Your Northern Virginia Wedding

Northern Virginia is known to be a combination of two worlds: the modern and the country. Our wedding locations at Hunt Country Celebrations also mirrors that. We’re 40 miles southwest of Washington DC and offer you from stately southern mansions to elegant vineyards.

The summers of Northern Virginia are quite humid and is also the time where the most rainfall is experienced. The winters can hit record lows, while the spring can hit both highs and the lows depending on the month.

Fall is also made of high and low temperatures but has much lower humidity than the summer. If you asked us to choose, we’d advise you to have a fall wedding.

  • Beauty

The fall foliage would be sure to enhance the beauty of your event and is at its peak in mid-October. You can save costs by making use of the natural beauty around you, plus fall weddings with dark themes are usually a beauty to behold.

  • Weather

During fall, the sweltering heat of the summer is gone and most of the high season tourists are gone with it. This means less traffic. It is wedding season though, so your costs might be on the high side. Fall weather is also perfect as it is usually peaceful with no sudden surprise weather changes.

  • Pictures

Talking about pictures, fall is the best time to get the most amazing pictures in Northern Virginia. Everything from the weather, to the lighting and the foliage, combines to produce memorable and beautiful photos.

  • Our Location

One of the best locations to take advantage of for your wedding in Northern Virginia is Hunt Country Celebrations. We can handle your small intimate wedding or your big wedding party, whichever you see fit. We have experienced professionals that can assist you with every bit of your wedding planning and our venues are excellent and unparalleled.

Take advantage of our all in one location for you and your guest’s convenience at Hunt Country Celebrations. We’ll be expecting your call. We promise to give you and your guests beautiful memories of your wedding day. If you’re looking for an amazing wedding venue in Northern Virginia, we are your best bet.

Hunt Country Celebrations

Hunt Country Celebrations is a premier group of event professionals dedicated to providing unparalleled wedding services to the most discerning brides and grooms.

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