Why You Should Invest in Hiring a Videographer for Your Wedding

You have selected the venue, you have ordered the dress, your rings are all shiny and ready, and your florist is just waiting for the Big Day so that she can deliver the most beautiful blooms for your bouquets and arrangements.

Of course, you have hired someone to capture the beauty of your wedding day too! Hiring a photographer is an important step that nobody skips when it comes to their Big Day – and you’re no exception. 

But have you considered hiring a videographer? 

Michelle & Greg Highlight Film from Bakerture Photo & Video on Vimeo.

Here are some of the reasons why you should definitely do it: 

·         Photography captures moments. Videography captures movement. Yes, a photo in which you and your loved one kiss each other under the spectacular sunset of a summer evening is to be cherished. But photography cannot capture your vows, for example, or how you stuttered and then giggled a little when you said his name, or how your sister caught the bouquet. These moments are priceless and they deserve to live forever and ever. 

·         It’s not an either/or game. You don’t have to (and shouldn’t!) give up on your photographer for your videographer. The two complement each other to paint an immemorial, timeless tableau of the entire Big Day. One of them will capture the moments, the other one will capture the dances, the sounds, the movements, the vibrancy.

 ·         Your wedding film will be pretty epic. No, really, it will be. Long gone are the days when videographer simply followed you around with a camera all day long and then mashed everything into a 3-hour tape that included everything (including your uncle’s drunk toast intermezzo). These days, wedding films are created to suit the couple. They are created to emanate romance and grace, they are created to mirror your love story. 

·         It’s easy. You can find companies that provide both videography and photography – and at excellent levels of quality for both of them! Not only will this make it easy for you, but it will allow you to create a coherent and well brought together image of your wedding too!

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