Two Most Frequently Asked Wedding Venue Questions

Your wedding venue can make or mar your wedding. Before you book your venue, you must ask some important questions to be sure that you make the right decision. We understand this and would be delighted to answer whatever questions you might have about ours. Hunt Country Celebrations has the best locations for your wedding in Northern Virginia and here are some frequently asked questions that we’ve taken the liberty to give you answers to.

  • What Is Your Guest Capacity?

Most couples usually find problems when it comes to this. It is worse when it comes to trying to book a venue that turns out either smaller or larger. Most venues will give you a general ballpark of how many guests they can cater to, but we find that most couples always want to double-check their venue capacity. Here at Hunt Country Celebrations, we have 14 different venues that can handle anything from the intimate wedding you want to a bigger wedding. Just head on over to the venues tab on our home page and then select the venue that bests fits the wedding that you have in mind.

  • Do You Have A Wet-Weather Option?

A common mistake when it comes to factoring in the weather for your big day is remembering about wet weather options and not considering what to do if your bad weather instead turns out to be a 40+ degree day. This is particularly important if you’re hosting your wedding outside, it’s important to chat with your venue about what options they have for potential rain as well as a heatwave. It’s just as important to have an undercover spot for yourself and your guests if it’s raining as it is to have an indoor and airconditioned area for your wedding in the case of extreme heat. Our venues here at Hunt Country Celebrations have options that you can choose from depending on the time of the year and the weather.

When it comes to weddings, our venues represent some of the most romantic, practical and unexpected options. Why not find the one you love the most and book fast? We’re nestled in the Blue Ridge and Shenandoah Mountains in the heart of Northern Virginia’s Horse & Wine Country, and only 40 miles southwest of Washington, D.C. Contact us today.

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