3 Fantastic Bridesmaids Gifts

Your wedding, no matter how small it is, will always require a lot of careful planning. Dozens, maybe even more than a hundred people, will be attending, so the flowers, the venue, the guest list, the food, the reception and the ceremony itself are all things that need to be included in the list of things you have to tend to.

Don’t allow yourself to get distracted by all the preparation because you still have to get gifts for your bridesmaids. They play a very important role in the wedding, don’t they? And beyond the celebration, they are some of the closest people to you too, aren’t they? So have a read below and decide which of these gifts will mean the most to your bridesmaids.

  • Charming Pearl Bracelet

The word ‘pearl’ evokes so many thoughts, doesn’t it? Rarity, exquisiteness, elegance and a host of other like words all pop into your head when you hear it. That’s why regardless of the kind of jewel a pearl dangles from, be it earrings, necklaces or even anklets, the jewel will always look so charming.

A pearl bracelet will do the same for your bridesmaids. Other than the design with pearls, this bracelet also has a round charm, and that’s where you can engrave the initials of the bridesmaids. Customized gifts are always the best, and when given to special people in your life, their value shoots through the roof. You’ll love how beautiful the bracelets make your bridesmaids on that grand day.

  • Customized Bridesmaid Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs are what we like to call, ‘all-round gifts’. They are great gifts for any kind of occasion or event, and weddings are no exception. The mugs are made of durable, high-quality ceramic, and they’re microwave oven and dishwater-safe.

But all those aren’t really the most important bits. What’s significant here is this: Each time your bridesmaids pick up these personalized coffee mugs, they’ll instantly remember you and your wedding day. The sentimental value the mugs hold is more significant than anything else.

  • Bridesmaids Gift Box

Why not just go all out and surprise your bridesmaids with gift boxes? Imagine how excited they’ll be when you give each of them a cute box wrapped in ribbons. They have no idea what will be inside it so that alone will add a bit more excitement to the exchange.

Great things you can put in the wooden gift box are a soy candle, personalized champagne flute and a bracelet with the engraving of the bridesmaid’s initials on it. The whole point is for you to give them things that they’ll remember you by. Gifts that will make them remember all the fun that was had and the memories that were made.

We can help with that last part. Call Hunt Country Celebrations and we’ll make your wedding so grand you’ll leave it with fond memories that will remain with you for as long as you live. We offer services that will tend to whatever you need to make your wedding beautiful. Reach out to us and we’ll handle everything.

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