How to Choose a Wedding Hairstyle According to Your Wedding Theme

For a bride to be, every single detail can make all the difference – and that is perfectly natural, given just how grand the Big Day is in her life. 

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You will want to choose the best wedding dress and the most splendid colours to accompany you as you celebrate the most beautifully romantic moment of your life. But what about your hair? How do you connect your bridal hairstyle with the wedding style and theme themselves? 

We have some tips to help you with this – so read on and find out more. 

·         The classic, traditional bride. If you are the kind of traditional bride who will walk down the aisle in a big ballgown you should definitely check out hairstyles that are extremely feminine and simple. For instance, you could curl your hair in soft curls and wear it in a half up half down hairdo, with an intricate accessory to pull strands of your hair backwards and upwards. 

·         The boho chic bride. If you are the kind of bride who wants to feel more natural, surrounded by the playfulness of flowers and nature, then you should opt for a boho chic style – and this includes your hair as well. A messy updo created with braids and flowers can create just the look you are aiming for: a little wild, a little playful, and very feminine. 

·         The modern bride. If you are a modern bride who might get married in an urban setting, your hair should reflect your wedding style too. Opt for something minimalist and simple, like a super-sleek pony tail pulled back with an elegant hair wrap decorated with your favourite gemstones or simply in the same colour as your other pieces of Jewlery. This hairstyle may be simple, but it will look absolutely fabulous! 

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