Everything the Officiant Does at Your Wedding

For a couple getting married, you might be a little confused as to what your marriage officiant would be doing on the day of your wedding or even before. Hunt Country Celebrations has wedding and event professionals for every aspect of your wedding including the officiant that you’ll need. Apart from that, we’ve also decided to give you an idea of the role of your wedding officiant during your wedding planning, your ceremony and afterward so read on to find out.

  • The First Meeting

This is the first time you meet with your officiant to get a sense of what they are like. You also get to tell them how you want your ceremony to go and how you want them to fit into it. It usually lasts between 30 minutes to 1 hour.

  • Organizing Your Ceremony

This is where you and your officiant write down exactly how your wedding ceremony will go and what happens when. They will usually tell you the different kinds of ceremonies they’ve handled and how it goes so you can decide which you want if you already haven’t made up your mind on the kind that you want.

  • Helping with Your Vows

This is especially great when you’re personalizing your vows. Your officiant can act as a great third party for both you and your partner to share your vows with to make sure they match in length, intensity, and tone without exposing it to each other.

  • Helping Personalize Your Ceremony

Your officiant is the one person who can help you personalize your ceremony as much as you want. From choosing scriptures personal to you both (If you so choose) to omitting offensive slogans that usually come with other traditional wedding officiating.

  • The Legal Stuff

While you’re running around with all the other aspects of your wedding, your officiant handles the important legal part of your wedding. They make sure your marriage licenses are filled properly and ahead of time and your witnesses are the right ones too.

  • On Your Wedding Day

Your wedding officiant does everything from act as your ceremony MC, making sure you sign in the right places, confirming that you both sign the right things and even knows where to be so your first kiss picture does not have a head floating somewhere around in it.

  • After Your Ceremony

While you’re probably off on your honeymoon, your officiant is making sure to file all your documents with the right agencies to make sure that your marriage is recognized.

From Officiants to wedding venues, accommodation, planners, caterers and lots more, Hunt Country Celebrations has them all. We’re located in the heart of Northern Virginia’s Horse & Wine Country, and only 40 miles southwest of Washington, D.C. We’d love to handle all that concerns your wedding and give you peace of mind and a beautiful ceremony to remember. Contact us today!

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