How to Plan the Music of Your Dream Wedding

Your wedding should feel like a dream come true – like a truly special moment in your life. It should be a moment that you cherish and love.  A memory that you will treasure for years and decades to come. 

Even the smallest details of a wedding can make a big difference when it comes to creating your perfect Big Day and setting the right atmosphere for your event.  We’ve talked about flowers and hairstyles in past blogs, but what about the music for your wedding?  Music is definitely more than just a small detail!  How can you be sure to have just the right music for your dream wedding?

Well we’ve pulled together some great musical tips for you to consider below: 

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·         Band vs. DJ. This is an age-old question a lot of brides and grooms ask themselves when starting to plan their wedding. In all honesty, it cannot be said that one is better than the other – it’s just that they are different and they suit different types of weddings. Can’t decide? No problem! If budget and space permits, you can always hire both to entertain your guests. You can, for example, hire a band for the ceremony and a DJ for the wedding reception. Or have a DJ be the MC and play music whenever the band is on break.  Just be sure they have a chance to meet ahead of time and coordinate on schedules, placement, and who will take lead and MC on your wedding day.

 ·         The right one. Choosing the right musician or DJ can time consuming as you’ll have to visit different venues to see them performing, but it’s well worth the investment.  Remember that the music and dancing will be one of the things everyone remembers about your wedding.  Your goal is to find a band or DJ that will play music you and your guests will love and also create the right atmosphere for your event. The songs they play, their attitude, personality, and their experience should all be things you investigate before making your final pick.  Be sure to ask about their experience and the types of weddings they normally perform at – all these things can matter. This is especially important if you’re having a cultural wedding.  Be sure to check out references from prior events that they have performed in the past, and be sure that they are familiar with any specific cultural requirements that you have.

 ·         Meet with the actual performers that will be at your event.  It’s ok to initially talk to a booking manager or agent, but you’ll want to meet the actual person that will be taking the mic at your event before picking someone.  This will let you determine if they are compatible with you and the type of wedding you want. This is crucial, particularly if your lead singer or DJ will act as MC.  You want someone you feel comfortable with controlling the mic and directing guests during all your big wedding moments like cutting the cake and first dance.

·         The music. Obviously, playing the right music is important too! There is no such thing as a “perfect formula” when it comes to wedding music, though, as each couple and group of guests are unique. Generally speaking, however, you will want to avoid songs that:

  • might feel offensive to some of your guests (songs that are too sexual for example),
  • talk about emotions and situations that are incompatible with the idea of a wedding (breakup or cheating songs, for example), and
  •  are all of one genre or decade (you’ll want some variety so all generations of your guests will feel comfortable hitting the dance floor).

While that may seem like a lot to worry about, a skilled band or DJ should have no problems avoiding inappropriate songs.  Other than that, feel free to sprinkle your wedding day with the music that speaks to you – it will make everything more personal and more unique! 

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