Making Your Seating Arrangements Easy

Seating arrangements can look like an easy part of your wedding planning until you’re smack dab in the middle of it and you suddenly don’t know if Caroline will mind sitting next to her ex-best friend Francine. You’ll suddenly start considering winging it and letting everyone sit wherever they want, but the chaos that comes with that is a whole different matter. How then do you solve this problem? Well, we at Hunt Country Celebrations are here with a few tips that might help.

Firstly, for your Northern Virginia wedding, a seating arrangement is necessary and important. It helps to maintain order at your wedding and your guests will feel more honored and appreciate the work you’ve put into it when they see their names on the place card.

Seating arrangements are important to the dynamics of your wedding and can even cause tension and unhappiness at your ceremony if not properly done. Read on to find out how you can make the seating arrangements part of your wedding planning easier.

  • What Shape and Table Sizes Do You Want?

You have to work in hand with your venue for this one. You could have options of oval, round or rectangular tables that seat 8-12 people or more. Deciding which to go for can then help you move to the next decision of who sits where.

  • Set Seats or Set Tables

What this means is that you should choose if you’ll have your guests know that they are to be seated at table 4 for example or table 4 seat 2. Set tables are easier because then everyone knows their table and can choose where to sit. With set seats, you might have to use name cards.

  • Where Is the Wedding Party Table?

Decide whether you will be seated up front where everyone can see you or you and your wedding party will be seated with everyone else. It is more common for this table to be in the middle these days so that the couple can interact with as many people as possible freely.

  • Get A Second Opinion

You don’t have to do your seating arrangement by yourself, do it with your partner because you’ll be having people coming from both sides of the family and then show it to one or two people afterward. They will help you point out any other obvious things that you might have missed.

Planning your wedding in Northern Virginia? Then let us at Hunt Country Celebrations help to make it a celebration to be remembered. We have everything you need for your wedding in one location and professionals to help with your wedding planning every step of the way. Contact us today!

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