Much Ado about Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are a great way to show appreciation to your guest for making time out to come to your event. You do not want to gift your guests with favors that will be put away and forgotten as soon as they get home, or even thrown out on the way home from your reception. So how do you decide on the best wedding favors for your ceremony? Here are a few tips that can help out.


Yes, we know that you want your guest happy, but best believe that they would not be glad to find out that the wedding favors they received, are part of the reason why you are in huge debts after your wedding. Keep it affordable. If your wedding budget is limitless, then, by all means, go ahead and splurge. You can usually get away with small spending on each wedding guest when it comes to favors though.

Go for Useful Items

Go for wedding favors that will have use in the daily activities of your wedding guests such as key holders, bottle openers, candles, etc. The more useful it is after the wedding, the better appreciated you will be.

Avoid Monogramming

As much as your wedding guests really love you, they are not going to want to serve tea in a mug that still has your face on it 3 years after your event. You can personalize the packages and covers, but it is a great idea to leave the items themselves, free of any permanent personal touches.

DIY Favors

DIY wedding favors are usually cost-friendly and greatly treasured because your guests will value the time and preparation that went into each gift. Just to be certain, make sure that you first try out a few and know that you can handle it in the stipulated time period. You do not want to order items in bulk and discover after assembling the first 5 that you are not up to the task or completely dislike how they turn out.

Go With Your Wedding Theme

You can never go wrong with incorporating the elements of your wedding ceremony theme into your wedding favors. The colors of your favors do not necessarily have to be the same as your wedding colors, but they should complement it. A display of your wedding favors at the event should add beauty to your ceremony and not be a huge contrast.

Sweets and the Likes

If your wedding favors are edible, they are sure to find favor with your guests, especially if they are cookies, chocolates or candy. However, endeavor to remember that due to health choices, some people may not be able to participate in the activities. So, have a little something on the side for them, yeah?

Now, no matter what you finally decide on as your wedding favor, a piece of great advice is to always have extras for contingency sake. You do not want any of your guests to go home feeling unsatisfied or left out.

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