Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips for Every Bride

As the bride, you are the star of your wedding and we at Hunt Country Celebrations agree. You should look like a princess on your wedding day and that means glowing skin, great hair, inner happiness, and great mental health. We already have a couple of articles on how to relieve stress during your wedding planning and the use of our ever ready and efficient vendors to help with your wedding. You can check them further down. Reducing the stress and pressure that comes with wedding planning will help with your mental health. For glowing skin and great hair, here are a couple of tips from us for the bride to be.

  • Moisturize

To keep your skin glowing and youthful, you should cleanse, tone and moisturize regularly without fail. Use products that you are sure are great for your skin and avoid a drastic change in your skincare routine just before your wedding except necessary. You never know how your skin might react.

  • Exfoliate

Our fashion and beauty members advise exfoliating at least twice a week. You can then apply a mild face wash to get rid of the dead skin cells afterward.

  • Monthly Facials

Start having monthly facials at least 6 months before your wedding. If you have less than 6 months left, a twice a week gold facial could help.

  • Hair Spa/Treatment

Have a hair spa/treatment at least 3 times within the 6 months before your wedding. The result should be healthy and shiny looking hair.

  • Avoid A Crash Diet

You don’t want to end up listless and weak. Join a gym instead. A mild workout routine started at least two months before your wedding should do the trick.

  • Meditate

If you can meditate at least 10 minutes every day, it should help keep the stress and anxiety at bay.

  • Your Night Routine

Massage olive oil into your hands and feet before going to bed each night and most importantly get enough sleep. You do not want to go to your wedding with dark circles looking tired.

  • Our Members

Hunt Country Celebrations has you covered when it comes to beauty before your wedding too. Choose from 4 members who specialize in wedding day beauty tips, wedding makeup, advice and more. Just click on our Meet Our Members tab and then select Fashion & Beauty. You won’t be disappointed.

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