Confused about When to Cut the Wedding Cake? Here Are Some Tips

As wedding specialists, here at Hunt Country Celebrations, we believe every second of your wedding deserves to be the BEST ever. We do know, however, that some moments of the Big Day tend to bear a higher importance than others, precisely because they bear with them powerful symbols of love, marriage, and commitment.

Your cake cutting is one of those moments.

Why is it so important and how to find the right timing for it? We have some tips for you, so read on if you would like to learn more about this.

  • The cake cutting is extremely symbolical. On the one hand, you have the sweetness, standing for the sweetness of your love story and your future together. On the other hand, you have the gesture of the cutting of the cake, which is done together, as a symbol of how you will work together to make your marriage happy. Of course, you want this moment to be really beautiful, especially with the amazing meaningfulness behind it!
  • In most cases, the cake is cut right after the first dance – meaning that the cake “happens” after dinner, but before the dance party starts. The reason this timing works with most couples is because it leaves some room between the dinner and the dessert, but also because it allows you to avoid having to halt the actual party for a slice of cake.
  • You can, of course, work around this. For instance, if you want to start your wedding reception on a very romantic note with your first dance, you can have the cake cutting right after dinner. It is perfectly fine to work with your specific wedding timeline!
  • What you do have to keep in mind is the fact that most people associate the cake cutting with the moment it is acceptable for them to leave the wedding. This is especially important for people who cannot stay for very long – either because it would be too tiresome for them, or simply because they have to put their kids to sleep. So, the earlier you can cut the cake, the better it will be for these guests!

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