends to know or do just before your ceremony, your rehearsal dinner is the time to communicate it.

  • Keep It Stress-Free

Like we’ve already said, your big wedding event is coming up and you need your family and friends active and energized for it. Don’t plan activities that will leave everyone feeling stressed and tired just before your wedding.

Hunt Country Celebrations is an all in one bus stop for everything that you need concerning your Northern Virginia wedding. Venues, planners, vendors, officiants, you name it, we’ve got it. We’re experienced and very good at what we do too. Contact us today!

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