Bridal Shower Etiquette You MUST Know

Pre-wedding events are very important – both for the bride and groom and for their closest friends and relatives, who will get a chance to know each other better and bond.

Obviously, bridal showers make no exception from this rule – and, like everything wedding related, they too are surrounded by etiquette rules you should definitely follow.

What are some of the most important bridal shower rules to follow? Read on and find out more.

  • The bridal shower is never planned by the bride herself. This is considered to be quite tacky because it is perceived as if the bride was asking for gifts. In general, the bridal shower should be planned by the maid of honor or another close friend of the bride – or a group of them, actually.
  • The bridal shower is paid by the host(s). Whoever plans or co-plans the bridal shower should also cover for its costs. Since you don’t want to put too much pressure on one person, you can allow all the participants in the planning of the bridal shower to chip in and cover the costs.
  • The bridal shower is generally much smaller than the wedding. This is supposed to be an intimate event, so it’s best if it is kept small. It can take place at home, or in any other location and it can actually follow all the rules of a party: it can have a theme, a color scheme, and so on.
  • Yes, you can ask for people to follow a dress code. This might be important for the entire vibe of the party, so why not? You can ask people to follow a specific color code, or you can simply ask people to dress a certain way – especially if the bridal shower will take place in an elegant location.
  • The bridal shower shouldn’t last for more than three hours. This is the perfect timing for this kind of gatherings – make it longer and people might start to feel bored. In the end, this should be about celebrating the bride – and three hours is just the sweet spot for people to have fun, have a nice bite of something, and shower the bride with their gifts.

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